I made this list based on my personal opinion and research of the markets. I try to list them based on their price quality, durability and more. If you want more information and updated price on the products mentioned check out the links in the description below and sure subscribe to our channel for future review videos. Okay, so let’s get started. Number 5. umidigi a watch 2.. The umidigi fitness tracker watch is a full touch, fitness watch and it has precise tracking. You can automatically track your all day. Steps calories, measure, 24, 7, heart rate, sleep stages, use 7 exercise modes like run or writing to record workouts and connect to smartphone gps. For more precise, real time pace and distance, these sport modes give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities and check your daily exercise. Data umidigi’s smartwatch is ip67, waterproof, not afraid of rating and sweat intrusion, it’s compatible with most ios, 8, 0 and android 4, 4 above smartphones like iphone samsung and nexus, google, pixel, etc. This watch is equipped with another silicone strap that is flexible to wear, and you can change it freely, equipped with a 180 milliamp hours, large capacity battery and can be used 7 to 10 days if fully charged. It provides you 12 months of money back or a free replacement. Number 4. pageant dz09. The pageant dz09 bluetooth smartwatch with a sleek modern design, brilliant 1.54 oled display stainless steel, surface precision, laminating process, nano, tpu, 85 material, strap anti, sweat, mat, surface treatment, ergonomic convex design and soft strap, which make wearing more comfortable life.

Water resistant. The smartwatch surface can resist rainwater impact when you are outdoor. It has an image, viewer, sound recorder, remote capture, alarm, clock, calendar, camera and two way: anti lost, pagin dz09 bluetooth, smartwatch, you can read, whatsapp, twitter, facebook and other applications, push messages, make or receive calls view and reply, text messages, etc. You can make phone calls directly from the smartwatch, including answering and dial up, send reply messages. This smartwatch can support most android and ios phones super high capacity, 380 milliamp hours. Lithium lawn battery gives up to 180 hours of standby time and five hours of talking time number three amazofit bip, the amazofit bip fitness, smartwatch optical heart rate, monitoring and built in gps. Allow you to accurately track in real time your steps taken, distance, traveled, calories, burned and quality of sleep. It can multi sport, tracking outdoor running indoor running outdoor cycling, walking. The reflective color touch screen is always on to provide the information needed at any time. By simply raising your wrist looked like a nice watch. Amazifit bip only weighs about 32 grams with the watch band and is 11.5 millimeters in thick. The bip can be worn all day. You can receive notifications for incoming phone calls, sms messages, emails and other apps, such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, linkedin and other mobile apps right on the color touch display of your amazofit bip, equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a 190 milli amp hours charge. You can use the amazofit bip for up to 30 days on a single 2.

5 hour charge number two to quatch e. The tequachi smartwatch is your personal voice assistant. You can meet your google assistant, bring google assistant to your wrist, find answers and get things done, even when your hands are full remind yourself. Just hold the power button or say: ok, google phone calls only compatible with android devices now charge the watch more two hours before you start to use it and use the watch till the battery empty and charge it up to full for one to three cycles. The battery capacity indicator will be on the right status to quatch esmartwatch. You can track walks runs, rides heart rate and strength, training with google fit in your favorite. Fitness apps get coaching measure your heart rate and even stream music right from your wrist. It has a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason. 12 month warranty for quality related issues, number one fitbit versa, light the fitbit versa light edition. Smartwatch has a comfortable design with a lightweight anodized aluminum watch body. That is a swim proof. High resolution touchscreen amplified brightness up to 1000 nits and durable screen made from corning gorilla glass. You can track your all day: activity, 24, 7 heart rate and sleep stages, all with a 4 plus day battery life access, your favorite apps for sports weather and more and get a call calendar text and app alerts, charge time 2 hours. The fitbit versa, light edition. Smartwatch automatically tracks select sports and workouts with a smart track and use female health tracking in the fitbit, app to log periods, symptoms and more use, 15 plus exercise modes to record workouts and connect to smartphone gps for a more precise, real time, pace and distance.