This is probably the series one or like the series three with minor upgrades and boy was. I and i feel like a lot of other people wrong about that. The apple watch. Se is much more than this and i think that it’s actually much more comparable to the previous flagship apple watch, the series 5.. So when this was put alongside the series 6, which the only upgrade to me seems like either the quality of the watch itself or having an oxygen meter, i immediately decided apple watch. Se let’s. Try it out. I just need to watch. I want a watch. Let’S. Do this so i bought the apple watch, se and i’ve had it two and a half months now. I feel like a lot of people immediately. Think, like i thought, apple watch, se must be the lesser version, but i don’t want to buy a series 6 because it costs too much. This video is for the person that doesn’t want to go for the series 6, but is kind of interested in the se. Wondering whether or not it’s worth it for me, i think it’s definitely worth it a couple of the issues when apple watch was first released and i was a major fan of apple watch. I bought it right out of the gates series one and i used it. Every single day for about six months, it ended up not being the best thing, and i think that the two reasons why i didn’t keep my apple watch on me.

Every single day is because for one i didn’t have other people that i knew that had apple watch and two it would die within the day. Every single day and i’d always have to charge it alongside my phone. It just got to be too much too much of a hassle, and these are basically the two main points in this video that i’m going to be talking about, because man, the apple watch, sc, is awesome, and these are the two reasons why, for one, the battery Life is amazing and i’m, not even just talking about like you can get through a full day. I usually get through two full days before having to charge my battery and it’s been three or four, sometimes, where i’ve just gotten through it, because i haven’t been like checking the watch as much or using any of the app features that i use like playing. Music or whatnot it’s just gotten through those days somehow, but i would say on average what you can expect out of this is a day and a half most likely two days, and i think that that is more than enough. Only charging my watch when making dinner, or maybe an hour before i go to bed. I do wear this while sleeping it has been a dream: it’s amazing. It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to charge almost fully. I think it’s about 15 to 30 minutes, because it feels so fast and really only takes about five to ten minutes to charge enough to last you for the day, i’ll wear this throughout the day, get all my workouts tracked all my calories, all my standing message.

My friends answer the calls: do the walkie talkie feature com compete with my other friends, get all their data almost every single day and my usage is pretty high with the watch. Basically, the battery lasts a really long time and that’s, something that you probably shouldn’t be worried about. This is one of the best batteries in a smart watch that is available right now and i think it’s going to stay that way for quite a while a day and a half to two days is kind of incredible and has been keeping the watch on my Wrist there hasn’t been a day that i haven’t had this on and the one day that i did forget the watch at home, just because i took it off to shower which you don’t have to do. But i did, i felt naked for the rest of the day hold on what oh it’s my birthday by the way, so battery life has been absolutely incredible every single day it has lasted me the entire day and that’s. Basically, the point i want to get across that should not be your worry on. Why not to buy this watch thing number two: is fitness and tracking and sharing that information with your friends is basically the reason why i bought this watch again and why i am continuing to really enjoy and appreciate having it on my wrist every single day. I have a couple of friends that are really into fitness and i myself have been really interested in getting into fitness, but i have a.

I have a pretty hard time, keeping myself consistent and disciplined with it. They see when i sit on my butt all day. They see when i didn’t do my exercises. They know what happens and it’s, not creepy it’s. Just the data from your day, it’s been really fun to compete with my friends, you can do competitions where, for one week, you and your friend are trying to get the best percentage out of your goals that you have set for each other, and this has been Really fun, especially for one of my friends, ty he’s down in the comments for sure, say hi to him. If he did comment me and my friend tai, we compete every single week and i have not won yet but that’s, because he is a hustler and he works so hard on his workouts and it’s going to be really difficult to beat him it’s not trying to Beat him that’s the fun part for me, the best part is that he’s there to see me when i haven’t done anything and that’s the same for him. I get to see when he hasn’t done anything, and i think that is a huge takeaway of this watch. If you want to get your fitness goals done, and you have to have somebody to keep you keep you on track, keep you liable man. There is no better way to do it than have something tracking you and sharing that information with somebody and seriously by the end of this these next, like few months, i hope to be in the situation where i look and feel a whole lot better about myself And maybe have a huge positive attitude towards working out.

So basically, the last point that i want to make is the quality of the watch and it’s a anodized aluminum that apple watches have been made out of for a while, now and it’s, still good it’s going to chip and bruise. Depending on how you treat your watch, it’s still fragile, and if you smack this hard enough, it will break the last part, and i think one of the most interesting parts is the recycled yarn solo loop. The solo loop is new to apple’s lineup this year and it’s. Basically, a one loop strap, no hinges, no clasps it’s just slip on slip off. I think a lot of the question for this is: is it easy to put on and take off? Yes? Does it slip a little bit don’t get the larger version that it recommends you or shows you get the snugger version, because over time apple does say that these are going to stretch. I was warned don’t notice anything, yet it feels like it’s the same size and it still fits and feels great yeah, and is it worth it? That was like another thing i think so, especially for the look. I really like this green color and i also really like the look of it. There’S the sports band that looks okay, but like this just feels more stylized and more personal, and i just like the feel of that, when i’m wearing different things. I also think it can be dressed up and dressed down to be casual, so that’s.

Another reason why i bought it. I like having a flexible wardrobe like that. I think that this is actually the apple watch to buy, buy the se don’t buy the series six. Unless you really want that o2 reader, you don’t need it, you really don’t need it, and unless you really really want a display, that’s always on which is gon na slow down, it’s gon na kill your battery faster by the way you don’t need it. This is everything that you need, and it is the best apple watch that i could have asked for. When i mean i can’t even think of a thing that i would want more after a few months of the apple watch, i don’t see this as a lesser version of the apple watch. But i see this as a true version of the apple watch, with the ultra version being next to it. Thanks for watching this video, i do have one more thing to say: my name is chech bolt, and one of the things i really want to become is a youtuber. I’Ve always wanted to do it and the way that a youtuber becomes a youtuber is by people like you liking and commenting and or subscribing to my videos – and i know that’s, that that is something that every single youtuber says, but that’s literally how a youtuber is Made by the algorithm, the algorithm knows when you like, a video, the algorithm knows when you commented on a video and the algorithm knows when you’ve watched a video in its entirety.

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