Again, we are talking about tech and we are talking about this little guy that you can see here on my wrist. We are talking about the fitbit charge 4.. So what i will try to do is to show you a review of the features of this health device. Tracker, which is the one, is the version with the gps and also i will try to draw at the end. The bottom line review uh, trying to to give you suggestion of who should buy this device versus not only other similar device on the market, but mainly versus the purchase, for example, of a smartwatch and apple watch, which is very the features, are very similar and overlapping. So why should you spend more for an apple watch? Why instead buying this or vice versa, this device? This little guy here, is sold for 150 euros more or less? I will leave a link in the description below and it come it comes. This is the black version plastic band. It comes in a variety of color purple white, as well as in a variety of straps and bands. So this is the rubber one texture one, but you have also synthetic leather cloth. Other type of materials based on on your tastes and the screen instead is equal for everyone will go in details later, but this is a black black and white screen which can be seen easily in the dark isn’t in the sun. So you won’t have too much too many problems actually in the sun a little bit if you’re on the beach.

Yes, it would be a little bit tricky, but you can adjust it. You can adjust the brightness in the settings and, of course the brightness will affect the battery life in terms of specs battery life and everything will it will last them four or five days, but i will leave in the description down below a link to the website Where you can have the fitbit website, where you can look and and discover all the detailed features as a recap, what i can tell you is again it’s a bluetooth connected device, uh managed uh, also through an app. We will go into the detail, set that you have to install on your ios or android device um and what it does it tracks. Your heart rate, your activities, that’s gps, this version included so your activity and by activity i mean walking, steps, exercise, gym, exercise and also swimming because it’s waterproof. So you can wear in the shower. You can wear one while swimming and it automatically understands and tracks. If you’re swimming and not walking and so on and so forth, and through the application, you can establish goals and helps you keep in shape. You have also premium features and additional applications and services that you can buy, which can help. You better manage your mindfulness as well as manually so it’s, not for the device. You can track your food. You can track your water consumption, your loss of weight and, last but not least, this is also very important there’s, a new feature in the apple watch.

For example, it has an integrated uh sleep tracker, so it tracks the quality, the the amount of time and the quality of your sleep. So, ideally, you should wear it on your waist uh night and day that’s why it has four or five days of uh battery duration battery life uh. So when you are, for example, sitting on a desk that’s the moment where you charge it and it’s very quick in charging so less than an hour it’s completely charged, so you won’t have any problems so that’s it for as an intro. Now, with no further due let’s go into the details of this device, trying to show you not only how it looks, but what are the features and how you can use the application to get the most out of it. So the fitbit is a very light device. Once you have on your wrist, you will notice you will not notice the story that you have it. You will forget, and this is very important because you have to wear it also when you sleep to track the sleeping, it’s, all rubber, anti allergic rubber it’s. Very a nice texture in the box. You have to bend sizes based on the size of your wrist and, of course the main feature is the screen. You have only one button here, as you can see on the right where you can press to activate and, as you can see you have now, the display the display is black and white is kind of like in a certain way to the technology used in the Kindle books and what else it’s waterproof, so you can wear while swimming while having a shower, and everything is attracted here on the back, where you have the sensor as well as the pins for the charging Music.

So the fitbit comes with this uh charging cable, which, on the one hand and now is connected to my macbook, has a usb type, a port, while, on the other hand, you have this proprietary charger where you have the pins here, as you can see on the Bottom, the the pins, which needs to be matched with the pins at the back of the feet: Music, perfectly Music to get the most out of your fitbit charge. 4. You must use and sync it with the application, the fitbit application on the phone of course it’s synced, as well with the apple health. But this is the platform you have to use for getting the most out of it, so once it’s connected via bluetooth, if you press this down, as you can see, it gives you the power of the fitbit and is also syncing in the main cockpit. On the top, you have the number of steps, the floors, just to recap, of the activities that you have done during the day. The second part where it says, get in your zone. This is about which i have not configured but it’s about challenges that you may accept, and you may want to overcome. Then you have also an opportunity going down to have a mindfulness type of offering some of these are paid. You have to pay for for them. They are not included, so if you track your mind from nasa, you have, you can be connected with the additional application to do so.

