This is the brand new watch from mobvoi it’s, a fantastic alternative to the samsung watches and of course you can use this one on ios, which means bingo, you guessed it iphones and you don’t have to use an apple watch. It has a lot of great things. It brings to the table: it’s got gps, it’s got three days 72 hours, you can use it in normal, like full feature mode and then, in the event that you need to go longer than that or you need the battery to last forever. You can do it in essential mode where it will work with just the basic functioning on the front like a digital, smart watch for 45 days, which is pretty incredible, but overall i’ve enjoyed my experience so far. We’Re gon na dive in we’re gon na do the unboxing and first impressions i’ve been using it for a week now a whole week, because of course, you can’t really tell anyone how good it watches after you’ve used it for a whopping six hours. So i’ve been using this for a week we’re to talk about it and i’ll. Let you know what i think, but before we get into all that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here. If you enjoy the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the ticwatch pro 3 gps.

Music really excited about this i’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for a long time, even prior to this model, so i’m glad that they sent this out for me to review 299 bucks, and it gives you a whole lot of stuff it’s improved over The last models, of course, it’s got the snapdragon 4100 platform in here, qualcomm snapdragon, wear up to three days or 72 hours of battery life and smart mode, which means it runs like a smart watch. You get all the cool applications, functions and features, but it has what’s referred to. It’S got two different displays, so it has an lcd screen and then the ammo led overlay or, however in the world, is set up. Basically, it’ll work like a regular, smart watch and then, in the event that you, you know activate it, you can turn on the ammo led screen, so you can get access to all the really cool stuff go ahead and use my handy, dandy, unboxing tool. Here there. We go we’ll close this because safety safety i’ve made it this far into 2020. I don’t want to go out that way. Take this out of the box here, so you can see what’s going on. While you listen to me run my mouth. They want the little card here. We have. The quick guide looks pretty nice. I’Ve tried out a couple different android watches over the years, most of the samsung ones, which are okay, but they never really feel like they’re as smooth of a watch or as capable as an apple watch, which is one of my main complaints.

So it’s nice to see some competition here, take this out. So, okay, it looks like it’s wrapped around this it’s got little watch a little foam wedge like you see when you go to the store and actually look at watches. If you did that back in the day, i happen to really like watches so the so the advent of the smart watch world has been really nice. I’Ve got some citizen, watches and yeah that’s great and all but they’re heavy they’re bulky having something that gives me lots of different capabilities. Plus you know it’s still. A watch is really really nice i’m going to take the plastic off the screen. Here it looks and it feels nice go ahead and set this over here real quick see what else is in the box got the proprietary charger here, which let’s see how that pops on? Ah there we go, it goes on like that. Okay, so now that we got that figured out, it attaches on right there to charge let’s fire it up, which one is the power button. One of these has to be the power button, usually it’s the bottom right, one, i think, maybe not try the top one. There we go the top one turns it on so really been excited about testing this out, like i said, it’s got all these great features here: heart rate stress and sleep tracking. If you want that in 2020, i could blood oxygen saturation, so that’s nice it’s.

The same thing that the new apple watch series 6 will do and tap to begin. I mean that seems pretty easy. So far, it doesn’t have a bezel that turns or anything crazy like that. It looks like just these two buttons here. It has a built in speaker and microphone, so you can use it with the built in google assistant, which is nice that should work out pretty well swipe through this yep, totally red at 100. All right! So now that we’re done with the unboxing here, let’s go ahead and move on to talking about the watch, and so my experience with it over the last week: okay, first things: first it’s a smart watch and it’s really nice smart watch. It does a lot of cool things which of course, that’s why you want one as opposed to picking up a regular watch – and you know, watches have been around for a long time, they’re kind of staples, especially out in the professional world, and anyone can really wear A watch it’s nice to know what time it is, but now, in the age of smart watches, to go with our smartphones, we can get text messages. We can get notifications, we get gps, we get, you can tell. You can figure out what your oxygen saturation and your heart rate is on this thing. It’S got gps, so you can map your routes when you’re out on your bike, ride and it’ll last for up to 72 hours with all the features running and i’ve tested it out, it legitimately lasts for three days.

I like that. I actually have an apple watch series six. I still can only get that thing through maybe a day and a half like it’s, not even a two day watch, so i can see where in the market, there is plenty of room to slide in for another company. It just doesn’t happen to have the apple name, and i think that that’s, okay, having the mob boy tick, watch pro 3. I think that you’ll be pretty good here’s. Another nice thing that you can do in the event that you like to switch back and forth. Let’S say you like to use an iphone part of the year, and then you know what a shiny new android came out. You can use it with either ecosystem. You can use with android or apple equally as well, and you don’t have to worry about giving up on that or being locked into the ecosphere, with apple or with android or with samsung, because those are kind of the two leading watches in the industry. So anyway, that’s just a kind of a g wiz thing, but it works great nice functionality. Whenever you turn the wrist to your and look at it, it activates and it lights up. So that’s nice. You can press any one of the buttons and it turns it into the ammo led mode. So you it likes to turn off when you move your wrist, but you can see there, it has all the functionality.

You’Ve got your apps you’ve got your fitness stuff. You’Ve got your fitness tracker; it tells you to get up and move around when you’ve been stationary for too long, because it wants you to be healthy and go get your steps in it has a pedometer in it. So it tells you how many steps you’ve taken in a day. You can have it where it checks your heart rate throughout the day, and you can look down and see when the last reading was, and it will tell you what it is that’s pretty nice. You can have it check your blood saturation, it can tell you about your sleep in your sleep pattern and the quality of sleep that you got it it’s, really nice, it’s, very, very functional and it works that’s. One thing that i like about it i’ve tried lots of different android watches over the years and it’s like okay. When is it going to catch up to apple? When is it going to catch up to apple? When is it going to catch up to apple? No watch is probably ever going to catch up to apple because really it’s like its own entity. I mean it’s like when you look at iphone versus android they’re, completely different. The way we need to look at this is does it meet my needs? Does it work and does it give me what i need it and does it look nice, and i think this watch checks all those boxes.

