Let’S get right into it all right, so design, it’s, a modern, looking watch, it’s classy it’s fancy. Looking it’s, not your typical sports watch, it’s, a modern looking watch and it’s pretty comfortable. Also with the stock leather band that you get it’s very comfortable. I have the 45 millimeter version, so it’s a little bit bigger than the 41 millimeter version, i believe, is the other size. Um it’s got. You know those stainless steel sides. You got a bezel on the top. I added a rinky bezel. It looks okay, i kind of don’t like the big fat numbers on it. It makes it again look like a sporty watch when this should really. It really is more of a modern looking watch, so the big numbers kind of look meh on me, but that’s a different story. Um it’s got the circular buttons on the side, just like any traditional watch that you can adjust the time on it and that’s about it. As far as like the looks it’s a little bulky for a traditional watch but that’s because it’s a smart watch, so it’s got like those built in features like a heart rate sensor and whatnot uh, the watch phase i’m rocking is the md 67. I believe i’ll link it down in the description. If i can it’s very simple dashboard type of watch face. You know it gets me my steps, my calories burned my time the date. What i also like the reason i’m, like not switching from any other watch face, is because it tells me how many miles i’ve traveled and, as far as i can see, other watch faces haven’t shown me that it just showed me the amount of steps which is Also very important – i just want to know i like knowing how many miles i’ve traveled i’m sure you can make your own on a watch face designer or customizer.

I haven’t taken the time to do that. So i found this one and i’m staying with it because i like it so yeah the design is very nice it’s, modern it’s, not overly. You know sporty like and it’s. Also not super fancy like, but it’s modern it’s, a tradition looks like a traditional watch. Just smart, so software wise we’re running tizen 5.5.01 and one ui watch 2.0. You know whatever. That means basically a software. I think it run it’s pretty good it’s, pretty easy to navigate. In my opinion, it’s not overly complicated it’s, also very intuitive. For the most part, you know things are where they’re supposed to be and it’s easy to customize things. When you want to customize things, you can add widgets, you can also add wedges to the wearable app, which is honestly honestly. All these settings are so much easier to change and navigate on the phone on using the wearable app than it is on the actual watch uh. Just because it’s, a little tiny watch and i mean again the watch itself. The ui is customized and you know set up and enabled for you to easily be able to switch things around on the watch itself. But honestly, in my opinion, it’s so much easier to just go on the phone and look at the wearable app and customize the settings there and then boom. It changes it on the watch and you don’t have to worry about it, then.

But if you want to customize stuff in the watch again, things are where they’re supposed to be so the settings navigating them is easy. It’S, not that hard to you know, move widgets around or add apps or browse the store. Obviously, present store is kind of not that fun on the watch so, like i said, everything’s so much easier, just using the wearable app and customizing it there, and then you set up your watch the way you want it and boom you have it ready to go So software wise it’s, really good it’s, really easy. In my opinion, no no issues there. There is, like you know the issue where you don’t have much app support, but personally from my use, i use mostly all of the samsung native apps, so there’s no need to have additional app support for my and for me at least for others, just note that There’S, no other third party apps much available in that on the app store, as far as like galaxy store to add to the watch itself, mostly native apps. For me, that is more than okay for others. Think about it. So one of the main reasons why i personally wear a smartwatch is for health and fitness, and this thing packs a lot when it comes to health and fitness. One of the most important things is obviously counting your steps. This is a great step counter if you need it, but this is an overpriced step counter if you just wanted to count steps get something else.

This is overpriced for that, but this packs a lot us a lot else. So one of the big things is the heart rate sensor that’s one of the most traditional things to have on any fitness app or i mean fitness up, any fitness watch or smartwatch. In my opinion and the watch, the watch’s heart rate sensor is, i think, pretty accurate. I don’t have anything else to compare it by besides my phone and both of them give me about the same heart rate, um, heart rate, um measurement, sometimes they’re off by one or two, but most of the part, most of the time, it’s the exact same measurement. So my guess is the heart rate. Sensor is super accurate. Another feature that there is on here is the blood oxygen level uh measurement, i don’t know if it’s, accurate, i’ve again don’t have much else to test with it. Besides my phone, my phone can apparently do it as well tried it there’s, a big margin of error, sometimes just like a two percent difference, four percent difference, and so i don’t know which one is more accurate than than each other. So i don’t know it’s there. If you want to test it and i’m sure it’s, probably not the most accurate, so take that with how you will for granted. I guess you could say because who knows if it’s, accurate or not there’s, also a new ecg measurement or sensor whatever that is.

