com, you, like rice or corn, there’s a reason i’m asking you’re about to find out. This is the model wb05 in this box and it’s going to be a head turner for some of you. How would you like a smart watch that will last in basic standby mode for three months means you only have to charge it once four times a year? How would you like that smartwatch to be able to actually handle bluetooth, calling tethered to your phone, you could make and receive phone calls all right? How would you like that? Smartwatch to ip67, waterproof nice tpu bands and well there’s a whole lot of and which i’m going to tell you about in a minute, once i show you, corn yep, how many of you guessed? Corn, corn, is right. This is not a rice watch. This is a corn watch there’s, a big difference comes to us from gear best it’s, the wbo5, with a 90 days standby time, a one and a half inch um, look at this ‘0 by ‘0 amoled screen that can last 90 days and do bluetooth calling with Sports modes and on and on and on all for 40 bucks or so yeah. This is a good watch check. The show notes for a buying link to pick it up going a little bit deeper i’m going to give you some actual stuff. You can read on the screen here. The main features are its standby time. Its screen display time bluetooth, calling a wireless magnetic charging system, kinda we’re gon na take a look at that.

The waterproof ip67 and 15 different original watch faces the industry’s first 90 days. Standby watch, no, i cannot verify it. I haven’t had it for three months, guys love. I love it when you’re asking me: how long does the battery last and i’ve had it for about two hours? Um don’t know amoled screen, though we do know, and it looks really great high definition screen. You’Ve got double i’m sorry duo, a bluetooth configuration for a more stable connection for your bluetooth calling and such wireless magnetic charging eight sport modes and so forth. Um heart rate monitor real time, uh all of that kind of stuff going on music controls. You name it in terms of overall specs for those that like to look at the hardcore numbers here, you go. You got a little bit of ram you’re, not putting uh songs on here um. You know for bluetooth, playback uh from well from your phone. You can but you’re not gon na have enough memory to put songs and things like that directly on here, but you will be able to answer calls and dial your phone calls and stuff from the watch. Of course, it’s not going to last for 90 days with a lot of bluetooth, calling probably about 30 days, though it’s definitely going to be longer than a one day. Android watch so you’re getting into a good uh long duration watch with the corn wb05 let’s keep going when we pop this thing out.

We see we’ve got a little button. We can push the module up and check out the colors on this. I ask them to send me something creative different than the standard black that we usually get there’s the peel off cover – and this is like an anodized blue case with matching blue bands. Whoa, which we’ll put together here in a little bit already on under this tab, is the wireless charger. If you ignore the two little spots here, that need to line up with the two little spots there when they talk magnetic charging they’re talking there’s a magnet in the base to hold the charger onto the watch, but it’s, not the kind of magnetic charger that you’re Used to on the high end, watches that have got coils in here and coils in there. So a little bit misleading, but hey it’s, okay, it’s uh, it’s, a good, solid charging dock per se. That is magnetically coupled little short on a wire. But you could always get one of those cheap extenders. You know a usb extender, cable, it’s kind of made to be done on the nightstand inside the other. One is the actual manual itself, which has english and several other languages. We will do the obligatory paging through of this notice, the qr code. There is for why watch two now? Why does that sound so familiar? Because why watch two basically, is the tethering app that all all of the android watches use? I think, since they created them from the very beginning, so there’s a lot of familiarity with that particular app it’s, not one of the best in the world.

I’Ll mention that right up front, but those of you who’ve been around know that already, if you have an android watch, but it has been involving evolving and it’s getting better uh. How does this look? Is it easy to read i’m also shooting with a new camera here and how’s? The audio should be a little crisper and brighter. Let me know in the feedback, if you uh like this better than what what i’ve been using before anyway, there you go. There’S, the uh manual let’s put it together. I turned it off, so we can play with turning it back on again, watch really carefully something’s going to flash very shortly on the screen. There you go boom and we’re back up again on our first watch face on amoled screen watch walking through it. You see. We’Ve got a bunch of circles on the back. I presume diodes for lighting up your wrist, so you can get the uh flash back into the sensor there for your heart rate and such got the charging ports for that dock. One beautiful blue button that matches the beautiful blue case quick release, tpu type bands easy to install and connect hello. There we go and we’re on okay let’s walk through it quickly, then we’re going to get to the app i can swipe down and get all these things here, including changing the brightness. Oh, is the screen locked? No, i don’t want to lock the screen.

