So i have here an item to unbox and it’s the halo smartphone Music ls01 ready so let’s check it out Music. As i have said, i have here the halo smartwatch ls01 by the way aware: um halo is a subsidiary company of xiaomi, so xiaomi produces a lot of gadgets and home appliances in the philippines right now, so they have, i think, a total of 37 branches and Music Music to check their products, but we purchased this one through every page online. So i attached them the link in one last thing guys, if you’re on a tight track and looking for a good quality, stylish and trendy smartwatch, definitely so better check on this one. Unsealed and the box is quite decent in the packaging, simple, yet classy so front so front. Of course, you image surprisingly glossy, and also there is the logo. The item is available in black and silver colors silver, so let’s see later silver 9 as well. At the back, uh you’ll find the specs of the product Music. There is the details, charger, the main body strap and user manual, okay, and it also includes the product parameters which are the product names, battery capacity sizes and so on. It’S translated in chinese and english on the side are the main functions of the watch and those are the big color touchscreen heart rate, monitor nine sport modes and message: notifications, Music. After opening we have here the watch and yawn silver matcha.

Then this little rectangle box here, i think, is a user manual and charger. Then the watch itself comes with a silicon silver strap. It has a rectangular shape and looks stylish and fashionable as you can see. This can be suitable for both men and women, Music, Music, and we have the user manual, of course, where you can find the functions overview of the watch, how to activate pairing and downloading the app which is available for ios, 8.0 and above and also with android 4.4 and above then, there is also instruction on how to register and pair the app with the watch and then the useful tips for the watch and it’s main screen so that’s it for the user manual very simple and basic guide for you to follow. Then charging cable, on the other hand, contains a standard usb, a connector, it’s short and ideal for laptop charging, but can also connect to the smartphone charger it has pins to attach. At the back of the watch for charging let’s go to the main body. The front of the watch features a 1.3 lcd display that has a sticker that has placed charge to activate before your first use. Um it’s, like awareness battery, it comes with a metal mirror surface body that has only one button on the side and a soft bp strap with a steel backup, yeah quite um amazing, for its price right. By the way, tpu is the bridge between rubbers and plastics, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to touch.

So this gives you comfy feeling, even if it’s burnt for a long period of time Music. So it has charging cable with four charging pins. Connector at the back of the watch: Music, malaysia, Music, Music, so Music overall, my final rating, if you’re in a budget and looking for smart watch with features that a fitness bracelet offers as standard this is good to go. Also, this can be fashionable and classy to wear with its simple and ergonomic style: Applause.