I was not able to test it because, apparently you have to be 22 years old or older. Just don’t know why. I guess you don’t have to worry about whatever that measures, so i wasn’t able to test it out. Unfortunately, so if there’s anyone out there who has tested it out – and it actually is a very useful feature – let me know down in the comments because i’d like to know what it does and why you want to use it and what it measures. The watch is able to auto detect a bunch of different stuff. As far as fitness goes. One of those is like workouts, so i like to run on the treadmill or run outside on a trail or just play us outside and play. You know do play soccer outside, so the watch is able to auto track when you start working out so like after 10 minutes, so it’ll automatically detect that you’re doing a lot of movement or i guess your heart rate goes up, so it detects that you’re doing Some kind of you know hard physical workout, and so it auto detects – and it starts to you – know, keep track of how long you’ve been doing that workout and that’s. My favorite part, because once that auto detect goes off – and it says 10 minutes – you’ve been doing 10 minutes for this for 10 minutes. I want to keep going. You know i don’t want that little measurement to stop.

I wanted to keep going so that’s a little motivation that really gets me going to keep me motivated and keep me fit, but keep you know it just makes me want to keep going so that auto detection is really nice. You can also, like automatically start a workout like a running or biking or whatever, but i personally don’t care to do that. I’M. More of a i’ll do my own thing and if it auto attacks it awesome because it does that, and it tells you at the end. I think the calories you burned your heart rate and then, if it’s running it’ll, give you like a map of where you were, and also of like your average speed and whatnot and which is pretty neat seeing that is really cool. Seeing how fast or according to the watch, how fast i am, and also how long you like the distance, you’ve traveled and how long you were doing it so it’s very useful for the auto detection and you don’t need to you know, click anything to start it Automatically the texture workout, which is one of my favorite, features on the watches fire fitness. Another thing that auto detects is when you’re not physically moving. So if you’re sitting like i am right now, like i don’t know, i think i don’t know how long it takes for it to go off. But i want to say probably for 45 to an hour if you’ve been sitting for so long and you know you’re not moving physically it’ll, auto, detect that and tell you hey, you’ve, been sitting down for so long.

How about a stretch or how about a walk – and you can auto start a little stretch on here or you can just go on a walk on your own or do your own stretch as long as it detects that you’re moving and then it’ll. You know reset itself and then you can go back to sitting down another auto. Detecting thing is your sleep tracking you don’t have to set it to. You know that you’re going to bed or something like that. What you do have to do, though, if you want to use like the goodnight mode on this, you have to set that manually that’s a separate thing, that’s annoying. I wish it auto detected like based off when you fell asleep that you did that i swear. I used to be able to do that on my old gear s3, but now you, i don’t, think you can. If you can, let me know, because i really want to do that, but it auto detects when you fall asleep and when you wake up, so it tells you how long you were asleep and then your different sleep modes like there’s like the ram the deep sleep, The light sleep and then like awake, i don’t know it – does all those measurements. Personally, i don’t care for the small measurements. I care more about my overall sleep and then how my actual sleep according to the watch, and this lets me know how well i’ve been sleeping or if i’ve been sleeping enough, and it gives you a score too.

I mean i don’t really know what it bases. The score off of but like there’s that, but just the auto detection of the sleeping you know, helps me keep track of how long i’ve been sleeping, because i usually try to keep seven or eight hours of sleep. Sometimes i get less so yeah it’s, just a nice little feature to help keep track of my sleep and again you don’t have to auto you know or set it up it just auto detects it um, sometimes it’s off by a few minutes, or maybe even a Couple minutes like 20 minutes, like the one time i woke up at six, and i checked it later and said i woke up at 6 30. that’s because i was still in bed, maybe because i was still in bed and i wasn’t necessarily up in atom. But yeah it auto detects it at its best of its ability, so no i’m not going to complain it’s pretty good. Another detection feature that is new to me, as far as i think is new to the gear s3 or the galaxy watch 3 as well. It’S. A auto detection, when you fall, i didn’t try it out, like i didn’t force myself to fall to see if it would work, but i did have a few falls, unfortunately, and i think four different falls and three out of four of them were not out of. Like were not detected at fault, one of them were and that the one that did kind of surprised me so the other ones where i slipped outside and i fell due to my ball and then due to it being money like i, i felt hard, but i Got up right away so, like i think, because i get up, i got up right away.

It didn’t, you know, detect that. But there was one time where i was in the living room and i was you know with my little sister and she pushed me and i pretended to fall on the couch and i found the couch and just laid there and it started beeping. My wall started. Beeping saying that you did, you fall, did you do you need help and i was like what it works, so it apparently works so auto detection for falling kind of works. I mean, i think, it’s. If you sit, if you’re laying there for like a few minutes or a few seconds, actually not minutes, but after like a few seconds, if you’re not moving and you’re, just laying there it’ll go off. But if you get up right away like i did. In my other three falls, then it won’t, you know, detect that you fell hard but but yeah it’s still cool to know and good to know that this thing might have my back. I say it might because it might not work all the time, but it might have my back if i’m ever you know in a sticky situation and take a huge fall so yeah, so those are some of the features i personally used and i’m sure there’s a Lot more to uncover as far as health and fitness, but for me that’s what i used and for me it gets a solid, a plus or a pass whatever the heck again, i don’t know what i rate these for health and fitness, a great health watch for Sure, the day to day usage is pretty good, sometimes there’s a delays, sometimes there’s hiccups, sometimes there’s like that one second, you know interruption because it’s reloading or doing something, but otherwise it’s still pretty good.

