Now i have this watch over about two weeks now and um. This is just a little in depth review of this watch. This is an android wear, 3.1 um smartwatch, all right um, so let’s get started. So this is a it’s, a nice built um. It has a um heart rate sensor on the back um, as you can see it’s still, this is the black color. The strap is rubber um. It fits pretty much perfectly on your hand, it’s, not that big, as so much as you know it takes like a whole space of your hand. This is pretty much a nice size all right, so let’s get started so first off. Let me uh unlock this. Okay. Uh, first off the menu okay, you swipe down, you get these, the the volume menu, the battery and vibration and so forth all right. So, as you go into settings, this is you. This is also we have like three little buttons. This is like a a a rotating button to control the menu or you can just use your hand and swipe up now. You have uh the preset buttons that you could set it to whatever you want it to be set for, as you can see. I have this one set to one second, i have this one set to my call list. Okay and this one is set to my workout schedules. Okay, so let’s go back into the settings; okay, so this is the setting.

You have display, sounds app notification, gesture connectivity, accessibility in general and so forth. Okay, so right here you have like different type of menus that you can uh set this watch to and gestures. As you can see, you can tilt the watch to wake it up. Um touch to wake wrist gestures like you do like different type of um movements, which are to launch different type of apps or uh. You could navigate the menu with uh risk gestures. Okay, also let’s go back, you have connectivity, which is like bluetooth, wi, fi and so forth. Accessibility uh, like magnifying glass, uh magnification, like you, make the words bigger and stuff like that text to speak, uh, talk back and so forth, and you have the display where you could turn the brightness up and down uh i mean bright or you can turn it Adjust it uh use a automatic to adjust according to the light settings and stuff like that, and you have sunlight boost uh when you go into the sunlight, it um bright up the screen a lot, so you can see better in the sun. Uh always display on like uh, for instance, right now, it’s always it’s constantly on like if it was uh, went into a rest mode. It’S gon na stay on um and show the time. Okay, as you can see here like that, for instance, and when you press the button it wakes it up. Okay, now let’s go back into the setting again to show you a little bit more uh.

You have accessibility, general storage, uh. Tell you how much um uh uh, what you got left, how many memories you got left? Okay, so that’s pretty much the um the settings area. You also have the battery portion that uh, when you like to like, for instance, if you want the rack the watch to last longer, you have different battery setup on this. I don’t know if some other smart watch give you this option. But yes, you have different setup, you have daily, extend and custom or time only which extend the battery life for a longer period of time. Now, when i use this daily, i pretty much get like not exactly the whole day like if i’m, not using it. So often, then, yes, it will last you a whole day into the next day um. But if you use it intensively like let’s, say if you’re watching like a video or listen to a music it’s gon na die uh pretty quickly um, you know, you’re gon na see the battery drain pretty quickly. Okay, i’m gon na also show you a little of the apps that i have on this uh watch. So you can see how it operates. All right, let’s go. Take a look at that. Let’S go to the settings. I mean not the setting the app drawer, all right, so here’s, the app drawer. You have alarms videos, um play, store, agendas, alarm. I mean calendar and um your camera um to like remote uh control, the camera on your phone.

You also have find my phone. You can use this to let’s say you misplace your phone somewhere and you need to find it. Instead, you use, go get a computer to go into the settings to find it. You can just use your watch and press that to find it. Okay, okay, you also have, if you swipe to the to the left, you get this uh, the the assistant uh. When you press this instant, you could tell it what to do. Okay, then, if you swipe to the right, you get these uh five uh, preset menus. Where you can preset it and it’s a little slippery um wet, i should say uh preset menu that you could uh program the watch to set it to whatever you want it to set it to. Okay, all right, so let’s go back to the app draw. Oh geez app draw all right, so here we have the app drawer let’s, look at some how the videos work. So this app is a third party app. This is not the actual uh youtube app, which i don’t know why they didn’t put one out yet which it puzzles me well. This is a third party app and it works pretty well now, let’s let’s just play a little uh video just to show you how well that work. Um, let’s click on this one, okay, i’m. Also gon na show you uh the the volume the music like how you know a music will play and stuff like that um it takes a little while to load up sometime it doesn’t.

I don’t know why it taken this long but yeah. As you can see. This is the uh video of the ocean, plane um, you can turn up the volume, wait, shoot: okay, okay and that’s – that and that’s just a video from youtube Music Applause, and you can just scale through different menus of the youtube and that’s just a video of Youtube now let’s go and see how music uh plays on this watch. Now i do have pandora uh set up on this watch. I just got ta find it it’s, pretty easy to use it with this um. Okay, there it is pandora, so this is pandora and this is how it works. This is a little music that i’m just gon na just show you how it plays, and you know the volume all right – that’s, just the uh uh, the music, how it sounds on this watch now: i’m, not playing out the whole song due to copyright purposes. That’S. Just a little um taste of what you know, it sounds like all right. You have the uh instant messenger for facebook. You have messenger. You also have this third party app, which also you can have whatsapp that has whatsapp built in, because whatsapp doesn’t have a standalone um app for for android wear. So this is like a third party, even though you do get um Music whatsapp message notification on the app and you can answer from the app itself, but it doesn’t have a standalone, whatsapp application.

Okay – and you have also like, like i said, you also have a gps now again, the gps on this watch for instant maps right it’s, not like it’s, not it’s, i would say, it’s not stand alone. It is standalone because it’s on the watch itself, but it doesn’t work without the phone, so you need your phone to use this gps because you need your phone to set the location um to let it sync with the watch now. As you can see, this is the um, the gps setup. This is how it is um like i said, you need the phone to set um program to set the uh location where you want to go to, and it will sync with the watch. Okay, let’s see what else we have here. We have uh the video. I showed you guys that you have cardio, which is your heart rate. Um specification, like you know, when you’re doing your workout um, it tells you your feedback of what’s, going on with your body and stuff like that, and you got a voice recorder. Um like i said it has a lot of um workout features that you can use. Also have a flashlight which turns the screen pretty bright, so you can use it in the dark and stuff like that. Um, you have android pay, which you could use to watch to pay for to purchase items uh using nfc and um like i said it it’s like an extension of your phone, so you don’t have to have your phone in your hand every minute so like.

If you, you know, you get your notification, you can watch videos, you can um look at um videos on your phone that you have taken um like i said this also is an another third party app that i installed because of the lack of the the photo App that um, you will have on the phone, which i really don’t understand why they haven’t made an app for that to promote their um. Android wear you know, but, like i said you can get a third party app and it works pretty. Well, as the you know, a standalone um app made by someone else – okay – and these are just watch out – videos that’s on my phone and stuff like that um, like i said this. This right here is a video i just took earlier today. Um, you can see it play right here: okay and that’s, how it is okay, so yeah that’s pretty much it um. This is it’s a great watch. I love it.