This is a positive, gen 4 and actually bought it almost three months ago, and i did not buy it with the intention of making any review or anything i just bought it for my personal use and i’ve been using it since last three months every day, and I actually found quite a problems with this watch, so i just decided to make one video so yeah let’s start with the problems. Uh first thing: uh. Okay, let me start with the the plus point. So the plus point is that this watch in the photo or the videos that i watched online before buying it. This watch did not look a very, very appealing, look wise, but in reality it looks very cool. So if you see these colors here i will. I will not be able to describe it because, obviously, even when i watch the videos online um, i did not find it very attractive, but i just bought it for its features, but in reality it looks very good, the belt, the dial and the colors everything it Looks very very premium, so that was the good thing. I was very happy about it, but then there are some other issues that i was not expecting, but then, after using it uh for like three months now, i’m facing a lot of issues, uh, okay, so first thing is that the belt it looks very good it’s Made of leather on top of this rubber on the base, but uh now after three months of use, if you see it has started to come out so it it looks like it has been stitched here, but it’s, not stitched it’s, just for the uh design, uh It’S actually just stuck here, uh, maybe the glue and the glue has started to come out so now, i’ll have to put some more glue here to stick it back again.

Second thing is that uh the screen – i i i use it very carefully and, like you know, i protect it a lot, but still the screen got a lot, not a lot, but it got some scratches and if the screen is is turned off, then the scratches Get visible so that is the second problem. Third is the this crown here it if i push it. If i uh push it here, it’s it sometimes just gets stuck, it does not come out, so i need to pick it here and i need to you know, pull it out uh with my fingers. So this crown is giving me some issues like it just gets stuck sometimes so that was the third uh look wise or physically. I did not face any other challenge yeah, but there are some challenges with the software. So when i was buying this watch, i had an option that uh either i buy this one, the fossil – and this is gen 4 and gen. 5 has already come out a long ago, but uh. I bought this because my budget was not more than you know. 10. 12. 000. I got this one for 11 000 and i think this was the only uh uh, only a rare os watch that was available in that budget, so i did not have much option so i just went with it and for some reason i just you know i Just wanted to buy, wear os watch only, and that was because you know it’s built by google and it is kind of similar to the android.

So i was like you know. I never watched uh never used any smart watch before so as just under impression that, like how android is very good for smartphones, whereas is also going to be very good, for you know the watches and otherwise from other companies. They are not going to be like as good as their os, even though i read the reviews online about various which was not very positive, but still i decided to go for ios and now i think that i should not have done that so yeah. There is nothing so amazing about various uh. The apps are, some of them are useful, but then you you find similar feature in other smart watches also, so there is nothing so unique about it, but yeah there are certain problems. Uh one thing that i thought that it would not be a big problem for me was the battery life so for this watch or for most of the various watches the battery life does not last more than one day, which i knew and the other watch. If you buy from some other brand their battery life, it lasts like roughly around a week, but i was under impression that it would not be a big deal. I charge my phone every day, so i would charge my smart watch also that’s not a big deal, but now it kind of feels, like you know, uh very tedious task to do charging two devices, and sometimes, if i forget to charge it, then the battery.

You know it runs off, runs out of battery next day in the middle of the day, so either i take it off or i just wear the depth watch or whatever so yeah. That is a problem if you have never used a smart watch before and if you think that uh buying a watch uh uh, whose battery lasts for a day only and you you are thinking that it’s not gon na, be a problem for you. Maybe you should reconsider that because it kind of feels very annoying to charge your smart watch every day. So that was the second thing. Third, was that um it’s very slow and it lacks a lot. I don’t know if it’s the problem with all the various smart watches, or only this one because it’s an older version, not the os but the watch. It was released quite a long time ago. So i don’t know if, but it lacks a lot and uh yeah. I i will not demonstrate it here because uh for now it’s running fine, but if i, if i open some app or something sometime, it just gets stuck. So that is something that you know only after you know only through your day to day usage. I cannot demonstrate it here, but yeah it’s kind of very slow and another problem was that it’s google assistant, that does not work like i have to press this button here, press and hold it. So then it will detect my voice, but if i don’t do that, if i just give a voice command like this, it will not detect that.

So i searched online regarding that issue and yeah. That is a known issue and i tried to you know, find some solution for that, but nothing worked for me so yeah. That is another problem with this watch but uh as a conclusion. I would say, like i’m, not completely disappointed with this, because my my uh reason for buying watch was not to use its features. So even now, if i’m not using the features, then i’m not very much disappointed. My main uh reason was that i needed a watch that looks premium on hand, and you know it has the that amoled display and all this on feature, so it looks kind of cool. So that is what i had wanted. So i’m kind of satisfied with the watch apart from this thing that it has started to worn out and that i have to charge it every day, apart from that i’m happy with this so yeah, if you want to go for a watch, a smart watch under Uh, 10. 000 because they have given this hook kind of thing here, so you can just press it and pull it and it comes out very easily it’s, not something that you need to do every day. But this is something that i like very much and then it easily fits back again. I just put it and it’s done for other watch. You would you know you’ll have to struggle for a long time to just fit in that belt into the dial.

So that is another good thing: um yeah, i think that’s pretty much it pretty much it thanks.