This is the garmin fenix 3, so let’s get right into it, starting off with price. As of the filming of this video, you can reasonably find this online for around two to three hundred dollars for dimensions across the case we’re looking at a case diameter of about 52 and a half and then for case thickness, we’re, looking at just under 16 millimeters. For weight, we’re, looking at a total of 94 grams or three and a quarter ounces, now keep in mind this. Nato strap does not come with the phoenix 3. It originally comes with just a regular, i want to say silicone or rubber band. So you know weight. Might fluctuate just slightly but as for me with the natal band that’s, the way we’re looking at here is the wrist shot, as you can see, it’s going to be a little bit on the larger size, but for me that’s great, you know if you’re like me And you’ve got a larger, wrist that’s going to be just a wonderful thing and i think for most people this case design is very comfortable. The circular shape is just ergonomic and practical for all shapes and sizes. So this thing is jam packed with features. First and foremost, it is a gps watch used to track activities. So if you look here, you’ve got this red highlighted button and that’s how you access all of the gps functions. So you hit that button and it takes you to this menu.

You’Ve got an up and down button right here and you just scroll through whichever activity that you’re going to do. Admittedly, i have not used any of these, except for i haven’t even used walk i’ve. Only ever used it on run, because that is the only thing that i would use it for i i don’t really understand why there’s bike indoor like what are you, i honestly cannot for the life of me, understand why you would use this to track bike indoor For the gps function, if you know, let me know in the comments but it’s an option and you can select it um, but yeah. You can just see all the different types of activities there are and i’m. I pretty much think that it covers everything and then going over some more modes. If you hit the up or down button, you can scroll through. So here we’ve got compass and you know it turns, as you turn and it’s just a very cool feature, very good interface and i like the way that they display it and then you’ve got your altimeter barometer temperature and then your activity tracker and then back to Main time, aside from the superficial features, if you go a little bit deeper into the watch, you’ve got different settings so from here you can change what apps you’ve got on the style of watch face. So do you want to have a regular analog type display a standard display, a negative display, all that good stuff, just a bunch of stuff that you can really customize to your liking and then you’ve got different training.

You’Ve got your alarm clock timer, stopwatch alerts! All that good stuff, just really a countless amount of ways for you to really personalize this and make it yours. You can even program this button right here to be a shortcut to whatever you want. So for me, i have it as a shortcut to my stopwatch. Just because i you know to me that’s the most useful tool on a watch outside of just telling time, but yeah so get back to the main screen here. I would consider the phoenix series of watches to be smart watches. However, these are not delicate at all. Like any smart watch overall build construction is fantastic, it doesn’t feel delicate by any means, and one thing that makes this so great is not only does it have a bunch of features and it’s very versatile, but the water resistance it’s rated up to 100 meters. I you know i don’t recommend diving with this watch, but in my personal experience i can uh wash my hands. Take a shower with it go swimming in the pool with it. You know, i’ve been in the pool countless times with my phoenix three with this one. Specifically – and it has handled just fine with that being said, all of the physical activities that i’ve done with this watch, the one thing that could not take it was the bracelet or the band that it came with, which was just a standard. Rubber, strap nothing special.

It was good quality, but it lasted for about. I want to say just over a year until it experienced the dreaded dry, rot and fell apart into three separate pieces: i’m, not going to fault the company for that or even the band, because that you know that’s expected if you’re going to submit your watch bands To chlorine to soap um, you know getting wet getting dry constantly and you don’t really take care of it. A year is really what you you should expect for the lifespan of a watch like that or of a band like that. Illumination is also a very good thing. I don’t know if you can see it right now, no, but you can see on the screen that the illumination is great. Another good thing is that it will stay on as you are pushing buttons, as you are using different features. Um one of my biggest pet peeves is that for some reason watch companies don’t have that function. If you hit the backlight and really i’m complaining about casio, but you hit the backlight, the light turns on and turns off the second you hit a button and to me that completely ruins the purpose of the backlight, because basically you can only use it um. One thing at a time, so you turn on the light. Look at the time turn on the light. Uh use the stopwatch. You know it doesn’t stay on and the fact that this watch does that, i think, is a very intuitive and just smart overall programming negative display is great.

Visibility is fine for me if you don’t prefer this type of display. Like i said before, you can just go to your settings, watch face background, color and then cycle through and so that’s what it looks like with the standard display. I personally prefer this j and that’s just for aesthetic purposes. Only. I admit that this is probably more functional, but i just like the negative display and if you look at the 12 o’clock position, you can see that battery life indicator and i’m sure it applies to all other phoenix models, but the battery life is fantastic. I charged this watch seven days ago so one week ago and we are still above 50 percent and in my experience i don’t have to charge this watch more than once every two weeks and the watch isn’t even dying at that point. You know after two weeks, it’s, probably at twenty fifteen to twenty percent, and so i attach it to the charger and it takes about twenty to thirty minutes, to get it to a hundred percent charge and i’m good for another two weeks. So the ratio of how long it lasts to how long it takes to charge is superb. Obviously, if you’re using functions like gps or you’re, you know running a lot it’s going to drain the battery quicker. I think, if you’re actively navigating the battery is rated for 16 hours and then 40 hours, if you’re, using like coordination or where the coordinates are positioning data, but just as a regular watch you’re looking at two weeks at a time.

So for me, i use the gps function every day, but i’m only using it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, and so that gives me a week and a half to two weeks of battery life, which i still think is outstanding. So to wrap things up. My final opinion is that the phoenix 3 is just a tank of a watch. It really is a jack of all trades. You’Ve got this fantastic battery life awesome functionality and practicality. It can survive the apocalypse. You know, obviously, as long as you’ve got a power outlet to charge it, but as far as like overall robustness and toughness, it can really take it um. I will let you know that i bought this watch in 2000, so this is a five year old watch and i have not been very good to it. I’Ve taken it on many deployments or out to sea um let’s see what else. Oh and after i graduated from my honeymoon phase, i let it die in a drawer for months at a time, so this thing would be at a completely dead battery. You know six seven, eight months at a time and every single time i hook it back up to a charger charge right back up and it functions just as good as the day that i bought it. You know maybe i’m lucky, maybe not. Everyone has the same experience as i have had with the phoenix 3. But this thing is superb.

So if you’re in the market for a gps, slash, smart watch, i highly recommend the phoenix 3.. It is an older model, but still perfectly functional and practical in today’s market, and you know definitely much cheaper at the time i spent around five to six hundred dollars, but now it’s going for much less than that. You know even more than 50 percent less than that, so you can definitely find some good deals out there and even if you buy used you know if somebody bought this watch from me, it would still be perfectly functional and um perfectly tough, so that’s all i Got to say for now, i hope that you enjoyed this video. I hope that this helps you with your next watch purchase thanks for watching and i’ll catch.