So, as you know, both launched their first smartwatch called storm and it was quite a gamble getting this watch because there were no previous reviews done uh before the first launch of this watch. So people really didn’t know how this software will be or how the watch actually functions in real life uh. So due to the flipkart launch uh sale, that was the uh big diwali sale. Uh bought launched a smartwatch at a price of rupees 2000. But now after the sale of the launch, the price has gone up to 5990, so uh look at the price. Many people went for this watch, including me, even though it was a big gamble but uh today, we’re gon na unbox. This watch and let us see how it actually is so i have ordered the blue, color and i’m gon na quickly open it now. So here it is. Actually, i ordered two smart watches. One i’ll keep aside and let’s check out this watch so here it is. This is the boat watch, storm boats. First, smart watch, Music, Music. So you can see the box monitor heart rate, monitor blood oxygen level monitor. This is the back of the box. This is the side here all the features of the watch, and this is the front part of the box. So let us quickly unseal this box. So here we are opening the box and inside we have the both smartwatch right here at the top and underneath we have all the accessories of the watch.

So i believe this is the charging port of the watch. Let’S. Take it out real quick, so here this is a magnetic charging port, which i’ll show you in a bit i’ll keep it aside and let’s quickly take out this smartwatch. So here it is. This is the boat smartwatch. Let us quickly peel this off wow there. It is, and here is the strap quite good quality i would say not the best but good enough for the price that we got it and yeah i’ll just open it up. So before we start this watch uh. Let us just check what else is in the box that i missed out. So here is a one year warranty card for the watch. Then here are the other products provided by boat. In fact, here are both headphones that i bought previously, and this is the other side so let’s keep this aside, and here is the user manual of the watch. Here are all the features as you can see so here they say to turn on the watch. The smart watch must be charged before initial use, so i’ll quickly charge up the watch and then i’ll switch it on for you, so guys i’ve quickly charged the watch, but apparently to start it. You don’t need to charge the watch entirely. You just need to plug the charger and in one second, the watch turns on. So when you buy a new watch. The boat watch don’t get worried if it doesn’t start, because i was worried at first, but you just need to plug it in the charging port and charge it for one second, and the watch automatically turns on so here.

Let me quickly turn it on, so this is the first interface we get when we turn on the watch, then you swipe left and you get all the different options. Let us start with sports mode. So under sports mode you have nine different types of sports mode. Under sports mode, so that’s run walk bike, hike, climbing treadmill, spinning yoga. So then we go to go back. You press the home button uh. Then we have heart rate uh which i’ll have to connect. Let me just keep place it here for now. Okay, here it is 80 beats per minute, 81, i’m, not sure of its accuracy, but we will know in time. So then you press the home button goes back again, then you can check the blood oxygen meter here. You can check the oxygen levels in your blood, which is really uh, important and helpful during this covet times, then here we have blood pressure, we go back here. We have relax. So basically this is a mode in which it tells you when to inhale and exhale. So it helps in your breathing. Then here we have alarm here. We have music control, so i’ve not connected a device right now, so nothing will show for now. Here we have a timer we go below. We have all the settings that is the dial, the brightness about watch shutdown. So this is the version of the watch. Currently here is sports record, so i have not connected the watch so currently i don’t have any record.

I have not used it as yet. So that’s all we have in the uh features of the watch. If you swipe right, this is a do not disturb mode. Then here we have the heart rate monitor, and this is how you charge the watch it’s a magnetic port, so you just touch it there and it automatically clips on it’s quite strong, and yes, that is how you charge the watch now when you swipe up here. You have your step count which is zero for now, because i have not used it then here we have the distance you travel here. We have the calories, and here is your weekly total of a compilation of all the data that is collected here. We have the notifications and yep that’s about it off the watch, and yes, so this is the boat smartwatch. That is the first smartwatch introduced by boat. I think for a price of 2000, you can say it’s really a decent watch. You get a lot of features that we need in today’s world, like the blood oxygen meter, the heart rate, blood pressure sports mode, so guys don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. And let me know if you want to see more videos on this.