At least it does for me anyway, it’s something that you can look at and go wow that looks nice. You can change the watch faces on it, so there’s, like tons and tons of watch, faces there’s some apps there’s, even some games on there. If you really are glutton for punishment – and you know not, all of them are necessarily optimized that well, like it’s got a calculator you can install well because it’s got this circle. Bezel on here, like you, can’t, even see the edges of the calculator and it doesn’t really hit where it’s supposed to all the time. So i can’t say it’s necessarily as refined and as polished as i would like it to be in some areas. But the operating system itself is good. The features that are in it are good. Some of them are kind of like manual mode, though it’s not like when you have an apple watching, you go out and you walk for 15 minutes, and it tells you hey. Are you out on a walk or are you out on a run or are you swimming this one does allow you to start an exercise and it keeps track of your stuff while you’re doing it, and then you have to stop it, which is fine, especially for 299 dollars now it does have this really nice feature where basically it’s two screens in one. It does have the regular baseline screen on here. Where you can see, you can put your hand on it and it turns the screen brightness off, but on here we’ve got the regular lcd readout and then, if you activate it or press the buttons, it goes into amoled mode.

And then you get all the smart functions, so it’s kind of like having a really nice digital watch. That always shows you your pace, count and always shows you the seconds and shows you all that good stuff shows you the battery status and then, whenever you need to activate it, then it kicks in everything else and that’s. What helps it get to that 72 hour. Mark that’s, what allows you to three full days of functionality, and i think that it does a good job doing that it has a proprietary charger, but that’s kind of how things are i mean if you wanted to have a phone that had if you wanted to Have a watch that had a usbc or a micro usb charger. The sucker would be that thick because they’d have to enable the connection inside of there. So they have a proprietary charger. It’S got magnets on it. You can find it. It works just fine, it recharges. It doesn’t even take a long time to recharge, so this is a really good option. I think for people who just want a nice smart watch that works it’s also really good for a lot of the active features, especially if you want the gps stuff where you don’t want to have to carry your phone with you to map your routes. It has a really nice band on it. It’S super comfortable it’s light it’s rubberized, but it still has the stitching in it.

So it kind of looks like a little bit like a leather strap but it’s. Not it doesn’t have a bezel that you can move around. It just has the two buttons on the sides which will allow you to do things, and it has google assistant built in which is really nice. It’S not like hey it’s, got to connect to the phone and use it it has it built in it even has wi fi connectivity, so you can be connected to wi. Fi don’t even need to be connected to your phone at the time, and you can still get access to using your google assistant and getting updates getting notifications that’s one of the things i like about it. The most i don’t always have my phone in the same room with me. It may be on the other, to the house, because i go out to my office in my garage, a lot which is where i work, and i do my videos so having the wi fi connectivity so i’m. Still getting my notifications on twitter i’m. Still getting my emails and all of those things, it’s really nice – that it does that also very easy to use. You get the swipe interface on here, so you can swipe to get your notifications to see your pre installed. Apps that are on here. You can swipe to get to the settings you can swipe over to get to the google feed, so you can see some of the stuff there it’s just really nice it’s well thought out and it’s using the qualcomm snapdragon android wear 4100 platform, so it’s very nice.

It’S very responsive i’ve used other android watches in the past, and i even had the samsung galaxy s3 frontier this one. It feels zippier you get better battery life it’s, just overall, a better experience, i think, than some of the other samsung ones. This one has nfc. You can use all your wireless payment stuff, you can use, google pay, you can use whatever any one of those payment forms that uses nfc connection. You can do it straight from your watch, so this was very well thought out by mobvoid when they made this. I think in the real world it works. Well, i think that it’s very functional. I think that it gives you like. 72 hours, is really really special in the watch world because most watches only last a day or two. So this one takes you the distance and then once it gets down to like five percent. It kicks over to essential mode anyway to drag you out and to make sure your watch is still working until you can charge it again and up to 45 days in essential mode, and ideally you’ll find your charger before then, but it works well. It’S got a built in speaker: it’s also got a built in microphone. You can answer your phone calls through here, which is nice and also it’s, ip68 dust and water resistant. So you don’t need to hesitate. If you want to hop in the pool you get extra. Sweaty on a bike ride you stop off at a waterfall.

Whatever this has you covered, so overall i got ta, say i’m really happy with it. I think that it works well. I think that it’s a really good alternative to having a samsung watch if you’re on samsung and it’s a really good alternative. If you don’t want an apple watch and you’re on an iphone, this is a nice happy, balanced medium and it just it checks all the boxes for me to where i’m happy with it and it’s comfortable, it’s, lightweight it’s, not super fat and heavy, but it’s still Made out of nice composite materials, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to mess it up or not, or whether it’s going to break on you. It seems like it’s made well it’s ip68 dust and water resistant, so it’ll hold up to the elements and it should work for a long time and i’m i’m looking forward to using it some more so that’s all i’ve got on my unboxing and my one week Review of the ticwatch pro 3 gps, i plan on making a long term review on it later and going more in depth into some of the stuff and just kind of touching on some of the finer points on the watch. But having used it for a week. I definitely give it two thumbs up. I very much enjoy this watch and yeah. I think if you want one you’ll be happy with it. So that’s all i’ve got if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down.

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