I think it touched something by accident there we go full brightness there lowest brightness, there it’s got a good range and when it’s fully bright, it’s, nice and bright do not disturb here’s, i believe find your phone when you’re tethered that’s that lock thing and here’s the Settings so you can do dial setup and select one of a variety: three that’s, a variety: oh there’s, a different one. Okay, here we go there’s a bunch of them. What you like, wow wow, that’s, a kind of busy one let’s, bring that one up and look at it: how’s that look on the new camera, this thing’s supposed to be able to focus closely let’s. Give that a try! Oh my gosh! You can almost see the ‘0 pixels one by one in there. Okay, so far, i’m happy with the camera it’s timing out a little fast on me here. I could also press and hold and go through all of the faces like this, and there are a bunch nice all right. Where were we? We were here that was uh coming into the settings. We have dials set up sleep setup other about the watch. Let’S, look at it it’s a wb05 you can shut down and restore other. Here is a heart rate measurement. I can turn it on and set the time to be let’s make it low like every five minutes or so wow it’s kind of sensitive. I don’t know how low it’ll go, but i’m gon na go down there.

Ten five. Will it go lower, nope, okay, every five minutes i’m going to have my heart rate, checked um message reminders message: brighten the screen if a message comes in is this: on the twist your wrist, yes, good, okay, i’ve got um bright screen time. I can change that which i love to do. Can i go down yeah let’s uh! Get it up here at least a few oftentimes. I do this ahead of time, but i want to show you guys the setup let’s just make it uh 15 seconds there. Okay, that way, it won’t be hopefully dying off on me so quickly and message bright screen, brightness time. Okay, so there’s, those three dots and we’ve got all of them and we just saved all that from the other, which is nice that you can do that right. On the watch itself, sleep setup sleep, monitoring. Time is from that time to that time in the morning, and you can turn on do not disturb between those hours and dim mode. Nice that’s how you’re getting some of that long life is because you’re controlling it in a power savings kind of a setting mode. Okay we’ve, walked through all of that stuff. If i come up i’m getting empty for my messages, pushed from the app on your phone when you set it up to push them come over this way, i’ve got my step. Count information, there’s three dots here, which means i can come up to sleep data.

I just unpacked it so i don’t have any of the data for you to show on the watch. However, i can get you a quick heart rate. It should be using the green diode technology below which it is. This is a simulated chart, not an ecg chart by any means and there’s our first heart rate coming in and it’s going through settling down on what the actual heart rate is. Okay, that was uh there up up. So those are the three things you can do once you slide to the right, when i slide to the left now i’m in my overall app drawer, with a bunch of dots, there’s, the bluetooth calling setup when you’re tethered to the phone that you’re going to be Using for calls, remember, tethering it separately to then to the app you’ll, be able to put in a phone number and call it, and did you dial that number yes now i’m not set up, i don’t think to be tethered with anything, so it shouldn’t be doing It, i hope, i’m, not calling anybody – oh okay, but that’s, where you would do it you’d, set it all up for that linkman wow anybody got a idea. What linkman is wow there’s, a bunch of pages, for it totally don’t know that one notice should probably be your uh notifications, just like we saw before there’s a today, which is your step count stuff, and now it went back up to that page sport mode.

These are the different things there’s no gps in here, but i could do an outdoor run. I could set some targets and i can activate it, gives you the countdown and then we’re getting a timing, heart rate, calories and step count most likely. The step count is from the pedometer and uh distance traveled in kilometers on page two and of course, i’m, not walking. So we don’t have anything being collected and it hasn’t kicked in with the heart rate, but it is doing the green diode, so it would create there. We go a record of basically a run like most smart watches, do i’m going to stop that and it gives you a total. Then you can save it or throw it away. If you want to indoor run, walking cycling, indoor, cycling, free training and then your records, if we had saved that the records would show up there, so okay, pretty decent overall for simple um workout mode in the sports, sedentary reminder that you can set it when to Start and when to end and remind you every 120 minutes or you set that step count, how much step count. You need wow, that’s, a little sophisticated. Okay, heart rate we’ve looked at sleep, we’ve looked at pairing. This is where we connect. We got to install the app and then apple, uh, app scan and bluetooth bind, and all of that this is the. Why watch app that you can download from the google play store? You can scan that qr code.

