We are going to be taking a first look and a basic review of the t91 lenfo smartwatch. Now this my watch is about 1.4 inches, big uh it’s, not as big as some of the other smart uh, bigger smart watches that have came from china before such as the dm 98 or dm99, even though it might appear like it on its pictures. But it is not as big keep that in mind. The smartwatch goes from anywhere between 50 to 80, depending on the seller and website you choose to get it from. I will have my ebay affiliate link in the video description section below and if you guys do want to decide to purchase this watch through my link, i will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate that now before you begin and see what this watch has to offer, please do subscribe and like this video as i’ll be coming up with new regular reviews on the latest gadgets, electronics and smart watches. Let me know what you guys want to see. I can i can see if i can actually share my review and opinions on that specific item now. Let’S, take a look at what this watch has to offer this watch uh now. This variation of this watch is in silicone band, but it does have other variations, and this is the dark, green color. It has about five variations from last time, i’ve seen and um.

It could also come in a metallic band as well, but i do prefer the silicone version and after putting the watch on it does feel you know like a very standard watch uh and like one of those watches with a rectangular uh screen, where you do kind Of have to it does feel a little different that way because i’m, just so used to reading it from a circular uh watch face. Okay, now, let’s see what this watch has to offer. This watch right off the bat. It is a two in one smartwatch. Okay, so what that means is it actually does come with earbuds, which is pretty cool on both sides, and if you’re done with using your earbuds, you can just stash it right back so that’s one cool thing about it already uh. It does not come with any uh side buttons, though, however, so you do have to press the uh the screen to actually turn on the watch. Let’S see if it actually has gesture control. Yes, it does so when you actually wave a wrist when the watch screen is off, you can actually turn it back on by waving your wrist, so that’s standard in terms of smart watches, now let’s see how many watch faces it comes with the way you do That is not um it’s, not a very standard type of uh procedure like you would just long press the screen, like with other smart watches, but the way you would do this to actually check out your other watch faces is actually swept down and you would go To style – and this watch has you know not too many watch faces it comes with and you can’t really download additional watch faces, but you know, i think the main selling point is basically the smartwatch with uh earbuds stashed in them.

Okay, it does come with the watch now. Let’S see uh what other options it has to offer. You have your anti loss. You have your additional watch faces stopwatch uh, your your settings, so you can meet you. Could power off let’s continue? Uh! You have your other standard options: messages, remote camera, music, player weather. You have your fitness tracker functions and you also have your blood pressure monitor as well. So let’s take an example and see how you can get your blood pressure so basically go into the option and press measure you know having the blood pressure option is definitely an additional option that not every fitness tracker comes with so it’s nice to have it so Let’S see how long it takes to get a reading, it takes about 20 seconds or i think it felt less. So that was there, and you also have your oxygen saturation level, your heart rate monitor, of course, and your different modes that you want to track. Your fitness data from such as your steps, calories, burnt and distance traveled. Now that is basically the uh functions that this watch has to offer. Also, your sleep monitor, which is neat your pedometer uh calories, burns steps, uh, calories, burnt, steps taken and distance traveled and in in terms of your different trainings, uh same readings, but different uh sport modes. Now let’s see let’s swipe down and see what that has to offer that basically takes you back to the additional apps.

So up and down would take you to the same place and then left and right will also take you to uh the same places which will be a pedometer sleep monitor and your different sport modes. So this concludes my very short, announce um, review of this watch. What do i think of it? I think it’s pretty neat watch um, i don’t really like rectangular watches, but i think, if you are that type of person, this would be a pretty nice watch to have it’s very miniature. It doesn’t get in the way, like those dm 98 dm99 watches. If you guys know what i’m talking about um it’s a change, but it definitely has a limited amount of options comparing to those bigger watches, but i think for if, if you can actually get one for 60 dollars, i think it’s worth the money, especially when it Comes with earbuds too so uh that’s, two items uh for the price of one, so that’s my take on it. You guys.