The bands have held up the watch face protectors. I got sincerely saved my watch and i’ve only replaced it once update eight month check in i still love it. It tracks gym workouts, road, workouts, yoga and more. I can track my sleep and heart rate when i’m stressed and so much more still love it original review. I have had this watch for six months and i wear it daily. I absolutely love this watch. I research four months before purchasing one and i’m so glad i got this one. I previously had a garmin forerunner and while it did the job i didn’t love it. Before that i went through fitbit, watches, left and right. They definitely are not built to last. My only regret with the bevo active is that i didn’t buy a watch base in white. I purchased black a battery life. Isn’T awesome mine lasts a full four days, maybe five if i don’t work out as much, but since i work from home that’s no big deal. I do have to take the cord with me when i travel saw take off your watch before you go through security at the airport. It gives me trouble every single time phone notifications seem to drain the battery. I wish i could tell the watch only give me call text and amazon delivery notifications, but your watch options are to receive all notifications that come to your phone or no notifications. This thing is durable and i purchased different bands that i love these bands tuck into themselves, so there’s no bulk.

On my wrist. I also purchased a protective film for the glass, but i ordered that one door frame too late and got a nick in the glass of my garment. The film cover is great and i forget it’s. Even there, the touchscreen still works just fine with the cover on it. I keep the charging cord in my car. I recharge my watch while driving it charges pretty quickly. The green heart rate lights can be a little annoying at night, i’m. Sure there’s a way to turn them off, but i haven’t figured it out yet. I also downloaded a different watch face. I like that. I can see everything in one place. Time date hr steps, battery life and it even shows that i have one alarm set. I, like the app where i can see what all i’ve done on the calendar view. If you don’t cinch a few times a week, the sync process can a bit maybe 5 min at the most for several weeks worth of data i’m, still very pleased with this garment. I wear it every single day. I have had this much for three days now and i love it. The garmin extra has so many different watch faces and apps to add to your watch. You can also go into each face and change what data is displayed and where i like digital face date. Live hr and whether i consider the cheaper watch, because i wanted a compass – and this has one head to head for free from garminic, but it works independent of the phone, so that’s cool.

I also love the ease of which i can return a call with a text or text with text. By push of button for my watch, you can use one of dozens of built in replies or type out your also with one push of button you can reply while driving the watch is also very comfortable to the point it almost disappears. Even while sleeping there are several workouts and meditations and stress test building, this is a really cool watch. I gave it four stars: instead of five vehicles, i can’t get the battery to last fast for the ars. I guess the gps is always on and i’m constantly playing with unchanging features. The screen is also not as bright and color is not as vibrant as some, but it is always visible indoors and out. I received the garment to go active3 and the colors in the display were very dull. You almost couldn’t tell they were colored, i have attached a photo of the face. The intensity is set to 50 percent default is 30 percent. The pictures on the app and online show dried, vibrant colors. I asked tech support at amazon. If there was a setting or something i could only find the brightness they couldn’t help but offer the replacement. I got the replacement quickly, but the display is the same. It has colors, but the pictures in jack were so nice. It led me to believe the watch was defective. This really isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I guess i just thought it was defective. I have tried both watches in a few activities, while the watch seems to do a fair job. Reading heart rate, when, in normal mode, it’s very inconsistent, when i try an activity, i have attached to test bicycle ride, graph of the heart rate. You can see it’s all over the place and fairly useless. I had also tried the elliptical activity and it read: inaccurately low light around 95 ppm for 16 minutes before jumping to 155, which was about correct. There are lots of online discussions about the activities screwing up. The heart rate, it would seem that garmin has no interest in fixing this problem. Since i found complaints on the garmin forum starting two years ago and still today, apparently some activities might work properly but which ones i have not figured that out. The first night’s sleep seemed to give believable results the second night. It seemed to think i only slept three hours, even though in reality it was similar to the previous night. I don’t really need this watch to tell me how well i slept so. Not a big deal to me. I really want this watch to work. I bought it primarily for the heart rate and the gps. The gps in the watch seems to work well and has accurately tracked several walks and the bicycle ride. The heart rate so far is too inaccurate to be useful. I will keep trying to figure this out for a few days, but if i can’t get the heart rate to track properly during exercise, i will send this second watch back for a refund.

