Now today we are going to talk about everything in depth regarding this watch, that is, the responsiveness of the watch, the user interface, the battery, the notifications. When i connected to my phone an accuracy test, i got both my meters here. I’M gon na do a walk test, so uh wait till the end and watch the entire video to have an in depth uh knowledge on the board smartwatch storm. Now, if you want to see an unboxing of this video and a review be sure to check out my last video i’ll put the link somewhere here, and so you can get an idea of what comes in the box of the boat watch and also don’t. Forget to subscribe to this channel and check out my social media, so you stay on track with all my updates. Okay, so now. The first thing i want to start about this watch is the responsiveness of this watch. Now this watch comes with a race to wake feature that i found a slight delay of about one second to 1.5 seconds, uh, which some might not be okay with for me, it’s quite decent, but some might have an issue with the delay. So, as you can see there’s about a second delay when you raise the watch, let me try it again. So most might be okay with it, but some might not be in favor of this delay. But as you can see, there is a slight delay when you raise the watch now.

The second thing uh i want to talk about is uh the button or the button needs to be pressed a bit harder than normal for it to work. If i press it lightly, it does not respond, but you need to press it a bit harder for the button to respond now. The third thing i want to talk about is the touch. The touch is completely. I had no problems with it. The screen is very responsive and, as you can see, there are no problems with the touch of the watch. There could have been a slight improvement in the user interface of the watch, as you can see a bit of choppiness when you swipe, but i hope they resolve these matters in the future. Update now another question that many people were asking about this watch. Regarding the user interface, is the number of watch screens available on this watch now, as you can see, we have a total of only four watch screens for now. That is this, this one, which i’m currently using right now, then we have this and an analog display. So, as you can see, we currently have only four watch faces, which is not a big option but i’m, hoping that in the future they will add, more watch faces to this watch. Now the next thing – and a very important thing i want to talk about this watch – is its battery life. Now i charged this watch yesterday around this time and uh to complete hundred percent, and now, as you can see, the watch has reached 91 percent, so keeping an average of 10 green every day.

The watch should last you about 9 to 10 days now. Let me quickly connect my watch to my android phone and let us check how the app looks so you need to go in the google play, store and download the app boat pro gear, so i have not connected it as yet. So i’ll connect it right now. So here is the setup use now agree and to turn on bluetooth. So here we are pairing it to the watch and confirm buying device and yeah. As you can see, the watch has been connected and then you have to set up your user profile. I’Ll just skip it for now, and here this is the app so in the settings you can select. Whatever your preferences are, if you want call alert, set entry, alert, alarm, alert, sns dot, music control, wake gesture: these are the other settings in the app. So this was regarding the connection of the watch to the mobile app now talking about the visibility of this watch outdoors. Let us quickly go over to the settings now in the settings. We have three brightness option. That is full. That is three stars. One star two star and three stars: so if you set the watch on three stars in outdoor conditions, the watch display is fine and it’s clearly visible. Now let us quickly do a notification test on this watch so i’ll quickly. Call this phone and let’s see what shows up on the watch Music.

So, as you can see, we get an alert here, but you can’t silence a call. You can only decline it Music, so that is the alert you get when someone phones uh your. When someone calls you that’s the notification that shows up on the watch now, let me send a whatsapp message to this number and let us see what alert we get on the watch see. As you can see, it gives an alert message. So this was a notification test on this watch. Now let us quickly do an accuracy test of this watch, so you have connected the oxymeter. We will check the oxygen levels in the blood and i’ll check it simultaneously on the watch. So let’s put it on let’s check it on the watch as well. So your as you can see it’s showing 99 let’s check on the watch and here it’s showing 95. So as you can see, there’s about four percent difference uh between the oxymeter and the watch. So it’s quite a big difference, not very accurate, so i wouldn’t recommend you to rely on this uh oxygen meter on the watch, but just for simple reference. It is fair enough now let us check the beats per minute, so here it is showing 74. While on the watch, it is showing 74. so, as you can see, the accuracy level in the heartbeats per minute is quite close. You’Re at 77 and it’s 79. it’s gone up to 81.

, so, as you can see, there’s not much of a difference there. So it is quite accurate, so now let us quickly do a blood pressure test on the watch and on my ominous blood pressure machine and see how accurate it is. So i put it on on the watch and let me start it on this, so the reading has come on the watch. It’S 119 by 78. Now let’s wait for the pressure machine. So, as you can see on the pressure machine, it’s 102 by 67, which is not that accurate, but it is fair enough again not for uh to check the actual rate, but just for self reference, it’s, not a bad option to check it on the watch. Let us quickly do a step count, accuracy check of this watch. So currently we are at 2653 steps, so let’s see if it reaches 2673, so let’s go 20 steps. 1. 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20., so let’s see if it reaches 2, 673. Okay, it’s, just one step count different, so it’s fairly accurate, uh, just a one step, uh difference, but otherwise it should be fine for your daily use. Now talking about the price of this smartwatch, i got it at a price of rupees 2000 in the flipkart sale, because the current listing of the uh price of this watch is currently 5990, which i don’t think is worth for the smartwatch, because there are many other Better options in that price range, but if you get this at a price of about 2 000, i think it’s quite worth for your buck.

Now talking about the next flash sale, i read in an article that flipkart will be having the next sale on 12th november. So if you’re interested in getting this watch, uh make sure to stay updated on flipkart on 12 november, if you want to, if you want to buy this watch in the next flipkart save so guys, i think that’s all for this video. I hope you enjoyed this video and i hope you got an idea or an in depth. Uh review of this watch so make sure to subscribe to this channel and uh stay tuned with all my new content.