. This watch is just launched few days back, and this is the first unboxing and reviewing video in india on youtube. The model number of this watch is hw12 let’s, open the box and see what we have got inside. First, we get the watch itself, let’s see what else we get in the box. This is the charging cable and user manual. The user manual comes in few different languages: Music. This is their magnetic charging pin to charge the watch and any normal mobile adapter can be used. Music now let’s, look at the watch. Music let’s remove the protective plastic Music. This is the first watch, which is 40 mm, which is also suitable for. Ladies, this watch doesn’t have the secondary button. It only has the design on the left. We get the speaker, grilles Music. The back side looks very much similar to original apple watch series. 6.. Music, just that this watch has charging pins visible and no wireless charging support Music let’s turn on this watch and see how it performs this watch does not have any turn on animation and directly turns on to the default watch face with some random turn on sound Music, the watch straps are removable and any 40 mm watt strap can be used with this Music watch Music. As i told you, this watch only has the rotating crown button working and the secondary button is missing it’s only for the design underneath that we get to see a microphone now let’s go through all the watch faces Music.

This watch has got five different watch faces. An additional watch face can be downloaded through their app and customized. Watch. Face can also be installed. I’Ll show that later in the video, this version has got the best honeycomb menu style, which is exact like apple watch and it’s, very smooth, unlike other watches, which i’ve reviewed previously Music in this watch. When crown is rotated, the menu is zoomed in, but it doesn’t open the application. When the crown button is pressed twice, the honeycomb menu changes to list type and when pressed twice again, it will change to 3×3 menu style. So this watch has got three different menu. Styles, now let’s go through the full menu Music. This watch also seems to be having actual heart rate monitoring sensor but i’m, not sure until we open the watch and see what’s inside. If you want me to make a tread on video of this watch then do let me know in the comments this watch does have blood oxygen measurement but i’m, pretty sure that it does not have the actual sensor to measure it and will show some random numbers, But still will have to investigate on that. If, at all, you guys want me to make a dead on video. These are some of the other activities. This watch offers Music, Music, Music Music. Now let’s go through the full setting options: Music, Music, Music. This watch does have screen password lock, like original apple watch, and this feature is only available in this watch.

Music i’ll show you guys how the screen lock works after i finish, going through the entire settings options: Music. This is the normal screen lock so by chance. If the crown button is pressed, nothing is going to happen to unlock we’ll, have to press the button for 3 seconds and the watch will unlock. This is the split screen when swiped from left to right, and this feature is also available only in this watch – Music. Music Music, as you guys can see, the watch is locked now and without password. It’S not going to unlock let’s, have a look to its raise to wake up gesture. This feature is also performing very well and it’s, a bit faster and smoother than other copy. Watches. Music now let’s have a look on how to pair this watch with the smartphone rare fit. Pro is the application which is to be used after installing you have to create your own account, and after that, you can pair this watch to your smartphone Music. This application has tons of different watch, faces, i’ll install one and show you how it Music works: Music, Music, so Music, now let’s make our own custom watch face for that. We’Ll have to choose one image and crop it as per your requirement and then choose the clock, style and Music position Music once the installation is complete, the watch face will appear on the watch. Music. Music. Do if you guys, like my video, then please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon.