Only now the smartwatch has its original price, which is 5990 and is out of stock. Currently on flipkart i was so excited to get this watch, and fortunately i’ve got it today and today, i’m gon na show you how it looks and how it works. What are the features of it and just let’s begin? Let me unbox it first. Let me take it out from the case, and i have already cut the case and let’s see how it looks and yeah here it is, let me take it out, slowly, i’m feeling so excited to get let’s. Take it out. So, on the top we have got some paperworks and we’ve got this boat plugged into nirvana people. Chennai super kings, edition let’s see what is it? Oh, it is. It is a card floating card of ipl themes. Let’S keep it aside. This is the warranty card which i’ve got and it says one year warranty on the back nothing. This is the usb cable for charging, and i must tell you this this charger. This usb cable is a magnetic adapter. It just touches the back of the watch and it starts charging and the watch wow looks pretty simple but looks trendy. Let me take it out from the box and see how actually it is it’s too tight, it’s too hard inside that. Let me first take it out and continue and yes here i am back board – watch the storm, the name itself.

On the side. We have the power on off button and the wake button. You must see the straps are so soft. It won’t feel hard on your hands on your wrist. Let me open the back hook, strap on the back. We have some sensors to measure your heartbeat oxygen and blood pressure. It also includes the sports tracker. It has more features like it will count your steps, how much steps, how much distance you have worked on the day. I have peeled off the sticker on the front and let me turn it on and it’s not turning on. I think it is not charged or something like that, because the button is a power button and it’s not turning on. Let me first, i think i should first charge it for the first time and then boot it then it must boot up. Let me put it for charge for few minutes and then come back finally many foreign and find my phone and just to the sensor of the left wrist on the right. We have some more options, and here is the settings for the watch on the first on the top. We have the dial options where we can select the customizations for the front home screen for the dial, okay, foreign, music, foreign, so that’s all for today.