This is the lamfo lemt 4g uh. This is these the probably uh baddest and biggest um android smartphone. You can get right now. This one has a mediatek chipset, which is actually quite good. A quad core, mediatek chipset, three gigs of ram and 32 gigs off from this – is basically yeah that’s the phone itself um. I get 3d printed straps here and going on. We do have a um hard sensor and your sim card area here and yeah. Basically, you do have a fully fledged smartphone on your ankle. Um note that this boy is quite beefy and heavy um. We do also have a selfie camera, a speaker. I think here yes and yeah. Basically, a small android smartphone uh, where you can actually game a little bit on so today, we’re going to try brassas on this little boy here, just to see how the performance is like and if you can actually play broad stars on this guy here, um we’re Gon na go and start a normal game, i’m just gon na show you guys a few matches and yeah enjoy. I will try to do my best really um. The screen is like you, guys, can see really limited, but it seems to be working and if you are you probably you guys, probably can’t, see anything in detail, but you basically can play brawl stars with your smartwatch, which i would have never believed is able. We can begin able to do that, but yeah we are able to do that.

We can play raw stars or our smart watches. Now with the lamfo. We do also have actually uh quite a big beefy battery in here um. If i’m not mistaken. A two thousand eight hundred or three hundred million pairs of battery, which actually gets you through a day with ease, if you’re not playing to probably use this guy here here and there. I can absolutely feel a little bit lag going on, but yeah this shouldn’t be a problem so for serious gaming at least brawls does uh. I wouldn’t really recommend this one, but it’s actually working quite well. Uh we’re gon na continue and do want to match this. On this game mode and then maybe switch to another mode along the fact that this is possible is uh crazy. I got this for for around 80 euros, which is also quite cheap. You really have to um be warned about the size of this um boy. Here you will get quite a few looks um if you are outside with this. It kind of feels, like you, have a strapped small smartphone on your wrist, but you probably can get used to it for attack freaks. Like me, this is something you can actually really play with. Let’S go let’s, go let’s.