How true their slogan is, and will this watch actually keep our lifestyle healthy, let’s, quickly, unbox and see what all things we get in the box? This watch is also 44 mm and comes with exact dimension. Like w26. As usual, we get a user manual and a charging magnetic cable. I have made unboxing reviewing and tear down video of w26 and the links to them are in the i button so do consider watching that video as well Music let’s, keep everything aside and get straight into the watch. This watch is exactly same as w26. The difference is only at the back, instead of one led, they have given four led this time. Other difference is that they have provided the rotational function in the crown button. Let’S turn on the watch and have a look to all its features. The straps are removable and any 44 mm size straps can be used with this watch by rotating the crown we can directly switch between watch faces. There are total of seven different watch faces and w26 plus has one additional series. Six watch face and custom watch face. Cannot be installed this time they have made this watch a bit smoother and, as you can see, the honeycomb menu style is much smoother than previous model. By rotating the crown button, we can zoom in and zoom out the menu style and, if further rotated, it will open the selected application like we get in apple watches.

These are some of the sports activities. This watch offers when swiped from bottom. To top. We get all the notifications, but, as i have not connected my watch, there is nothing to show swipe from top to bottom and we get few quick shortcuts now let’s give a shout out to the sponsors for today’s video fm world. Is a uk based global network for business partners and this company sells high quality products like perfumes, cosmetics, makeups, etc? They have got a wide range of perfumes and they use the same source as branded perfumes and create the closest match of the original and most of their fragrances are made in company called drome. So basically, this company makes alternative of your favorite branded perfumes. Like gucci, google, boss, tom ford, davidoff and tons of other brands, so fm world creates closest match of original perfumes and sell them for 1 4. The price of branded perfumes. The reason their products are cheap is because they do not use brand ambassadors for promotions and fancy bottlings do contact us on instagram. The id is shown in the video we are uk based and we do ship worldwide with additional delivery charges. Any orders within uk will be fast delivered with no or very less delivery. Charges do consider, checking out our instagram page and feel free to contact us for any further queries. Now, let’s go through all the settings options, um, Music, that we were traveling Music. So we want something: Music is Music Music caused Music, as you guys can see.

The version of this watch is w26 plus, and this watch was released on october 2020, Music now let’s check the heart rate sensor of this watch. The previous version did not had any sensor, it only had green light. Even this watch seems not to be having any sensors and they have just added more green led lights. This watch is extra smart because without wearing the watch on my wrist, it can read my heart beats. What do you guys think about this watch? Should i make a tread on video? Do let me know in the comments they have also added a goodbye animation in this watch. Thank you for watching.