This is a free where it says free out of five days. This is the main section is where you have your exercise. You have to set your goal and you recognize if you’re doing sport if you’re doing gym if you’re swimming – and it gives you as you can see a recap of the amount of minutes of time, calories and distance that you have done in in your exercise. And you, of course, in the in the settings you you can set up goals which will help you to stay on track. The other important session is uh the following one, where it’s uh, where it shows the sleep tracker. So as mentioned, you need to wear it. Uh also during the night, and it measures your heart rate and in terms of sleep tracker, it tracks you the deep sleep, the light sleep, the ram and the weak button and gives you a score up to from zero to 100 of the quality of the sleep. By day going down, you have the steps which is part of the exercise, but it tracks you. How many steps have you done over the course of of the week of the month and those sessions kilogram lost so water and food? This, unless you have specific devices, you have to enter manually the the amount of your weight day by day, so it measures uh and tracks it, but again it’s. Nothing has nothing to do with your device.

This is something that is a feature of the application and, as i mentioned, you have to enter the the values uh manually and then on the very bottom you have. So this is what the session of today you have discover where you have additional applications. As i mentioned, or features that you may want to pay for to do that, there is a community where you can chat with other fitbit members and share your experience. Premium is a premium feature of the application where you can have, as you can see a free trial. If you want, and on top you have more advanced sleep score programs from creating healthy hobbies and wellness reports. So those are some of the premium features you may want to add to your offering, and the last session is covering 19, where of course, you have some useful documentation and recommendation due to the pandemic. That is going on and the best behavior and things to do in order to stay safe and stay well: okay, guys that’s all for today. I hope that i give you an idea of this product, but before saying goodbye, as mentioned at the beginning, let me draw a bottom line here, so what i wanted to tell you and discuss with you, is who should buy uh this device and is it replacing A smartwatch like the apple watch, is it replacing a normal watch? Well, is it replacing a normal watch or the apple watch? Yes, and no? Yes, if you’re not passionate too much passionate about watches? Yes, it has the time.

So definitely if the time the date is what you really care about. Of course, you wear this and get time as you can see i’m wearing both my normal watch as well as this one on the fitbit on the other wrist. But this is because i’m passionate about watches, so i really want to watch – and this is for me – is on top. I don’t look at the time here then. The the other question is why spending 150 euros on this device versus spending 300, 200 or 300 to 400, depending on the model even more, on apple watch. In my opinion, there are they. They are two different devices um, so one aspect, of course, is the aesthetic. So this is uh yeah it’s trendy, but it has not the appeal and the gorgeous look that and i have as well that an apple watch has it so that’s. One aspect in terms of pure functionalities: well, if you want to track your activity that’s exactly the same, more or less, of course, the new apple watches series 6, as you probably heard, as also the blood pressure blood oxygens monitoring. But apart from that sleep, tracker activity, tracker swim tracker, they are the same. Therefore, what should do that’s more apple watch is a like an extension of the ios. So, in terms of notification in terms of accessing application, mail calendar plenty of applications available for the apple watch, that’s a different that’s, a different animal right.

People who buy the apple watch or either attack passion, attack boss, but normal people buy the apple watch. Instead of a fitbit or a tracker like this, because they want more it’s like again it’s like an extension and it avoids you when i when i first got the apple watch, i started using the phone, my phone, my iphone, less and less because everything was here On the wrist um here is not the same yeah even in terms of customization. While the screen is different customization and this you can customize the the faces, but it’s not the same as the complication that you may find, may use on an apple watch, the weather, everything the stock tracker and so on and so forth. Um. So if you care about this, if you want to really 360 degrees device, then buy the apple watch or buy an android watch. If you want to adjust the device to track your fitness activities and actually, if you go for a dinner, for example, you use your normal watch, then you don’t need to spend extra money. In my opinion, for for apple watch at the different time and among the pure trackers, the pure activity tracks, this is the best you can have. The garmin well have a look on the net, but this in terms of build quality, features uh battery life. Uh. Is this of the easiness of use and price? Of course, uh uh well it’s it’s the most uh sold in the market, and actually i can only recommend it, but in terms of fitbit versus apple or android, watch again very mind what i said and if you have a budget and you want to spend depend It depends on the features and the the need that you may have that’s all for today.