This watch is the eos 13 smartwatch, and this watch is the fk88 smartwatch. Firstly, let’s check the same point: both watches are the apple watch design and both watch fit the 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch, straps and also both watch have the infinity screen and both watch support. The bluetooth cores and both watch have the pedometer sleep, monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, bluetooth, music, remote camera, another incoming message, notification functions and also both watch have the wake up. Gesture function now, let’s check the differences. Firstly, the outward appearance: the fk8 is a little bigger than the evo 13.. The eos 13 is exactly same design as the apple watch, so it can fit all those upward cases. You can check both two at the evo 13.. So again they can fit perfectly. The fk88 can also put some silicone cases, but it is very tight and does not quite fit. You can look at this side and also this side, and also due to the fk88 charger is like this. So if you put the case, you cannot put in the charger means each time when you’re charging you need to take off the cases. That means using a protective case for the fk88 might be not very convenient, and then we can see the power on button and the speaker also have a little different and then the back. The us13 has two lock button at the top and bottom, but the fk88 does not have the lock button, and here there is a charging interface in the back of the fk88.

So due to the eos 13 has the lock button. So the strap is fixed and we can see the fk88. The strap is not fixed. Also, we can compare the inside of the strap hole we can see. There is a hole in the evil 13 and there is no hole in the fk88 and then the screen. The eos 13 has a 1.75 inch infinity screen and the fk88 has a 1.78 inch infinite screen. It is a little bigger. The eos 13 screen is 2.5 d curved screen. The screen is thicker and more curved than the fk88. We can check so from this point. The evil 13 is also more closer to the apple watch and then the watch faces the eos 13 has 50 watch faces and unable to customize watch faces. The fk88 has 23 wood faces inside and support. Customized watch faces this one is our customized watch faces and also the fk88 has some 3d faces. When you click it will change. So it is also very interesting and then the manual style both watches, have two menu styles. Even certain smartwatch has the night app style and smarter style, and the fk88 has a list style and also a smart style and then the functions. The fk88 has the practice and fitness, and also the siri function and the evil. Certain smartwatch as the temperature, ecg and the sentry reminder, and then the functions of the round button both crowns has the same function, press to the back page and rotate to do the selection and also zoom in and zoom out, and this one is also the same Press to the back page and rotate to make the selection and zoom in and zoom out and then the languages.

The us13 13 smartwatch has more language than the fk88 and the charges. The us13 has the wireless charger and the fk88 has the magnetic charger. We can see when charging the fk8 has the battery symbol, but the eo13 does not have any symbol when charging just the charger fresh, green light. Slowly and when stopped flashing green light, it means the charging is completed, then the size. The eos 13 has two sides: 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter, and the fk88 only has one size, the 44 millimeter and then the price, the evo 13 is around 17. Us dollars depends on different straps and the fk88 is around 50 us dollars so which one to choose. As per my opinion, if you prefer the exactly same design as apple watch, you can choose the evo 13.. If you prefer. The functions such as customized watch faces practice, fitness and also the quick actions in the fk88. You can choose the fk88. You can leave a comment to. Let me know which one do you prefer? Okay, above is all our details.