This is an indian retail unit. I got on flipkart for around 8 000 guys you can. If you have the sbi card and all you can still get a discount, you can, i mean, i know certain people who had got this particular watch for around 7200, which is a very good deal by flipkart on the big billion day sale. So let’s open the box let’s see what’s there in this particular box, and here we have the watch and the box is quite good, guys uh one of the best watches of 2018. However, i just recommend to buy this if you are on very tight budget. So this is the watch itself, guys so let’s see what’s there. This was actually retailed around 22 500 long back so the now the prices have slashed to a great extent and it works on the vr os, and this is one of the best watches. I recommend, if you want to use something this for a fitness or a google fit, and the performance is not that great guys. Let me be honest with you: it is not uh, even you know faster than a 5000 rupees watch, but the main reason to get this particular watch is for the fitness purpose, the seamless integration with google now and google feed. So i highly recommend getting this watch. If you are into that kind of scenarios wherein you want to, you know, you know, use google, for i mean google now for it and asking what is the weather like and all and stuff like that, it’s, not that great in real use, but yeah it’s a Fun thing and yes, the uh compared to gen 4.

The gen 5 is a much more better watch, but i think i particularly got this particular watch only because of the style guys and yes, it comes with that typical fossil. If you own any fossil watch, you’ll be familiar with this, so i like the bezels guys, and one of the thing is this – is having much more chunky of bezels and even a gen 5. So this is the charger which you get and it’s, not that great uh, it it’s a magnetic charger. And what else can i say so these have this two particular pins and these so you need to plug it in usb type, a and it’s. Not that fast guys and i feel um most of the people had issues with the jn4. So that is one of the reason uh i am a bit biased. I don’t know how this watch will do it so let’s see in the future how this watch will do after one year also i’ll be posting a video uh regarding the regular use. So basically, this is just like an unboxing of this particular watch and let’s see let’s open it okay. So this is like a typical fossil unboxing, so not so great about it. So you get this particular tag and tells you that this watch is original and all blah blah blah. So i like the color of this particular watch uh. The thing with this particular watch is let’s. Let’S boot it up first, so it have this particular nice, shiny, silver dial and this nice leather strap.

The strap of leather is really cool and Music let’s see here. We just have the heart rate sensor, let’s peel, that off. So if you like, this particular video hit that like button and subscribe to my channel, because there is always something new to learn on this particular channel i’ll be posting my full review later on the same channel. And let me know what you think about this particular watch.