Today we are going to unbox the most selling smart watches in industry. This model is more select model in world in india. We have imported this watch. This is the successor of fk 78, and this watch is fk 88. The best watchings in the industry – this is a series six copy and it have aluminium frame, let’s unbox the watch. Here we get with the oj original box, it looks like original box and inside we have designed it for building an amazing lifestyle. Wow let’s open the box small box inside and here we you get two belts in box. Here we have one silicon belt and inside we have the the velcro bearing. If you want to buy outside, you will charge for 300 to 400 for the velcro bed. The good thing is, they are providing two bells in the box. This is a charger. This is a square type box charger. You need to put the dial inside the wall inside this box for charging, and let me check out this watch wow. You can see the quality of the packing and the quality of the watch in old watchers. They are providing plastic bag, but in this watch they are providing a glass back and front also 3d curved glass, 3.5 d, curved glass and you have a two button power button and crown working button. I mean scroll working button and you get a mic, and here poco pin chargings for charger charging uh pins on the series.

Six, and this is a real aluminium. You can see the speaker you can it have a calling function. Also it’s a 44 mm dial size watch. This is the best watches in industry. I haven’t seen this model because it have 25 plus watch faces. Plus you can install more watch faces from the app you can also use your photo for wallpaper and all 44 mm bells are supported. These are supported to fix this on watch. You can see. This is the smooth glass and in here also you get a glass. It was tightly fixed on the watch and let me check the watch. It off. Size is 44 mm and there are two buttons power button and home button. Home button means crown working button, scroll working button, and these watches looks very very premium because this watch price is 3500. I mean 3500 rupees, only free shipping all over india and we not have cbo option. We have only prepaid option. If you get any damage piece in courier while receiving the puzzle, we will. We have replacement for that that’s on the watch. You can see the animation of it. These are so many watch faces. You have disliked and all 3d animated watch faces only there are 25 plus watch faces, and this watch have an amoled screen. Is the real laminate screen watch watch only in other watches, you get only lcd’s panel, but in this watch you get a amoled screen, see just like series.

Six apple watch, cd6 has so many watches the all watch faces also available in this watch. You can see there are so many watch faces if you want to buy this watch link in description or my whatsapp number in description. You can contact me and buy this watch. I already told no cody see what it means. No cash on deleting only prepaid. You need to pay via google pay or account transfer, or something else and 25 customize watch faces, support on this watch. The crown also working the power button, also working the call function, also working – and this is 1.78 infinity screen display, and this watch have ip68 waterproof rated you can put on water. Also. These are some features on this watch. You also have health, i mean bb, heart rate, monitor temperature sports control, walking so many things all available. Remote camera call functional bt, bluetooth, okay, guys, this video is going long, so i’m going to cut the video uh before going before. Cutting the video make sure if you want to buy this watch, link in description or my whatsapp number in description. You can contact me. Okay, instagram id is store, watch and accessories you can search and buy.