I have no idea why i’ve got two products here, but i did put up a post on my social media stating which one of these i should actually review next and a lot of people said they wanted this smart watch with built in airport. So that is what i’m actually doing today. This will be on my channel as well, so make sure you check that out, but we have to put this aside. We are checking out this smartwatch with built in airpods, as you can see right there. So, although with people make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, let’s get straight into it, people. So at the start, oh well, on the front of it, you got watch and tws. This is what it looks like they are. The airpods that are built in i’m gon na show you uh how they’re built into the watch later in the video let’s. Take a look around the box, so you’ve got a few pictures of the features so um. This actually counts your calories. You can connect it to the app play music with it by bluetooth. Uh read your messages: um i’m, pretty sure that measures your heart rate and whatnot and you can actually do a remote camera from your phone uh to this smartwatch. Taking a look else around you’ve got built in wireless airpods, you’ve got your sport mode. Your bluetooth calls heart rate, monitor a heart rate, monitor and that’s your blood pressure, something like that or blood something to do with your uh temperature and no idea what that is.

That’S about it, nothing at the bottom, so let’s see what we get inside the box quite hard to open and there we have it. Does that look the same? Yes, it does, but just before we take a look at that. Just look. How chunky that is, the band is okay, but the watch is just chunky. The reason being this needs to hold some airpods in, but just before we take a look at that let’s see what else we get inside the box. So first of all, you’ve got a usb to usb type c wire, and then we have a booklet of a manual check that i’ll use this just some cheap paper which tells you how to use the watch. Now it comes in chinese and hopefully in english as well so that’s chinese, and that is english, so download the app that’s the qr code let’s see some of the features. Let me just show you so you’ve got your weather up. You’Ve got your messages. You’Ve got your shooter. You’Ve got your that’s that which means you can remotely take pictures. You’Ve got your mp3 player. You have your settings. You’Ve got your stopwatch. You’Ve got your silent alarms remind to move so that actually does the same on my series: 6 spot. If you’re, not if you’re just sitting down for a long time, it says, get your ass up and start burning some calories, in other words, so the smartwatch features, you’ve got sports mode.

You’Ve got sleep mode, heart rate, test, training, blood pressure, test and sp, which is actually, i think, it’s oxygen test anyway. So we’re going to see how good these actually work uh when we put it up to our original series, six watch uh, because that gives you an accurate reading, let’s see if this does as well. So here it is this: is it doesn’t actually give you the model number as well, but if it is i’ll put it up on the screen anyway, so check how chunky this smartwatch is. Look at that i’m, not even actually switched it on as well uh. I do like the band on it’s a really nice white band, but i’m, not too keen on the watch itself, because it’s really chunky and where is the airpods mine you asked, but just before that this is the usb type c charging port. So if you open that up, we’ve got the charging port right there and uh yeah where’s the airpods. Well here they are check that out and these do look like airpods, oh, if they if they come on. So that is the charging mechanism which is inside pretty decent. To be honest, i thought these airpods would be chunky, but they’re not really chunky. They look exactly the same as the original generation, one even with the same charging mechanism as well. Wow let’s see what the audio base quality is going to be like with these airpods, so let’s power this on right.

So let me just switch this on if apparently it’s not touch screen it’s. Only this button right here well it’s a an on screen button and that’s about it, so that’s how you switch on. You got no uh startup tone or whatnot no sort of logo. So, as you can see here, you’ve got your pedometer and your heart rate and your steps that you’re taking with the time and date. So if you want to go into your settings here, it is so that’s the sports mode, um that’s, your sleep, monitor, that’s your heart rate, that’s, your uh training, walking whatever that’s your blood pressure, monitor, that’s your oxygen uh, your message and that’s, your shooter, mp3 player And your airpods to connect to your phone – and this is settings let’s press settings, so you got ta hold into it to go into it. If you know what that means, you can switch your style with a few switches. Uh stopwatch mute off reset power off and brightness, so let’s go into brightness and let’s put the all the brightness all the way up, so you can see it properly and that’s about it. Oh, we hold on long push to apply so there we have it. Hopefully, you can see it properly. Now is a little bit dim. So what what we’ll do is let’s go into let’s, try and change the smile style. All you got to do is get on it and let’s go back i’m holding it back.

So there we have it nothing’s, actually changed so let’s just go straight into um heart rate, this heart rate. If it comes on, it goes really quick, so let’s try blood pressure monitor, so all you got to do is hold the button in until it press it says loading and i don’t know if you can actually see it and you will get a reading on the Right hand: side there we go so we’ve got 65 over 105. don’t worry we’re, going to take off my wrist to see if it actually gives a proper reading, so let’s go to spo2, which is probably oxygen and let’s, see what reading that gives us straight away. It scared us 96 reading let’s go into the last one which, where is it, which we have right here so let’s see what this reduces. This is your heart rate beats per minute, so let’s see what reading this gives us right. It’S, showing 88 beats per minute and that’s about it. So there was a uh when, when i actually went back into thinking, so that is the wallpaper that you can actually change you’re just going to set in. They can change it from there and yeah that’s about it. So what i’m going to do now is i’ve took it off my wrist. A lot of people said: connect it to a um. Just put it next to a box to see so it was showing 88 beats per minute.

