My name is dave, and this is an unboxing and initial look at the garmin d2 air pilot watch, and we will take a look at this and do it all in one. Take let’s. Do it all right, let’s, take a look at the garmin d2 air. Here is the box as it comes um, fair warning, there’s no sticker on here, because i’ve already opened it, but you’re gon na get to see what it looks like when you do receive it. It’Ll go in a little bit into the details of it for this review. This is not really a unboxing channel, but i know some people like to see what you get in the box. So we’ll do this properly. You do get two two bands with it and get this guy out there we go so you get a neo, a neoprene band and then the one that comes on the watch is a leather band, so let’s uh set that aside, then you got a little foam. Insert – and i will pop that out undo this, so this is the leather band that comes with it. What’S nice is that the bands are interchangeable, so you can get whatever band you like, and it comes with a leather strap. I, like the the yellow, accents, really matches the watch face nicely and then it’s cardboard insert. It does come with three months free of garmin pilot, so i don’t know why you’d get this watch necessarily if you are a four flight user.

But if your garmin pilot user um, it has some extra features or it’ll sync to your to your government pilot and i shouldn’t even talk – maybe it works with for flight, but obviously the whole idea here is that you can you’re in the garmin ecosystem. So it comes with three months: free there, charging cable with their crazy little charging deals, yeah just the manuals, so that’s what you get but let’s we’re here to talk about the watch, so let’s talk about the watch. So the first thing i’ll say about this is that i really like how how lightweight it is. This is an older watch here. This is a a gear s3 from samsung, but weight wise. The d2 air is significantly lighter and it’s going to last the battery’s going to last longer. So i like this swatch, it was a nice watch for me, but it wasn’t for pilots like the d2 air, is so let’s. Take a look um, so i’ve already set this up for my favorite airport, so you got the time analog and digitally with the day and the date i’m always looking at my watch for the date. So i wanted that on there, but then i’ve also got down here. I’Ve got the winds at my local airport, so the winds are zero, seven, zero at seven knots and it also represents the compass rose for the wind over here that’s wichita airport. We are overcast 402 statute miles.

It is not a great day for vfr flying so we’re, actually uh ifr here in wichita, and then up here, we’ve got some uh mist, baby rain and it looks like 57 degrees fahrenheit. I also realized, like the second day i had it. I realized there’s this little little arrow right here and that is actually the utc time. So if you know it’s 7 56, you want to know what is in utc well we’re, just past midnight 56, almost to the one so that’s cool, because you’re always trying to convert between local and utc time, so that’ll keep track of it. For you all right. What else do we have on here, let’s swipe up so there’s wichita’s, weather and frequency, so i love having that right. There i’m constantly needing to check for frequencies. I can’t keep them in my head, even in my home airport, so we apply a garmin g1000. You need the knob to go over to the airport menu and get them, but having this right on your watch is pretty dang cool. I think the button down here is back yeah. Then i can also see the weather if i click on that. So this is the full metar i can get older me tires and a taff, so we are ifr here so that’s, pretty good that’s. I mean that’s, just great that’s. Why you buy. The watch is to get that kind of stuff right on your wrist.

What else we got here so i’ll get sunrise sunset, there’s, a bunch of widgets. You can add to this um. I love that we’ve got an altimeter, so i got my altimeter. I think that’s. My warning bug and i’ve got some history, so i took a flight. I couldn’t, i could see the history of the flight um in the in the altitude there, but then not only can i set the barometric pressure it’s pulling that from the metar so i’m. Getting that updated live to my wrist to get the most accurate altitude. So that’s pretty great and then um it’s going to keep track your day. Just like any outfit fitness watch um. Hopefully i got my steps. I got my stairs i’ve climbed three stories so far, don’t judge me for my uh biometrics here, um i’m, not wearing it. So you’re not gon na get a heart rate, but it’ll give you a heart rate, stress level, body battery and your respirations. I just had to tell me seemed stressed. Maybe i needed to take a break which was frustrating because i was sitting at my computer. Doing almost nothing and then there’s regular weatherbug, look at this tomorrow, high of 82 low of 36. that’s, not a mistake. The garmin d2 air is telling me the correct weather. That is what wichita is going to do tomorrow. Anyway, side note that’s, my calendar don’t read that if i get texts the notifications will go to your watch, none of that’s really surprising and then we’re back to the me tar, okay, so that’s the general tour there’s a bunch more stuff that it’ll do what i Wanted to just kind of highlight, because i don’t want to make this video 30 minutes long.