My favorite thing to do with the galaxy watch is use it as a notification alerter. I can keep my phone and silent and all notifications just go right on here. Whenever i have a vibration, i check it. Oh something i need to take a look at whip out the phone or, if it’s, not you know, just read it and then get over with it answering calls it’s all right. I mean again lean alerted that you’re getting call instead of missing. The call is better than you know again missing the call so that’s my favorite thing about it is just i can decline calls or i can answer them here. If i want to too most of the time, i prefer to answer them on the phone itself. Instead of the watch, but you can still definitely take calls on here, quality as far as voice, you know, hearing the other person it’s pretty good um and i have i’ve asked a few people when i call them on here or when i answer on him. Do i sound good, can you hear me and they said yeah, so they must sound good. The mic might must sound good on the watch, so i haven’t tested it myself, but others claim that they can hear me so i’ll give it a pass. Otherwise, i think it’s really good as far as performance on here um it’s, not amazing, but it’s also not terrible. So take that as you will, i think, it’s a good jump from my gear s3.

But if considering it’s the same processor as a galaxy watch, it might not be a worthy upgrade for me good, decent jump enough to make it worth an upgrade. So if you have a gear s3, the performance is a little bit better on here, Music. So the battery on here, in my opinion, isn’t the greatest for me, it lasts a day to about a day and a half, maybe more, but if you want to take advantage of all those features and use like the sleep tracking, you know if you work out And keep track of workouts and whatnot the battery is going to drain, especially i use the always on display as well. You have to charge it at least once at least once during the day, and that one time during the day is usually going to be. When you shower – and it will probably be enough to keep you alive every day, so for me, i find myself having to take it off and put it on when i’m doing homework. So i you know, while i’m sitting it’ll be charging, or you know again, when i’m showering i’ll charge it, but i still find that the battery drains pretty fast when i’m working out the battery would rain like five percent or ten percent, when i’m sleeping it will Usually sometimes go five percent or ten percent taken out, so the battery will drain on here pretty heavily for using all the features but yeah the battery it’s, okay, i’m, not gon na, say, it’s, good or great, because it’s not it’s, okay, so here’s, my weekly plugin Of ibusi ibc is a vpn service, and what does that do for you to me? It allows you to unlock and unblock the best of the internet.

Not only will it keep you safe, you know, hide your location from where you are, but also allow you to do so much more on the internet. So basically you can change the location of where you’re at, and that means that you access that locations. You know internet in a way so, for example, netflix connected italy. You can access italy’s, netflix library, you can also access enough or italy’s different sites on the internet. So, for example, you go to samsung.com it’ll be the samsung.com for italy, so there’s so much. You can do with a vpn service and again i never thought i needed one until i finally have one and now that i have one i kind of can’t live without it, but you know it’s just so nice. You can connect up to 10 devices on there, which means you can connect your computer, your phone, your tablet, your xbox, i believe your ps4, you can connect. So many things check out ibc down below a link in the description. This is an affiliate link, so it’ll help me out here in the channel, but also provide you guys with awesome brand service. So thank you ibc for partnering up and bringing the service to you guys so check it out in the link Music below so here’s. My final verdict, so should you get the galaxy watch stream? I feel like. I said this every single time, with all my reviews so far it depends if you have an android device, get this guy right here.

I think this especially a samsung device. This guy right here will be a good companion with your phone, but if you don’t, if you have like an iphone, get an apple watch without a doubt, i’m sure it’s so much better, because i’ve used this on an iphone before it’s. Just not that good notifications, you can’t even interact with them. You can’t, interact with messages. You can’t answer calls you can’t do anything with them as far when you’re using iphone and this watch it’s usable but it’s, not that good. If you already have a samsung watch, should you get this right now if you’re looking for a modern design and you have like the active watch series, get it if you don’t, if you already have the galaxy watch, i think you should save your money and wait For the next year’s, you know future smart watch if you’re coming from the gear s3, which is what i came from. Definitely do it especially right now, since right now, they’re doing a 200 trading offer for the gear s3 and i believe it’s on sale right now. So if you can find the galaxy watch, three on sale on samsung site and get 200 off for trade in you’re gon na get the watch for less like two hundred dollars, and that is a killer deal. Otherwise, i think this is a good buy, better app discount, but okay at full price, anyways that’s been it hope.