So as you see, i got versa. 3. I bought it in thanksgiving would like to quickly talk about whether it is worth using for another year or is it worth returning so stay tuned Music. So this comes at the price of 199 dollars in united states and uh during thanksgiving i got 70 dollars cash back so either it cost me around 130, which is very good price. I believe compared to apple watch, series 6, which starts at 400 and se, which starts at 270 dollars. The features which apple watch uh, series, 6 or sc has mostly all the features are currently present in fitbit versa, 3.. Okay, so let’s talk about the finish of this watch. It’S quite uh sturdy watch, the the belt which is given the kind of rubber that has been used is really nice, it’s, soft and gentle. I used it for 24 hours without removing the watch from the wrist and i did not find any irritations with it. So let’s talk about the belt. You can easily replace the belts with the aftermarket belt, so it’s very quick release button here you can just push it back and then it it gets easily connected back. So it’s very easy. You know to dismantle and put it back so here you go. You can see it, i can just easily remove it, just push it and you hear a click sound and uh. It goes back. Okay, folks, so let’s talk about the charging adapter that comes with versa.

3. This is pretty handy. They have changed the design from versa. 2 to versa, 3. This is easy to plug in and it acts similar to the apple watch charger. They claim to have the battery life of 6 days, but when i fully charged this and kept the always on feature off, i caught the battery life worth of four days, which is significantly long compared to apple watch, which only gives you standard round about 18 hours Of charge on single fully charged battery, so this is kind of a very important feature when you think about buying either fitbit or apple watch. Okay, so let’s talk about the features it comes with so very important feature that it comes with is an spo2 monitoring. You guys can see it shows the oxygen readings, so it shows you an average uh range which is between you can see it’s between 93 to 95, in my case 98, in my case and and average of it is 95 uh they it monitored. But this you can only get to see why you sleep for more than three hours, that’s, something you need to make sure. Otherwise it does not record. It has a best of sleep monitoring, uh app. Now it monitors your sleeps during various phases of your sleeping, deep sleep versus the light, sleep and so and so forth, which is a good feature, although you need and premium services to be subscribed, which cost ten dollars a month to see the statistics on your health Reports.

The next thing i would like to talk about is a heart rate, so, which is something is bothering me while i’m using this during normal time when you use the watch, while you uh do the routine activity, it matches your heartbeat nicely. But as soon as you go on intense cardio, i found that it doesn’t pick up the heart rate as it’s supposed to, and i compared that using versa 2 and i found that there is definitely some lag which exists while you do an intense cardio. So heart rate is something is why you exercise is something we need to is not coming accurate and i locked a ticket with fitbit, and they gave me all the basic things that i can do is to unpair. Do a factory reset but um, i don’t find them as completely solving this problem, so that’s something you need to be aware of, while you’re buying this watch. Okay, guys so let’s talk about a haptic feedback, so haptic feedback. You have this kind of sensor here. So your thumb need to be appropriately placed before this haptic feedback works. So it takes time for to you to get used to it, but once you get used to it it’s all right, you can live with it, okay, guys! So as soon as you click on today uh, you can see all the static statistics for the day uh. It shows you the weather as well for that day, uh.

So probably you can just go back and then you click on. I just call up. It shows you, the weather, uh, the steps you have taken, the the the climbing the roads have you climbed and then the distance total you have walked so far. The calories and active zone minutes so it’s comprehensive, uh data that it pulls up. If you are subscribed to the premium services, you will also get to see hourly activities, your exercises you have done, uh and so and so forth, so it’s quite good and helpful information which helps you to monitor your daily health status. So one of the thing i would like to mention here is all about the cons or the kind of things that the fitbit still need to improve. The one thing i found is the clock faces what it has they are not yet available. The fitbit itself has very few clock faces and there is seriously some bug there. I found that if you change your clock face while you’re using this, it doesn’t change and it disturbs the bluetooth connectivity, uh, the apple phone or any android phone. The bluetooth connectivity goes off and you need to forget that connection reconnect it back and that becomes very irritating. Okay guys. So if you see here uh it comes with google assistance or alexa, and you can ask google assistants or alexa to either turn on your lights off your lights. Whatever you can do with the google, home or uh alexa device, all things you can do at your wrist, you just need to long press this button and it will jump to alexa or google or whatever you have set as a default.