Today we are going to explore and do the review for the fall. Gen 5 smartwatch collection, uh. We have the fossil gen5 family in ahead of us, and i have the the gen 5 smartwatch brown leather variant and i’m going to unbox this watch. This is the magnetic charger of the smart watch, which is which can be pinned the back of the watch and charged with the an adapter. So this is the the brown leather variant of the fossil gen 5 collection. So it has a lot of features. We would go one by one and just explain some of the features which we have for this watch this before that we will just have a look at the outer casing and outer appearance of the watch. This particular watch has a black case. The leather finish at the front with the silicon strap at the back, so that gives a nice durability for the watch. The way the smartwatch operates is you have to download the the wear os app on your phone and then sync it with the watch through the bluetooth connection, and then there you go, you could carry your watch with your mobile and you could have your notifications. You would have your all your tracking and that’s about it. Just you need to just have the app downloaded on your phone and sync it with the watch, and then we are good to go. We can set different dials for the watch has many dials with as per our mode.

We can. We could change the dials of the watch. This is the standard digital display uh now we’ll just wear this watch. This is how the watch is, as kind of for both the traditional watch look with the strap function and the dial has obviously all the touch, functions and and smartwatch features so it’s. It is a nice combination, so fossil has really advanced their. The look of the watch to make it look more functional as well as have a nice aesthetic look for the watch, so you could wear the watch for a daily use, as well as on a dressed up mode as well. It would go up with your attire. Very well with the casual look. So when we come into the features of the watch, as i explained, it has got many features in it and very latest feature which this watch has is measuring the heart rate. So i’ll just go through how the heart rate is calculated. It has breathing exercises very really nice Music watch. This is my latest heart rate figure. This is the calendar you can set. Your events count your steps with the watch. This is the weather, how it looks like it records the temperature and time based weather and your notification or social media notifications could be seen from here. Here is your alarm you can set. You can browse your contacts and make calls from your watch, and then you have the feature of finding your phone and then obviously your fitness, which is a very latest feature of recording your heart points and your move, and it also gives you a breathing exercises, could Count your steps and the calories burned your heart rate workouts, and you could also set your workout planner and about the technicality of the watch.

This is, this is compatible with with the android 6 plus versions and apple ios versions, 12 plus ios versions – and this typically has a 1 1 gb ram space and 8 gb of storage and connection is through the bluetooth. Your mobile phone can be connected to bluetooth and wi. Fi depends on your usage. There are many modes in this watch which you could set there. Is this feature where you could you could set your battery mode? There is a daily feature, extended feature and custom. According to your requirements and with the time only feature you could operate the watch, the battery life of the watch could go up to range of 36 hours to one week, depending on the on the usage of the watch extended mode battery mode. You could have a battery vanes going up to around 24 hours multi day and extended mode if the range of the battery life could be 24 hours. And if, if you use the watch extensively, it would last around 8 to 12 hours. It needs a regular battery charging. We have the metal series as well i’m sure this hot also would look very nice it’s, the metal family of the watch. This comes in a black full black metal finish, and this one is with the smoked finished. The smoke finished strap and then we have the stainless steel. I personally like this watch a lot. It has the blue and the red bezel contrast and combination.

Well, this is the black silicon strap one full black version. This was the watch. We have in hand the physical version of this box piece, so the price point of this watch is 22 995. This is the mrp all the watches are the same. At the same price point we looked at some of the features of the watch: it’s a really good, buy at this price point in comparison on par with all the smart watch. This is really must buy. I would say for all the features it has and these watches are available at simpson. Watch showrooms so visit our sims and watch showrooms do have a look at the collection and you could check them out on our website and we hope to see you soon. This is shaquille from simpson, and thanks for watching and we’ll see you again in the next video.