com. You’Ve, probably seen this by a variety of different names from a few different companies, because it’s a pretty standard model for tws. True wireless stereo, earbuds hiding behind a cover. That is a smart watch. This is called the x89 that’s its model number, but, as you can see here, the box is calling it something. Different and it’s got a list of all of the different uh basic specs related to it and in really tiny print how’s. That new camera working, can you actually read that says all the different things that it can do? We are going to dive into this once i tell you a little bit more about the x89 version of this, which comes to us from banggood it’s, um, yeah, wireless bluetooth, it’s, basically a case to carry your earbuds in. It also has a bit of a smart watch on it as well in terms of overall capabilities and features it’s, a pretty tiny thing: 160 by 80 pixel resolution charges in about an hour and a half gives you about five hours of continuous talk with the buds And seven, to 15 days on the display and, of course, you’re charging, the display and through there you’re charging the buds so yeah the whole thing charges this one unit it’s using bluetooth, 4.2 audio transmission, bluetooth, 5.0, dual call. It says ip67 life waterproof, but i really wouldn’t get it very wet, especially earbuds. They tend not to survive. That you’ve got a smart headset bracelet, more freedom of movement, binaural, headset bracelet.

That means we’ve got stereo capability and so forth. What wireless high quality sound, stereo ergonomic, design real time, heart rate, um record time, heart rate calories, all that stuff is in it yeah typical kind of chinese description of uh a watch as we found before. Okay, so let’s take a look at it. We open a box to get in pretty darn simple there’s the unit there’s, the buds pull it out. It’S got what looks like a simulated leather strap on this one, which is very pliable that’s, pretty nice here’s the charging ports and the diode for um. The heart rate looks like it’s got a little cover over it. We’Ll take that off, wow there’s, the manual okay. We pop this out to get to the earbuds here and here get those ready. There’S, the charging, cable or dock looks like it’s, a cable but a very unique one in its own little special bag. Okay, everything all separately wrapped here and it’s. A two pin connector but they’re very far, spread apart, looks like a special alignment pin. So you make sure you get it in the right way because yeah it is magnetic and it’s not going to go the wrong way, latches in good and strong definitely going to hold it. You don’t have to worry about that usb charging, and then you open up the case right here and it’s inside the case that the buds will drop and are they oh look at that we’ve got even got little covers over these to protect them.

This says it’s right, hello. It wants to stick with us. I imagine right is on this side, because that’s, if you wear it on your left arm that’s, where you’re going to be grabbing it from cover on this one, that’s left, and so what i’ll be doing. Is charging this? Are they in there all the way looks like it. Okay, you get to see uncle ticks fuss with it the first time around. If i got him in here backwards, i’m gon na try reversing them. Aha! Well, good! You learned something me too. Now the manual itself is in chinese and english. The english starts here, that’s a big one. I believe we go across and then down so we’ll. Take it that way: here’s the uh beginning information and there’s the qr code that you’re going to want to tether to get k band as an app man. We’Ve had i band h band and now we’ve got k band that’s what we’ll be using on this one and some more description of what the watch faces look like, and here we go some more. I don’t know if that looks for you, but i like the. I, like the resolution on this new camera, it seems to be sharper than what i was shooting with before: okay, in fact it’s so sharp. I can’t even read it on my tiny phone that i’m filming this with so i’m, just showing it to you. Sometimes i talk right along with it, because i could kind of read it with you.

I can see faqs there’s the warranty card, even wow, impressive, all right there’s. I think they’ve got the chinese one flipped with the english one, but nonetheless you’ve got the username and information and all of that stuff and that’s everything in the box and obviously especially since it’s earbuds we’ve, got to charge it up first before we test it all Right be right back well, here we are all charged up. I want the good news. First, i open it up get to the earbuds inside i’ve, paired them. I’Ve listened to them and they’re. Really nice they’re good, strong loud did have one problem when i stuck them in the ear, and i pulled one of them out. The rubber thing came off and there’s no different sizes that come with this one. So the rubber thing was in my ear, but i did find it eventually and put it back on here so that’s, something you got to be careful of, but they’re really really lightweight and honestly, the music. The sound was excellent, a very, very good quality, good bass, good treble and definitely bright volume that’s about the end of the good news uh. This is as bright as it gets. There’S no brightness control on here it’s, a one tap thing: i’ve got step, count, calories, um, distance traveled. If i land on heart rate and leave it it vibrated. Just a little bit and after a few moments, it’s going to use the diode in the back to get my heart rate, but you saw it times out before i actually get it so, a bit of a an issue with the overall app itself, heart rate you’ve Got blood pressure you’ve got messages pushed from your phone, a sporting area here, where, when you press and hold you get into a timeout mode and you have to go all the way back through again, oh well, i’ll come back to it.

