This one is the evo w26, and this one is the evo 13 smartwatch. Now let’s go. Firstly, let’s check the same point: both watch at the 44 millimeter size and both can fit the 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch. Straps. Also, we can see both watch has the 1.75 inch infinity screen and also both has the microphone and speaker so post watch can make an answer course directly after connecting the watch with the phone like bluetooth, and also both switch, has the two menu styles, the night Apps view and the smart view, and also both swatch have 8 spot mode, enter the app for post watch at the m active and also both watch ip68. Waterproof then let’s check the differences. Firstly, the design the evo 13 smartwatch has one more button at the right side, and the evo w26 only has one round circle button and also you can see the microphone the hole in the evo 13. Smartwatch is also a little bigger than the evo w26 and also the speaker side. The evo certain smartwatch is also a little bigger than the evo w26. Then let’s, compare the back. The evo w26 has a charging interface, but the yi would certain smartwatch does not have the charging interface, it is wireless charger and the evo w26 is magnetic charger. Also, the eos 13 smartwatch has two lock pins at the both end and the evo w26 does not have the lock pins and the color.

The evo w26 is close to the black color and evo evo13. Smartwatch is close to space gray and the material of the case. The evo w26 is made of zinc, alloy and the evo certain smartwatch is made of aluminum alloy. It is the same technique as the apple watch and the default job. The eos 13 smartwatch is better than the evo w26 smartwatch and the lens the evo 13 smartwatch is a little longer than the evo w26 smartwatch, and also we can compare the first hole, so the eos certain smartwatch can fit a larger wrist. If you have a small wrist, you can buy the shorter strap, then the standby time, the evo w26 stand by for one to two days and the evil 13 smartwatch stand by for around two days and underwatch phases. The evo w26 only has seven watch faces, but the evil certain smartwatch has 50 watch faces. So you can change freely by yourself and the bose watch cannot add extra watch faces. Then we can compare the front. The eos certain match has a large letter than the eow26 and the language the eos 13 smartwatch has more language than the eow26 and then the function of the buttons. The evo w26 only has one round circle button and it can only press to back page and also it cannot rotate to change the watch faces and do the selection, so it can rotate but no function and the eos 13 smartwatch has two buttons and this power On button function is same as the round circle button of the evo w26.

If you press to back page and the run circle button, it can rotate to change the watch faces and also it can zoom in and zoom out the main menu, and also it can rotate to this selection and also it can press to back page and the Inside functions we can see both watch have same functions in the first page and also same functions in the second page, and in the third page we can see there is a little different. The evo13 smartwatch has extra blood oxygen function, but the eo.w26 does not have the right oxygen. Both watch have two size: 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter, and also both have black color silver color and rose gold color just the evil. Certain smartwatch will release the blue, color and red color later. The design of the eos 13 smartwatch is more close to the apple watch and it is the closest copy to the app watch in the market till now no watch can beat it from the hardware perspective. The eos 13 smartwatch has a better cpu and the accessories such as the sensors and finally, the price. The evo w26 is around 20 us dollars, and the evo 13 smartwatch is around 60 us dollars so which one do you prefer? Okay, above is all details today.