If you want to – or you can use the link in the show notes to get it once, you do you’ll have it on the phone and it’ll look like this right here. This is from the google play store. Why watch too i’m going to say open i’m going to say start? I got to allow it to do all these different things and once i have it’s going to be looking for a qr code and if i scan one more time, this is the actual code that i need to scan in order for them to connect and now It’S doing the connecting and when it’s completed if bluetooth is turned on on the watch, which it should automatically have happened. When i went into this mode, the silly thing will bind and will be paired. Bluetooth call is coming up: wow, okay, so it’s telling us how to go through the process of binding it for bluetooth, calling too i’m not going to do that right now, but i’m going to just show you the instructions on the screen, because you won’t be able To get to this, unless you actually get to the point of being tethered, but it is nice that it’s helping uh the two different types of bluetooth connecting that you need there’s one to connect to the app and then there’s a secondary one for bluetooth. Calling. So once that’s completed, you need some simple settings on your phone. They uh want this done battery optimization.

To allow background sport. Setting Music uh wow is that in permissions, probably everything i’m going to turn them all on, because we do involve all of this stuff and enable the phone to normally receive and messages and so forth. Notifications are on. I don’t know what else it’s asking for there. Anybody know: oh okay, we got to do it right there. I guess why watch too, allow it all the little things you got to go through to get something set up confirm, let it overlay um boom we’re. Finally, there – and this is the opening page for this watch now, which is tethered here to the uh, the app and my devices. Well, you check for a firmware, upgrade that’s, always a wise thing to do. It says it’s already on the latest version and then we’ve got all the different setup that you can do in the app to get ready to use the watch to collect all this data, including step count heart rate there we go. We got our first one right. There yeah it used to be that you just go through panels to get to them. Here’S the sleep time panel, just a quick overview of the app uh here is weight. Okay, you can put your weight in this thing too. All of that stuff so basic stuff about the app, but we were going through actually the watch when we got sidetracked here we were in after sedentary after sleep, we were in pairing right, so we’ve done the pairing, then there’s, bluetooth, music, that’ll, allow you to play Uh remotely your bluetooth music, and because this thing is a bluetooth calling device with a speaker and microphone, you should be able to play the music directly through the watch too.

You can set it up to take a photo remotely find your phone. Oh yeah, oh yeah found that sucker uh and it is paired um alarm, clocks and stop watches and there’s a flashlight that makes a bright light that you could see your way in the dark or not simple little things on here. What else have we got music out? Hmm, hmm, i don’t know maybe that’s playing the music through the watch. What do you think you guys tell me when you get your watch film in all these things? I don’t know about timer and then overall settings which we already looked at because we already had that from when we pulled down, and i think that was it right, setting yeah yeah, yeah and then we’ve looped around back to the top again. So we’ve looked at the watch faces we’ve looked at all of the apps we’ve looked at all of the controls up here. We’Ve, looked at all of the basic things that you get here and we have noticed that you’ll get your notices here. We’Ve taken a look at the band, the back of it it’s lightweight, it’s thin. We checked out the app which is the wii watch, 2 app. The same as android, uh phones, use and we’ve told you basically where you can get it from gearbest it’s called the wb 05 bluetooth calling watch i’m not going to go through and set it all up for doing the phone calling and everything today.

We’Ve got a lot coming that i got to get ready, for this is a little teaser to show you what the watch can do and if you’re interested in it, you could pick it up and check it out all right thanks for watching gang. Oh okay! Okay, a few of you have noticed that i’m using a different phone here with kind of a funky camera array on the back so what’s with that i’m filming with a different phone camera and i’m, showing you the apps on a different one, what’s so special about This one well, this this is got a fleer thermal camera in it and you’re. Looking at the floor right now, notice, there’s, nothing, there i’m going to put my hand down and leave a hand print. So what can you do with this camera? Well, one thing: yeah look at that that’s, the residual signature of my hand. You can actually use this camera to check for hot spots in a watch. If you want to, we have a bunch of new android, 10 watches coming um our way and i’m hoping i can show you some interesting stuff with this camera related to how the watches are performing in addition to what they actually do and how they look.