I had the original garmin viva fit since 2017 and it worked beautifully. I loved it, but was tired of the square chunky design. I wanted a fitness watch that looked like a watch, so began shopping around this year for a more updated version with the new bells and whistles such as text, and call notifications, more activity, options etc. However, i wanted to make sure it still looked. Nice and wasn’t super expensive or too big. Since i have small wrists, i finally decided on the garmin vivoactive 3 after reading similar negative reviews for the fancy, fossil tracker and others. I couldn’t be happier with this watch it’s pretty. I can still change the bands and after a week the colored band hasn’t popped off. Like other reviews playing, i love the updated sleep tracker with rent cycle monitoring when hr is enabled and the options to turn off or relieve widgets. I don’t use i’ve had this since saturday 6 2 and they went charged with yet it’s at 26 percent and they haven’t taken it off. I highly recommend the garmin beaver active3 to everyone. The co worker is excited to buy one after seeing mind, pros design, simplified, face options. Myriad watch face download options, different pen, color options, garmin app is excellent. Alarm feature is sweet, love waking up to the vibration instead of my loud alarm everything i love. This watch almost everything, is awesome. The slide slash swipe section on the side of the watch face we can swipe on the screen or off.

The side is very sensitive, which is great, except it was swiping through screens when i wasn’t paying attention, but the lock screen option solved that plus accurate continuous heart rate, which i measured against an actual, monitor it’s. A little stingy on the step count, but not bad keeps time, as all watches shoot. It is easy to get. The watch to flash display with the rays of the wrist connects to a decent app battery. Life seems good so far since it is waterproof, but i will not test this on purpose. My last watch fell in the cool by accident. Many free watch face options and is lightweight lightweight. Yes, i put that as a plus, but it feels a bit too lightweight the man sucks between the lightweight dress and the band. I thought i had purchased the women’s version, but i checked my order and that is not the case. The color in the watch face shows up as well. Well, every color on this watch faces, though a filter of grey wash, no matter which watch face. You apply, the charger is not the best. Most watches connect somewhat magnetically, but this one you have to shove into the watch back, not a fan of that final thoughts. What did i want? My watch to do accurate heart rate text, step contacts, good fx dell time x, be attractive. North field study also know here, rx6 i bought recently, and why i returned them. Tinder smartwatch for men, the style was great, did not track anything accurately and heart rate was only when you press the button on our magic watch to smartwatch.

Another very stylistic watch the heart rate on the one i got did not work at all. One of the sensors did samsung galaxy watch 46 millimeters great, looking watch, who gave me 100 steps when i had left my desk job in two hours literally gave me about four thousand and earned steps in a day was the most attractive watch out of my list. Lg and smart watch it’s a boy for the bottom of your fish tank loya fit smart watch with blood pressure, nice. Looking zero percent accuracy, smart watch for android use fitness tracker with blood pressure, heart rate, blood, oxygen, monitor, study, watch things just did work well, smartwatch, funnel your written health and fitness smartwatch with heart rate. Another watch that looked worthy but couldn’t perform the cool, smartwatch, vermin, bluetooth, smartwatch, with heart rate, monitored it off from previous comet i’ve. Had this watch since spring and find myself very disappointed in gps accuracy, the unreliability of it renders features such as space alerts almost useless. I have found that under even the lightest recover, the signal gets distorted, displaying pieces that are near walking speed. At times you can see how off it is. In my screenshots, the one in the woods my friend and i ran a five mile loop with her watch. Being bang on, while the vivoactive 3i was wearing logged 4.3 miles before we headed south i’ve, tried switching it to gps plus low mass and also set to second by second data collection, same horrible results regardless stay away from this one and try the fenix series.

I guess this is written by her husband as in the one who uses it. Let me start by saying i came from a vivosmart hr and it worked well for two years overall, i purchased this after doing a good bit of research in my price range. Let me tell you that, if i’d have purchased, this new at original cost, i’d be furious. The device works well for counting steps, tracking sleep measuring overall stress tracking water intake and getting notifications from your apps that’s about it. If you use a third party watch face because you get way better information than the ones garmin provided, and you happen to scroll through your widgets too fast, you have to reboot the watch to select a face again. This is a constant issue for two plus years. It’S obvious they don’t care now for tracking workouts. It will track a number of workouts, which is awesome, but doing so accurately isn’t going to happen unless you are willing to spend even more for a chest. Heart rate monitor which i’m going to be doing. This has also been an issue for multiple years again. They don’t care. I wear a scotch hr and track simultaneously with the vivoactive 3.. The garmin is consistently low by 20 or more bpm, when i attach them to each other, it’s accurate, not really what you want to have to do every session. So if you want a smart watch that will limit your speed and scrolling in order to keep the custom face, this is it if you want an actual fitness tracker it’s, not the only thing keeping me from returning it is.

The price was good, but when a company goes two years without fixing issues, it speaks to the company pictures of during a hit workout and a mondo is using the rhythm plus taken within seconds of each other. Very disappointed with the product do not know if this watch is faulty or all garment. Watches are like this only actually after a lot of search and study. Recently, i had bought this garmin evo actively for a day or two. It was working fine, but after that it started leaving rashes on my wrist. Still, there is itching and redness which is not going without medication. Luckily, i have a friend who is dermatologist, otherwise this watch was going to cost me a lot. Another major issue is that it is not counting all the steps many times it skips steps and even run.