This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is we’re. Going to have the unboxing and the initial review of the blitzwolf hl3 before that, i am going to shout out banggood for sending us this product, so let’s unbox it guys, so it is only around 33. I put the link below if you want to buy the product, all right guys. So here is the box of our bwh03 and there is a blitzwolf branding on top and at the bottom, there’s no information and on the side there is none and guys. So here are the specifications of the smartwatch, so it’s, bluetooth version, it’s 5.0 and the battery capacity it’s 180 milliamp and working time it’s around five to seven days and the weight is 62 grams, it’s compatible for ios, 8.0 and also android 4.4. So this blitzwolf hl3, it is equipped with 24 hour continuous heart rate, monitor and also it has the sp auto, monitor and the blood pressure monitoring feature and also it supports multiple languages. It is also ip68, so it means that you can submerge it into the water and while you are swimming or showering and in the rain, but i don’t recommend guys if you use this one for swimming, because it’s not really sports watch. Okay, so now let’s open the box, okay, so the packaging guys it feels and looks premium let’s open it. Okay, all right! So upon opening the box guys, you are greeted with the smart watch.

Yes, the blitz, wolf, hl3, wow let’s, put this aside. First and also in the box, you can see another box, so i think it is where yes, the charging cable is here and it’s nice guys because it’s magnetic it should be easier for you to connect. Yes, we have our manual guys, so they also have this paper here so which tells you, if you are sad about the product or happy about the product, there is information there on how to contact them. If you have any problem – and this is the manual guys – so we have here it’s in english, dutch, french italiano, espanol portuguese – and i think this is chinese guys. Yes, all you have to do is just read the product manual for you to be assisted. If you have any problems so now, let’s look at the watch, guys, alright, so guys. This is my first time to unbox a leather like strap here. Yes, as you can see – and we have this one in black – it feels and looks premium guys and at the back, as you can see, i believe these are the sensors and the charging area. Let’S try to take this one off and in the watch guys it has also a crown here: let’s try to turn it on okay. So it says there blitz, wolf and, as you can see there there’s already the watch face so which looks like futuristic uh design and it has a digital clock and let’s try to scroll down guys.

Yes, and you can see there find the brightness. So for you to adjust the brightness of your watch, there’s, also information and setting, and when you try to scroll up so there is messages here. So i believe you can read the messages here when you try to sync it with your smart phone all right. So now let’s scroll to the right and you can see their settings yes, it’s moving guys. It looks nice and also the sleeping time find the device stop watch and the message as you can see there and the weather the exercise. So let’s try to have the exercise okay, so it has running cycling, skipping table tennis badminton swimming yes, so it has lots of sports mode near the blood oxygen level. So if you don’t know the blood oxygen level will measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. So let’s try to test it guys guys we have 97. Yes, i think that is okay and, moreover, we also have here the blood pressure, so let’s test and check our blood pressure. Music. All right here is our blood pressure, it’s 114 over 76. So that is good yeah. We try to be healthy and also our heart rate, so it is also equipped with the heart rate, monitoring Music, and i think that is our heart rate guys, so that is 89 bits per minute or 88. Yes, so, as you can see, the sensor is already working and we also have here the steps and that’s it guys.

So now let’s check the settings. If what are the things that we can do there let’s click on the settings, so we have here the reset – and we also have here information, okay, the name and the version of our blitzwolf and the brightness guys. So you can also change the brightness. So, unlike other smartwatch, that you cannot change the brightness so in here you can check if you want it lower or higher and also there’s turn off there guys. So now, let’s try to charge the watch. So all we just have to do is connect our cable to the power bank or any adapter guys as long as it’s compatible, and all you just have to do is place this here boom. It says it’s, 75 percent, all right so it’s, just very easy guys on how to charge your blitzwolf hl3 smartwatch, all right guys. So what can i say about this product it’s, just very easy guys, it’s really great for its price. It really looks premium and it also looks durable, okay and with its features, and also the strap it’s very nice there, and it is also replaceable okay. So if you are interested to buy this smartwatch, just click the link on the description below and you can use the coupon code for you to get a discount okay, if you have any questions guys just comment down below and if you like this video kindly click The thumbs up and also consider, subscribing and guys don’t worry.

I will upload more videos and tutorials on how to connect your blitzwolf hl3 to your smartphone. Okay. So once again, this is josh and i’ll.