If you do the top button, you can pick a whole bunch of activities. I i do three things i fly, i walk and i golf so those activities now become flying is just like a regular activity. So um golf, i think, has courses and stuff, like i haven’t used that yet, but you can have courses walk. You can do run. You can do drug uh, you can do swimming laps, there’s a whole bunch of you can do cycling, a whole bunch of activities that you can load on here. But the fly is amazing because it’s just like a regular activity, so if i do fly actually so if i was outside, i get a gps. So you get more information boom, let’s start and now it’s recording my flight so i’m going to see um i’m going to get a time on it. I’Ll start right here at 1am utc, where uh i get my ground speed my altitude, my flight time my track and i can have a timer right there and it’s just going to record this, and this is data that’s, going to store back to garmin connect which I’Ll show you in a second um, if i would have a flight plan in here and give me my bearing my distance, my track everything you’d expect from a flight navigation it’s going to measure my heart rate, my oxygen level, my respiration and that body battery, but Pulse oximeter is one thing i definitely wanted.

I wanted to as we fly the turbo 206 and we get higher and higher and then and then, if i would have again, i could select an airport let’s do direct 2. This is a little so i’m trying to be careful here, but it’s not exactly fast. This is where a rotating dial would be really helpful and i’ve already messed it up and then t and then go pick that one so now i’m getting a bearing to it. It’S actually calculating a little bit that’s what the colors are on the outside i’m, getting a gps, sparing to that airport. Oh, i don’t have gps in so didn’t actually know which way i’m facing. But if i was outside, if i was flying i’d uh, i don’t wan na hit that button at the bottom button, restart it here anyway um. So you get a little a little uh hsi situation here. So you can see if you’re on track, not particularly helpful. In the airplanes i fly in the flying club, but when i had my 150 this would have been pretty cool to have so that’s back to the thing. So when i stop pausing or so i want to stop flying, i can hit the button. It’Ll also automatically start recording my flight if i get past 200 feet a minute of climb and over 30 knots, which i think is great, so it recorded my flight yesterday that i took in the 206 just fine, it didn’t get my taxi time.

So i would. I should have started it manually, but come on let’s see if we can wake it up this way. Yeah there we go so then i’m going to go ahead and save that activity saved, and i get a summary and there’s a bunch. More features i’m sure this does, but to you, pilots out there i think, that’s. What you wanted to see it does connect to um garmin connect; okay, so this is garmin, connect, i’m sure there’s. Other reviews online that you can find if you want to really want to see it. I do like it much better than the samsung gear 2.. It just seems to have more stuff, but i haven’t played with a lot of it, but what i wanted to show you was, i could come into here, take my flight from yesterday and you can see my flight time it’s the actual flight time that doesn’t count Taxing because it automatically did it my distance, i didn’t burn any calories. Apparently, when i was flying because i use the autopilot – maybe i don’t know my average speed in the 206 and then my little route back to back to beach, um, so that’s kind of cool there’s, a little it’s um, always other stuff. Here i haven’t even really played with that much get lots of data lots of data. My max speed was two hundred and nine miles an hour i’m also gon na descent. That it’s cooking heart rate was up too okay.

You’Re learning this stuff with me got up to 9000 feet, so i had one going up there. This is the one coming back when i had a tailwind. What does that do? Oh, you can treat it like a lap, well, there’s, not laps, and flying so doesn’t. Make any sense so that is my unboxing and initial look at the garmin d2 air pilot’s watch and we will take it flying hopefully tomorrow if the weather cooperates and i’ll get to experience it in the cockpit. So thank you for watching. I don’t normally do a gear review. Maybe if you like this i’ll do some more. I just happen to be getting a new watch. I wanted to share that with you.