More is another thing that we press. We get themes which are the different watch faces. You have two of them and you have language and if you tap that it’ll change to chinese and everything will be in chinese, otherwise it stays in english. You only have those two languages. We timed out again so i’m back here to sport, to show you you’ve got running, oh, what have we got skipping and that’s it, and then you come back out of here again um very light on the sports. Um shutdown is over here and a couple of more things in more sorry, but it’s very picky, i’m gon na go into themes. I get. I got the one we’ve seen and i’ve got this one here and that’s it uh. You have two watch faces, so we haven’t taken that one for a while i’ll bring it back out and now i’ve got the step, count and i’m going around everything again, and you saw all the other stuff in sports and in more we had theme and language And then you can reset uh and come back out of that so um that’s this stuff and that’s all it does there’s no blood oxygen or or any of the other kind of of of measurements, but you’ve basically got the stuff you see in the in a Typical watch now, when you tether it to your phone with the new k band, app it’s, even more disappointing i’m.

Here on a page with the step count, i can’t do much with this. I can show a little bit of dots of when steps were taken throughout the day and get a weekly and a monthly synopsis on here. Motion data there’s, nothing so that’s about all you got here. I go over to health. Now you’ve got two things: you’ve got sleep and heart now on sleep, i did sleep with it last night and i didn’t get any data whatsoever. I was hoping to get my awake light and deep sleep and then this chart to be filled out as well, but it didn’t happen. So i don’t have any heart rate. I mean sleep time to report. To you here is the overall heart rate and blood pressure, and you do have one button measurement when you press that it activates the measurement supposedly on the band, and it should be using the green diodes yeah. You see it flashing slightly there and if it’s successful, it should come back and give an update to the heart rate, lowest and highest values are what has been tracking in the um every hour mode. And then your your latest blood pressure is there and it doesn’t seem to be working. It did once and then it’s kind of stopped detection in progress. Okay, there it jumped didn’t it all right anyway. Um these numbers don’t seem accurate, either so i’m kind of oh okay, there’s the the current heart rate.

I’M. Sorry, it was all the way up: that’s lowest and highest and it’s it’s moving right now: okay, 67, 68., so it’s taking live readings right now, and these are the lowest and the highest and then that’s the fixed blood pressure reading which i’m going to go ahead And take a moment to try to do another one on screen for you to see. I should be 125 over 85, roughly sometimes higher, but not significantly lower, so a bit concerned when i see low blood pressure readings this low and now it’s coming in 104. Over 74 again the same measurement: oh, look, you can touch it and you can get the history that tells me that it’s probably not really reading it. It’S just grabbing numbers, wow wow, but look it’s, every 10 minutes or so all through the night. That’S interesting it’s. Interesting, what it’s doing it’d be nice if it were accurate? Do we have the same thing here? Yeah we do okay, heart rates. I can’t touch the chart and give you the value but it’s showing you a chart, and it also is along the line of 47 or so um, which is really low. That’S, even lower than my ring has ever showed me as my resting heart rate. So i don’t trust the numbers uh very much for it’s it’s, okay, it’s, a watch! Think of it as a case for your earbuds that you can use to tell the time if that’s all you need, this thing might work for you last words about it.

The band is uh. I don’t think gon na last, very long that’s after one day, it’s it’s, uh it’s, a simulated leather band. It doesn’t look like it’s easily replaceable, although it could be if you could pop pins out of here and get a really narrow kind of a band it’s. All plastic construction, including the screen, so it may be susceptible to scratching if you’re, not careful, and it is a bit on the thick side, which of course it has to be in order to house the earbuds, but they’re really good quality, good quality earbuds. If you wanted to take the bands off and carry this thing in your pocket as a case that you could whip up and just check the time and step count, information that would be an option for you as well. Either way you look at it, we’ve got it it’s a banggood product there i go with that. Funky blue white balance, all right, we’re on blue paper today, um the x 89 is one of the model numbers and then you saw in the case there’s. Another model number i’ll have listings for all the different ways that i know of that. You can buy this one and check each of them if one of them is sold out, the other one may still be there. Don’T have a lot in stock.