Smartwatch fitness tracker now this smartwatch goes for in the range of about 70 dollars usd depending on the seller and the website that you choose to get it from. If you guys are interested in buying this watch after this video, you guys can use my ebay affiliate link below it will take you to trusted sellers on ebay, and i will earn a commission and no extra cost to you now before we begin the video today. Please do make sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel, as i do come out with new regular video reviews on the latest gadgets. If you guys do want me to review any gadgets that you guys do you want to see? Please leave me a comment in the comment section below and i will try my best to review uh the gadget that you guys are interested in based on uh. The popularity of the request now let’s begin. So this is the package that it comes from, like with all the other amaze fit smart watches that i have done. Reviews on that and i have seen it comes in a very nice package now before you can actually the watch. You would actually need to install the app that is required, so the app that is required is called me fit mi fit uh in two words. Now this is different from the app that i have actually had to install for the other amaze fit smart watches, which is uh the app that it’s for um for those smart watches, which is the bip, the gtr and the t rex.

They all use the zep app okay. Now both of these apps are free, but it kind of was a little odd to me. They actually have to uh install another app for the same brand of watch now, after installing the app and actually upgrading uh the software. Updating the software that’s on this watch that’s required to actually start the watch which, in my opinion, was a very uh hassling process. I don’t really have to do that with other smart watches that i have reviewed um. So my impression of that whole process was um. You know this is kind of not a standalone watch that you can uh fully function, uh off itself, so it just it just really feels like i have to have my phone with me to actually be fully functional with this watch now. Let me know what you guys think if you guys are the owner of a an amaze fit watch and if you guys, think it’s a hassle uh actually having to carry your phone around to actually sync a lot of the functions to be functional with the watch. But i just didn’t really like that, but after i got uh through the process of updating the software and actually getting acquainted with the app itself uh, you know now that i see a pretty functional and a smooth interface, so we’re going to take a look at What this watch has to offer i’m going to put the swatch on and immediately you know, i like the material so i’m saying that, because it feels really light it doesn’t really feel like you have a bulky watch um on top of your wrist and it just Really feels like it’s very light watch, okay, so for a really thick case and just uh i mean i’ve reviewed many watches.

So this has to be one of the lightest, watches i’ve actually worn, but you have to you have to look at it. This way that uh the case is plastic. Okay, it does really feel plastic to me so it’s not like one of those uh aluminum cases that do feel heavy, so um in that sense, it’s kind of a plus uh it’s very sporty, and i like the feel of it it’s very light. So let’s get to some of the functions on this watch. Okay, so we’re gon na start off by looking at the watch face. So the watch face itself. You can’t actually access a lot of the watch faces just by the watch itself, just by pressing and holding the watch. The watch face that you’re on you can’t get to all of the watch faces. Okay, so in order to actually be able to get to all of the watch faces, you would actually need to access through the app and then sync the switch in the watch face okay. So there are a lot more watch faces within the app that you can actually sync the change if you actually do want to change to more watch faces, but you just can’t be able to do that within the watch itself. As you can see, there’s only uh there’s, only three so far now let’s get to another menu on the watch by swiping down now this is the settings menu and it’s pretty standard settings menu.

So you do have a flashlight and then you have your other basic settings. I believe this would be uh just your brightness of your screen. This would be a uh. It seems like it’s power, saver uh type of setting okay, so this so this is the power. Save it uh saver type of uh setting and then i’m, not exactly sure what dnd is. Let me see smart dnd. If you sleep wearing the watch, the dnd mode will be enabled automatically. So it sounds like it’s something to do with sleep monitoring. Okay screen locked okay, that’s, locking the screen. Now, if you switch, if you swipe right, that would actually get you to the heart rate monitor, so it seems now. This is a very familiar interface to me, since i have actually done reviews on other amaze fit watches. So i really do like um a brand of watches that have very similar interfaces, so i don’t really have to get used to the interface again, just because i’m getting a new watch under the same brand. Now, after seeing quite a bit of smart watches, i do have to say that the interface on amazefit is a lot smoother than the other smartwatches and even their fitness trackers. And then, if you keep swiping right that’s your pedometer it’ll tell you the steps you have taken and it looks like it just keeps swiping right that will go uh come back full circle to the default watch face now.

What, if we swipe up now, this will give you a main menu status. Okay, so i think this will actually give you your uh the progress and your goal which you get to set when you install the app itself now, the heart rate we have just went through um. I think this is the type of mode that you can actually uh, select, um and tell the watch which activity you are actually performing, so it can adjust and record the fitness data more accurately, such as your steps, your calories burnt and your distance traveled. Now you have your other features in this menu as well, so most of them are pretty self explanatory. These are your settings now. Let me see yes, so i think a common question that i usually get is how to actually adjust the time now this watch. This is my first use of this watch and all i did was sync, the bluetooth of the watch to my smartphone and i did not have to adjust the time, which is exactly 4 p.m – pacific time here uh. So what i’m going to be assuming based on my experience of reviewing smart watches, is that the time has already been automatically synced with your phone’s time uh, when you actually have uh sync, the watch to the app so that’s convenient, and that is one less thing. We have to worry about now. This concludes my short review on the amazefit verge smartwatch.

What do i think of it? I think it’s actually a very nice fitness tracker. I think it could. It could also make use as a casual, smartwatch, uh watch. I can actually wear it out and while going out depending on the occasion but it’s, definitely not a very formal looking or a classy looking smartwatch um, like the t, rex or the gtr. So, in that sense um, you know just the look itself: it’s, not it’s, not something i would wear out to a formal occasion, but for a lot of other informal or sporty occasions. I think this watch is very fitting. I hope you guys have found my video helpful.