If this is free i’m getting this and i purchased it over a month ago, i guess yeah. I guess it was around a month ago. I bought this and it now just came in and i just straight wanted to make the video about it. So i opened this accidentally and i said, oh my god. I have to open this on the video i remembered, but i haven’t looked at it. I didn’t checked it out check it out. It looks like it doesn’t even have like a box proper box, and i deleted some information on the package about myself. My address blah blah and i mean i cannot expect like something free like smart watch or something i cannot expect a smart watch like there’s no way this is a smart watch, it’s. Probably a dumb watch, looking like a smart watch so uh before we do anything further. I i actually have a like smart watch thing. This is the samsung’s um. Let me just yeah. This is samsung’s gear fit 2 pro. I use this daily for like a year or two it’s, pretty comfy and everything um. If it’s ever a smart watch, i’ll complete uh compared to this guy, so um, i guess just let’s – get into it without getting any further do it’s coming from malaysia, as you can see, quantity one, it says value one dollar, but it will. I paid nothing for this like straight up: nothing and um let’s get in.

I guess: yeah: okay, here’s the band – oh my god, i’m! So scared about this um. Okay, wow um – probably nothing in, but i just wan na check it yeah. Nothing is inside of this. All right um: this is the watch itself it’s in this plastic, oh it’s, a rubbery um thing at the outside. Okay, all right, this plastic is gone um. This straight up looks scratched by the way this i just got this. This is brand new guys. I just got this and oh my god. It looks like it’s gon na come off from here. What okay? I mean it was free. So, okay, this is not a smart watch yeah. It has kind of thing like the me bands has, like a heart rate, monitor kind of um place here, but it’s just complete plastic and nothing yet so i actually want to see this is actually a good representation of like mi band size. I guess so let’s. Just put this on my arm: one eternity later, okay, after some time, i managed to put this on. This is what a normal a smartwatch kinda. I mean this is like a smart band, but you know you can get your notifications again to slap sleep, tracking, etc, and this guy didn’t even touch the button there’s a button. This is this just looks scratched as you can see: um wasn’t so hard to put on and it doesn’t feel so so cheap.

I mean yeah, but like what about this button? Oh my god, 417. The time is 143 right now and um. It says 417. I don’t know: oh, there are some mods. What is this? 2. 10. 48. 49. 50. What does this do? Can i long press the change it yeah. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.. Okay. Um. I did not understand this, but like there are some this button. I can just probably take this button off yep. Okay, i’m. Not doing this right now, all right, um, yeah it’s, just a basic watch that’s just like scam, i mean i don’t, think it’s a scam but like this is first of all scratched and looks awful in my opinion. In real life i mean it has some effects on it right. Okay, i mean you can probably you know, make your friends jealous. Oh you look. I got a me band 5 or something no it’s, not actually a me band 5., if you, if they say if your friends say: oh turn it on and like boom. Oh yeah that’s, not a me bad fight, but i mean looks wise yeah. It looks like a me band 5. This is obviously not as smart watch as i expected let’s just get this out of my arm and yeah that’s actually pretty much it. I just want to see what’s inside of this right now and it just like feels so. Cheap, what does it say on the here? Nothing it’s, just like dented plastic, the buttons kind of um not flush with the surface, but i think i just tried to grab it like that.

So button just came up. Yeah, okay, let’s just keep this button down. Oh nothing on this side, just like bented plastic. I hope this does not have um. Okay, oh oh there we go. Oh that’s. I remember oh that’s, how that’s how you change the b bends thing right, that’s, how we change it! Wow yeah! It is so! Okay. This is the watch itself um it i guess, looks great, but this is not a great build quality by the way it’s just yeah, i opened the top part right now. What does this do now? What the is this this is such a cheap construction right here. This is nothing else, but a cheap construction. This is not even a screen. This is some basic leds. Turning on i mean that’s. I guess what you expect from a free product, but um can i get in more, just my bare hand. No, i think i kind of need some kind of piece of thing to get in, but like this was super easy to break apart by the way, all right. I am back with a knife now and let’s just pop this guy off of his fat, cheap plastic band. Oh i broke it. I literally just broke it, trying to get it off of its band. That was it that was it like screen was like, of course, but, like i wasn’t, expecting it to be that easy. Does it still turn on? It does still turn on there’s a little thing: that’s just it’s, just a complete mess by the way guys like.

Why would anyone don’t buy stuff from wish i cast because they advertise this as a smart watch? I don’t. Remember, though it could be like just a normal watch, and i thought you know it looks like an event so i’m going to buy this so let’s let’s. Just talk about the band itself, because you know you’re going to be viewing this all day and etc and yeah it just broke apart: yeah it’s, just a band that just instantly cutable like dead okay. This is just the band itself and let’s get to this guy. Okay, okay, Music and um there we go that’s a free product from wish. This is what the main board looks like that just fly off. I think there should be a button i’m, not sure, though i don’t think it, but where the hell is the battery, how does this guy work without a battery that’s? My question where’s battery there’s got to be battery right. This is the outer plastic bit. You know this is actually probably plastic: it’s, not glass, of course it’s. Not! Oh, oh! I was about to poke my if this is a glass, this shouldn’t be scratching it, but i’ll guess what it’s, of course, plastic piece and um yeah that’s pretty much it. That was my review. This is the board itself. I just broke apart that um yeah. That was it guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you like this video and want more content like this, please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment on this video and thank you so much for watching.

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