The apple watch, se the newest model, addition to the apple watch model lineup and the apple watch, se really shouldn’t, be that much of a surprise, we’ve seen over the last couple years, apple, adding more and more budget friendly devices to their lineups. But if you’re anything like me and wondering you know, what’s this apple watch, se all about naturally we’re gon na break down this thing, maybe grab some popcorn grab a water grab. A chair buckle up. I don’t know why you would buckle up you’re just sitting down, but regardless the apple watch, se review let’s start things out by talking about the design of the apple watch se and how things are looking on the outside. The first thing you’ll notice about the apple watch sc, is how similar it actually looks to the apple watch series 4 series, 5 and series 6.. You actually get the same, updated design we received in the apple watch series 4., meaning you do get that beautiful edge to edge ltpo oled display with rounded corners capable of up to 1000 nits of brightness and coming in at 44 and 40 millimeter sizes. And, of course, that retina rating on the display that we’ve come to love and actually kind of need in our apple device displays. But one thing of note here: the display on the apple watch. Se is not an always on display, but you do also get water resistance in the apple watch.

Se, you can actually swim up to a depth of 50 meters, which means the apple watch. Se is indeed swim proof. So a lot of good stuff. Here as it relates to the apple watch sc design, but where we do start to see, the limitations is in terms of material and colors. With the apple watch sc, you just have one material to choose from so it’s. No choice at all you’re only getting the sc available in aluminum, but with the aluminum you actually do have three different finishes or three different colors to choose from. You do have silver aluminum, gold, aluminum or space gray aluminum, and this is to be expected here. This makes sense. This is meant to be the budget apple watch. It wouldn’t really make sense to have a budget apple watch and then up charge for more premium materials and colors that’s kind of against the point. But that does also mean the display has ion x glass instead of sapphire crystal glass. But if you don’t care about any of that, if you’re cool with aluminum and the three different colors of aluminum, you get to choose from so far so good and that’s, actually not bad. Prior to the apple watch series 6, i actually was using aluminum space gray as my default material and color for all my apple watches. Ever since the series 1, i would choose aluminum space gray. I liked the matte finish. It was cheap enough, so it’s not bad.

So all in all the design – it’s updated, it’s great it’s, pretty much what you’re getting in the series: 4 series, 5 and series 6, just with some limitations, but where things differ a little bit are with the internals of the apple watch. Se, what’s going on on the inside that you can’t see on the outside on the sc. You do have a couple things going on on the inside here, first of all, being an always on altimeter, so at any given time, it’s always on you can see your altitude and you are also getting that compass built in if you need to check which direction You’Re facing and then in terms of the chipset and processor, you are getting the s5 chip with a 64 bit dual processor in the se. A combination that honestly with my experience, has made this watch very snappy. Very responsive launching apps, happens quickly. Switching between apps seamless, no, you do not get the s6 processor like you get in the series six, but with the s5 and the dual core processor i found that to be pretty much all you need in an apple watch faster, always better sure, but things have Come a long way since the start of the apple watch processing days, you used to actually have to wait like 10 seconds to launch an app on the apple watch, not anymore, now, it’s pretty much instantaneous even in the budget apple watch. In addition to that, you are getting the apple w3 chip in the se, which is basically just gon na help with your wi fi and bluetooth connectivity, better wi, fi and bluetooth performance with a bluetooth, 5.

0 connection, and then this is something people don’t, usually think about. A whole lot, but you do actually get storage on the apple watch and on the sc you’re getting 32 gigs of storage, 32 gigabytes of storage, giving you that much more room for downloading your apps, maybe even storing some local music. So 32 gigabytes of storage on the apple watch, se, which is actually the same amount of storage you’re, getting on the baseline model of the regular ipad, which makes it even more ridiculous that that’s even an option on the ipad. But regardless 32 gigs of storage. On the se, and then in case you’re wondering about cellular, yes, you actually do get the cellular option on the apple watch sc as well. That’S. The cherry on top you’ve got a lot going on in terms of the design and the internals on the se. It all shapes this up to be pretty darn cool, if i do say so myself, but i know that one of the main concerns with the apple watch has always been and still is the battery. How long can you actually expect the apple watch se to last, for from what we’ve seen so far, you are actually getting battery performance on par with what we’ve, seen from other apple watch series models, meaning you should expect about 18 hours of battery life, which means All day battery life, depending, of course on what you’re doing and this this is a big depending here, because if you are using a cellular apple watch, i found no matter what apple watch i’m, using if i’m, using a cellular connection, that connection negatively impacts the battery Life pretty substantially there’s been times where i’ve been working out at the gym with a cellular connection, and i have literally seen my battery drop percentage point by percentage point within just a matter of a couple of minutes.

