Now these are just a few that they have. They do come in a three pack. They also have others on their website, so i will be putting a link in the description to their website, so you can see all the offerings they have and if you guys want to purchase these online, i will be putting a link in the description. If you guys, like me – and you want to support my channel, please use those links because it helps me keep purchasing products to do reviews. So you guys so here we have a couple different ones. The left side here have the protective tempered glass screen protector in the middle surrounded by plastic. These are pretty much the same thing, but they have like this soft feel rubber to them. So it’s just a nice way to protect your watch and give it a little accent as well. Here we have the i uh the apple watch, six in the middle. I also have my apple watch five, that we’re going to test out with this too. So they’re really easy to put on again like i said it has a tempered glass screen protector in the middle and if you want to put it on, you kind of just lay this over the crown and the button on the side here and then just push It down on the other side and it’s on there and you can mix and match these. You don’t have to obviously put on the same color as your watch.

You can put on a black. You know white one on a black watch. If you want make it stand out a little bit more, very cool and it protects your watch as well and, as you can see, there are cutouts for the speakers for your crown here and for your button. It you do have to push a little bit more. Just to to reach that button because it is recessed, it doesn’t stick out, but you can still easily press on it. It’S not hard at all, so we’re going to go ahead and go over the installation process right now, so it does come with some wipes. The alcohol wipe and the dry wipe and then also a little buffing cloth too, as well. So before you put the cover on your watch, what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to take the wet, wipe here and we’re going to go ahead and clean off our screen. Really good. Okay, then we’ll take our dry cloth and dry. It off okay, so i’m, going to choose the white one here. What you want to do is you want to pull off the backing on here and make sure that you don’t touch anything on the underside once you take this off, because then you’re going to have fingerprints on the underside of the protector we’ll leave the top protector On for right now, so we’ll go ahead and peel this off first, okay, so then what you want to do is you want to make sure you get the little hole here for the crown we want to line it up with the watch again make sure there’s? No dust or anything on your watch either we’ll go ahead and lay that over the crown and then we’ll just go ahead and push on the other side and snaps on and then you can take off the top a little plastic piece and as you can see, It’S pretty much clear: it has some little micro dots in there to keep the rainbow effect down.

But, as you can see, the touch is working perfectly fine, no issues here, as you can see, we can swipe swipe up swipe down and then again uh. That crown here so we’ll push in the button to get to our menu i’ll scroll with the little crown here, as you can see, there’s no issues with scrolling and then, if you want to push it in not a problem there, either again this button on the Side is accessible. You just have to push it in a little bit more because it’s it’s a little recessed but it’s not hard to get to at all, and this is good because i can’t tell you how many times i’ve walked. I’Ve walked past my kitchen counter or a door or something and accidentally you know, hit the side of the watch. This is something very inexpensive that you can put over your watch to keep it from getting as cracked screen or anything like that. Like i said, it’s got that nice tempered glass screen protector on the top, which is pretty clear. You can see everything very easily and if you’re wondering does this have any impact on charging. So i have my wireless charger here and, as you can see, it charges without any issues. Okay, so let’s try the apple watch five here and go ahead and do the same process. We’Ll go ahead and clean off the screen. We’Ll take off the backing here of the black one and there you go.

I kind of i really like the white accent on the black watch. It makes it stand out. Definitely a lot more again, no touch issues. As you can see. It is absolutely clear. So we push the button on the side here we can easily scroll with our crown and then press in. So you saw the white and the black. Now here is the pink matte it’s got that soft touch to it. Here’S the clear, the pink metallic and the silver metallic so again like i said these particular ones that i have here work with the five and the six because they’re pretty much exactly the same, but on their website. They do allow you to select the size of the watch and the series that you have, because they are not all the same, but they do have cases that fit all of those watches so that’s pretty much it guys. I really like these little clip on cases. They’Re definitely gon na protect your your watch from any dings and, like i said, they’re pretty inexpensive for the three packs. So again, i will be putting a link in the description in case. You guys want to pick one up yourself and if you guys like me – and you want to support my channel, please use those links because it helps me keep purchasing products to do reviews you guys. So i hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did give me a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that little notification bell to let you guys know when i put out new videos.

Thank you guys for watching.