On my uh on my wrist, so let’s see what that reading is once we put it against the box. I don’t know if you can actually see that it’s really really dim well it’s reading anyway, so this box has a reading of 64 beats per minute, as you can see right there so wow. This never knew this box had a heart rate, so let’s go into not training blood pressure, let’s see what that so. 65 over 105 on my wrist, so let’s see what this box actually shows when we test the blood pressure of this box 74 over 104 wow. I know well enough of this box let’s, let this box actually cool down, and that just goes to show that the reading is not accurate. With this uh smartwatch with built in airpods. The only one thing to do now is to check out the airport itself um, but just before that, let’s see what app we need to download when it comes to this smartwatch, with built in airport so i’m going to get the qr code from here and download That app it’s, downloaded let’s add a device so it’s searching. I don’t know if you have to do anything from around here and we’ll have a check while that’s searching so g36. I hope that is it so the smartwatch is connected and it actually uh counts. The steps sleep heart rate, what you’ve actually done before you can actually do it again from the up i’m sure you can.

You can measure it from there, but there’s no point because we’ve seen it on the watch and it doesn’t give you accurate reading so coming into this one. This is actually the model number the g36 watch faces, there’s only three ones you’ve seen this one, which is on right right now, which you can’t see properly you’ve got the dial 2, which changes straight away and the dial 3, which is a clock, as you can See right here, you can discover more dials by downloading but i’m. Pretty sure that does oh, it actually works so let’s. Try that one is that one going to work so you have to download it, and it just puts it straight onto your watch, it’s vibrated and, as you can see here, it’s downloading something so uh let’s just wait for that now i don’t know if you can Actually see it that was actually downloaded and now it’s on my smartwatch, i don’t know what’s up with this brightness it’s too crap on camera. It actually doesn’t actually show you properly, but brightness is 100, so let’s go back into the main screen and then we have it. I don’t know if you can see it, but basically it’s the same as this one right here at the bottom, so that’s where you can actually change you can change and download watch faces. You can get notifications choose which notifications you want, uh your notification from your alarm, shooter others and find the device remind to move as well.

You can click that on and off quick view weather as well temperature format. So you can change everything on the app which is really good, and then this is your personal details about is just about the app, so that is it people that is the app you can it’s, actually more better using it uh using all the information on the App than it is with this uh smartwatch right here, so what i’m gon na do now is we need to go into the uh, airpods and let’s, see what we have let’s earphones right open. These up put you actually got the same noise as the original when you put them into your ears wow. How good is that, so they both into my ears let’s check the bluetooth out, so we’ve got a noise right there and i’ve got nothing so airpods. Let’S click airpods connected you get the same noise as the original. Now let me go into youtube and let’s play one of i’m. Just gon na play some music. To be honest, i’ve got some music playing. I don’t want to show you just in case it’s, copper right, so let me put the volume all the way up. Let’S go okay, so it’s not really loud, which means vigorously loud. The audio base is good, quite clear as well it’s going for babies. The base is good, so, though the percentage i’m gon na give it is around 70 percent let’s see if it pulls this, when you take it out, no, it doesn’t pause, so it doesn’t pause.

When you take the airpod out i’m, just gon na tap it once so, it’s actually made the noise. When you double tap it and then, when you double tap again, it unpauses it vibrates as well. It doesn’t do anything on the smartwatch and when i actually triple tap it skips a track on the right airpod and when that’s triple tap on the left, airpod it actually previous to the track. So that’s really good it’s got some okay features, not gon na lie. Holding in will activate siri or voice control, whichever you only have activated so overall it’s an okay, smart watch, because the uh health apps don’t actually work as good. The only thing good about it is these airports, the okay, 70 audio and base that’s. What i’m actually going to give it uh? Sorry, you can’t actually see it properly on the screen, because i’ve actually got studio lights and it’s hard to tell what’s on the screen and what’s not, but you can actually um look at it. You know when you’re looking at yourself so yeah i got this from aliexpress. You can get in two different colors, as you can see right here. So if you want to check it out, check it out, but overall, in my opinion, it’s all right, it’s, not really good, it’s a bit chunky. It doesn’t give you accurate readings. If you want one that gets accurate readings just buy an original like i did but yeah if you’re.

This is just a review. If you actually wanted one, i hope you enjoy. If you want to see any other videos.