This is not unique to the apple watch. Se. This pretty much goes with any apple watch with a cellular connection. It just seems to be that, for whatever reason, cellular apple watches, with a cellular connection just totally bombs the battery, but with your normal day to day activities if you’re connecting to wi fi. When you can, or if you have your iphone nearby, expect all day battery life that’s what apple promises that’s, what i’ve seen and just keep in the back of your mind, if you’re using cellular the more you use cellular the faster you’re going to drain the battery That’S just that’s just a thing, with apple watches, at least for now. You still got to keep in mind, but next up a huge proponent of the apple watch. Health features. One of the main reasons i got an apple watch personally to begin with, on the apple watch. Se, you do have some health features here that are pretty awesome as well. You do, of course, have the ability to track your workouts and you do get to track your heart rate through the second generation optical heart rate, sensor, that’s, going to track your heartbeats, your patterns, any kind of irregularities, and you do get a step counter in the Se, so if you want to fill those activity rings like i personally look forward to doing on a daily basis, you could do that on the se as well. Couple more features to talk about here that i wanted to make sure you know you do also get fall: detection and noise monitoring complete with emergency sos and international emergency calling.

Should you find yourself needing to use either of those features? Couple features you’re not getting in the apple watch sc that are worth pointing out here: you’re, not getting an ecg sensor, so you won’t be able to take electrocardiograms and, of course, you’re not getting the blood oxygen sensor, which is currently exclusive to the apple watch. Series. 6., but again that is to be expected with a budget apple watch and, to be quite honest with you, i rarely use that ecg feature i’ve had it on the apple watch, series, 4, 5 and 6, and i think for a while. I actually deleted the app and didn’t even realize now granted. If you need to keep an eye on atrial fibrillation, then you’re going to want to have that ecg feature which you’re not getting on the apple watch se, but i think for most of us we’re just using the apple watch for our basic needs. It’S not going to be a deal breaker that you don’t get that ecg or the blood oxygen sensor. So with all that in mind, here is my conclusion, as it relates to the apple watch. Se i mentioned earlier in this video how i love the fact that apple is creating budget friendly devices so that we could cover more of the market so to get all the successful features. Thus far. Some of the best features thus far of the apple watch boiled down into a budget friendly apple watch s e i’m, loving that you’re, basically getting a watered down apple watch series 5, but with it being the apple watch.

Se now having said that, personally, i’m not going to be rocking the apple watch, se on a daily basis, because i’m rocking the apple watch series 6.. And for me, this really comes down to one reason in particular the lack of an always on display on the apple watch. Se. This is one of those little upgrades that you don’t realize how much you appreciate until you start using it more and more. Yes, i’ve had my own problems that i’ve mentioned here on this channel. In regard to the always on display, i still don’t think it’s perfect, but at least it’s very helpful to have on an apple watch, especially when you’re typing at the computer or if you’re, at a desk situation all day. You want to glance down at your watch without having to rotate it and lift it up to see what time it is so that’s what an always on display does. You can basically see your watch at all given times it just dims and slows down the refresh rate when you’re facing it away from you, but on the app watch se to actually check your watch. You are gon na, have to lift and raise it so something to consider out the door if you want an apple watch, that’s going to cover all your basics, which are still pretty impressive features to have in a smart watch you’re going to want to check out The apple watch se because it covers all those basics, step tracking heart rate, monitors, tracking your workouts being able to send and receive text messages and phone calls all that good stuff.

You’Re gon na get all that on the apple watch. Se, complete with your watch, faces that you could play around with in your complications and the fact that you’re getting all that at a very reasonable price, i got ta clap cause that’s awesome. I want everyone to have an apple watch, and this gets us one step closer to that. If you want the latest and greatest as it relates to features or if you want additional materials and finishes to choose from then you’ll have to look at the other apple watch models available, but for everyone else who doesn’t care about. All that you just want an apple watch, that’s going to get the job done. Se check it out. I hurt my finger again by doing that ow, as always, if you guys are interested in finding out more about the apple watch, se or just a cop one for yourself, you guys could always head to my affiliate link, bmac dot, link, slash apple watch, se be Magdaling slash apple watch se or, as always, there will be a clickable link in the video description box below as well so check that out and with that, having been said, i’m gon na go track. My workout on the apple watch of course come on. You know how it is: you know the vibe dude. I will see you guys in my next video all these budget devices i’m reviewing lately i’m gon na have to change my name from bmac to budget mac.

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