So at the top we have the fk 78, and here we have the fk88. A few people have commented on my previous videos asking which is better so in this video today, i’ll be showing you the comparison and the differences between both of the watches, but just before i get started, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified and make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as always for sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts. So here are a couple of the fk version. Smart watches, let’s just show you what the box is like now coming to the fk 78 there’s, not a lot of differences, but there’s quite a bit of difference, but not a lot. So i’ll show you now. This is the box for the fk er 78. This actually says: it’s a series: 5 clone 44 millimeter and there’s, nothing else around the box. So when we open up the box, this is how you are grated. It’S like this. So when it comes we’ll put this to the side when it comes to the fk 88, which is the series 6 clone, this is actually a clone of the original box. You’Ve got the engraved uh letters there, which says watch this is a silver version and nothing else around the box. But when you open up the pull tabs, it’s different check that out so you’ve got the same opening box as the original, with all the different watch and watch buttons um on the on the box itself in pictures and when it comes to the box.

It’S quite similar to it to be honest, that’s the fk 78. This is the fk 88, so bear with me. If you get mixed up but yeah same boxes, they just change. The pictures are not added to the watch. So when it comes to the inside of the box, let’s put the fk 88. So now i’ve actually been messing about with these. So here you can’t even actually tell the difference between them, both uh, but when we dig in you would actually know so at the top we’ve got the fk 17 we’ll leave that at the top coming to the manuals. These are actually uh copy and pasted between them. Both the only thing different is one of the manuals fk 78 and they both have the fit fly up as well, and when it comes to the fk, 88 it’s just changed to fk 88 and it has the same app. They do come with the two watch. Bands, so, as whatever color you pick white black silver gold, you would actually get similar watch one so we’ve got the white watch band and also the white strap for the fk 88 coming to the fk 78, with the black uh swatch band, and also another black Strap which i’ve been using on my original belief, but not so it does work now, you’re, probably thinking the charges here are the charges for the fk 78. This is for the fk 78, as you can see, uh the charger for the fk 88 is exactly the same.

I’Ve used it uh i’ve used the fk 88 with the fk, 78 charger and it’s exactly the same. You do get the same charger in the fk 88 box, but it’s only it does actually say. Fk 88, so they’ve only changed that so everything’s identical with them. So you do see a few differences with the watches that’s, the only thing i’m going to say i’ve. Actually made a mist, so let me take the watches out and i’ll. Show you to my left is the fk 78 to my left? Is the fk 88, of course, with the left? One um i’ve got the black version and with the fk 8a and with the silver version so uh. Let me just show you a bit about the fk88, but just before i show you, if you want to see full reviews with these smartwatches check out my previous videos, i will leave the links in the description box below you can check them out. I just wanted to show you, as these are similar models with the fk 78 and the fa. Fk8 and i’ll show you what the differences are. So with the fk 78. You get a 1.54 inch display. You’Ve got a big bezel at the bottom and, as they say on the box, it’s a series – 5 clone it’s well it’s, similar to a series – 5 clone, but you don’t get the button at the bottom when it comes to fk88 you.

Actually. This is a series. 6, clone and they’ve actually cloned the series 6 smartwatch, and they made it exactly the same, but all they’ve done is just added another button, but with the fk88 this is a 1.74 screen which is just a little bit bigger and the looks is a little bit Different with the button and that’s about it so coming to the back, as you can see here, it’s pretty much similar, the sensors have changed and all, but the charging mechanism is exactly the same, even though they both actually work. If you look take a look at the charging mechanism, they look a bit different. The fk88 they’re slightly closer, but the fk 78 they’re a bit wider, but it doesn’t matter. They still work the same uh but they’ve just changed the design on the sensors and that’s about it. Just change the text around it as well. So you’ve got no series five on the fk 78, as it says in the box, but on the fk 88 same again, no series, six clone well actually yeah it’s a series, six six on the fk 8k, but it didn’t say nothing on the fk 78. If you got that but yeah, the main difference is the button placement on the fk 88 and you haven’t got one on the fk 78 and also the screen as well. So i’ll show you how they start up as well, but i don’t want to go too into it, because you can see the full review on what both of these are.

Like so they’re, both vibrated, you get same startup logos and once it started up, you’ll actually see what the uh screen is, like so i’m, going to try and get the seams go, it says connecting now. Let me get the same screen as the fk 78 and we’ll take a look uh, a quick comparison of them both. So i have got to say this display is much better on the fk ata compared to the fk 78 and, as you can see, the screen placement is more in the middle on the fk 88 than it is on. The fk 78 is placed more high on the uh on the left, one fk 78, and you can actually see the big bezel at the top. So you’ve got a lot of watch ratios. I would say over 30 watch faces on the fk8 here, but when it comes to the fk 78 you’ve only got about 15. I would say, give or take something like that on both of them the battery wise, our they last well, the fk80. It has a little slightly bigger battery and it lasts a bit longer um, but i have done outdoor tests on a few different watches. So if you want to see an outdoor test, where i check out the battery health apps and the pedometer, and everything in between then check out my previous videos or do let me know in the comment section below so let’s go with the fk88, you have to Actually slide it to the left and let’s slide it to the left.

Here you’ve got the same menu display as you can see right there and swiping it down exactly the same as you can see, they do exactly the same swipe up exactly the same and swipe it to the left exactly the same as you can see right here. So what they have done is just copy and pasted the operating system exactly the same and all they have changed. They’Ve changed a few little bits. So when it goes, let’s go into get it identical, so we can actually see so you got messaging, yes, that’s the same, and you got that fitness. The heart rate i don’t, think there’s anything else. Difference on the uh menu app, so let’s go into about. Let’S. See what this says so: fk 78 device and fk88, nothing else, the same version 1.0.6, so whether you’re 1.0.8, a 17 on the fk, 8878 and s10 on the fk88. So the release time 7th of the 10th 28th of the 8th so yeah it just goes to show there’s only a few more difference on both of these but yeah. What they’ve done is just made the fk 88 a little bit better with the looks wise and the screen um. I would say that the fk 88 is a little bit thicker, but i might be mistaken on that, and also i forgot to mention is you’ve got the same speaker layout as the original, but was the only one, but with the fk 78, the only one which Actually works, so they put a fake speaker grille on the fk88.

What they’ve done is made it more actually look like the series. Six, if you didn’t know so that’s about it, people that’s. What i wanted to show you. The only thing difference is the price difference. They have gone a little bit less now, they’re cheaper, because i actually bought these when they first came out so they’re a little bit expensive. But i got these from aliexpress. You can purchase them from aliexpress alibaba, just type in fk, 78 or fk88, and you’ll be able to purchase one uh right there. So there are different prices. Just make sure you check out the seller, see if it’s got 100 feedback. So there’s no point asking for link this: you can purchase them pretty much from anywhere to be honest, so yeah there we have it people that is the uh watch comparison between the fk 78 and the fk 88.