These wrist watches are must need product in every human life. This smart watches act like your personal assistant, where it can calculate heartbeat oxygen level of your body, calories you burnt in the workout session, duration of your workout, or sometimes you can set a goal to it, where it motivates you until you complete the workout and also It has a pirometers where it can track your walk and jog footsteps. It also acts like a personal assistant, and you can set up these reminders accordingly, where you can set up when you want to drink water or when you want to take a tablet or when you want to meet any person. You can set up this reminder this. Smart watches will alert you in this video. We are going to see a smart watch from herbly and it is called herbly smartwatch. Let us see the detailed review of the watch in this video before continuing the video just hit the like button. So it motivates me to put more interesting contents like this, so without wasting time let us get into the unboxing. Let us get into the unboxing of the watch. This is a box office, so it has fitness health, smart style, touch and track options. So it says please charge connected app for the first time. Let us see what is in the side, run tracker heart rate, monitor, pedometer slip, monitor calorie burner and the color of the watch is black. This watch is sold by the brand called it’s a made in china product.

So this is the back side of the thing, and this watch also has a female tracker in it, so it’s a unisex watch. The price is five triple nine. This is a barcode where you scan it and get the app onto your phone. You also have a message: notification in this call alert like who is calling the number will come on the watch as usual time. Alarm and sms alert is also there and it also has social media notification alerts. Also, i’ll show you that inside so let us get into the unboxing open this and i’ll pull this out it’s a very good pack, so inside there’s. Nothing here is the watch and instead there is a manual it’s, a pretty big user manual in different languages, so i can keep it here. This is a charger. This is a usb to magnetic charger for the watch. This is the charger. This is charge point, and these are the magnets just connected via usb. Let us go into the watch. We take out the watch. This is the watch. The strap seems to be very good, just place it like this, so it says charge before using the watch. We’Ll trim the cover on top and back side. Also, you have a heart rate sensor, meaning this cover is a heart rate sensor, and this is a charge point now. It is not getting connected because i have not powered it on once. I power it on the magnet will get attracted and get connected like this i’ll show you that later let’s go to the front.

Let me switch on the watch for you. This is how the display is Music. Okay, you have time you have speed on pedometer run. You have a sleep monitor. You have a heartbeat sensor with the lights here. Then you have a temperature, you have a message notification. This is the setting of the watch, and this is the power off so friends, i think you’ve seen the unboxing of early smart watch and its features also i’ll give you the link in the description below to go and purchase it. I use this watch on my regular daily basis. I feel this is very good watch if you like this video subscribe to my channel goodies review and also share it with your friends and families, and also tell them to subscribe to my channel by getting more subscribers. I’Ll be interested in putting lots of content like this.