This is not going to be a full in depth. Gaming 6 watch review rather basic comparison for the average joe, but i think it’s definitely worth for you to watch if you are looking for phoenix 6s or six sapphire version and you kind of decide between the sizes. Those who follow my channel and know that i started my marathon prep few weeks ago, if you haven’t seen any of those episodes. I’Ll leave a link in description. I was using my apple series, free watch at the start, and that was kind of enough at the beginning week by week my training has become more serious and i wanted access to more training data to be able to analyze my training stats and the apple watch. Wasn’T giving me that full fitness watch functionality and the data i needed so after tons of research. As usual, i decided to go for one of the garmin fenix 6 versions and besides the wi, fi music and the maps features to be included. I was looking for the watch to be around 40 42 millimeters in size because the majority of the watches have had until now, we’re in similar size range, and i thought the garmin fenix 6s. Pro version would be ideal option for me and what do you think? I just can’t describe how disappointed i was when i got this watch delivered. First of all, it feels the way smaller than it actually is. I can’t explain that it just feels super small on my wrist, which is 17 centimeters in size or 6.

7 inch. It weighs around 59 grams and you don’t really feel it on your wrist. It’S, probably good. If you do a lot of swimming by the same time, the light weight makes watch feel super cheap if that makes sense, but this one is really objective and for some people this will be a key buying point. Apologies for any success owners. This is just my personal opinion and i think, for example, for runner 745 newest version it’s way better option because it has the same functionality and it will save you a couple hundred quid it’s a little bit bigger. I think it’s 45 millimeters. Another very disappointing thing about this watch is a backlight which is blue, and this is what actually makes the watch look even cheaper, especially if you’re, just switching from the apple watch with nice, colors and resolution again, taking into consideration the price which is 600 quid at Official store it’s a good watching it has the same functionality and as his bigger brother, 6, pro or 6x, but i just think it’s not worth it. That blue looking screen made me dive deeper into research and find out. Is there any other option which doesn’t look like cheap chinese copy turns out that only six sapphire and titanium versions and above screens actually look better well like this is what some other youtubers were saying. So i still needed a watch, and this time i decided decided to go to the actual garment store and just see how it looks on my wrist, although it was during pandemic and the shopping during this time is not most pleasant experience, as you can imagine, when I arrived, they didn’t have a sapphire version available in store, but there was a standard.

Phenix 6 solar version – well it’s, not really standard it’s, because it’s solar, but it didn’t have this pro features like music, wi, fi and stuff. But it was actually the same 47mm size i was looking for, but i was actually very surprised by the resolution of that watch and how crispy and sharp colors looked compared to the 6s. I think it even looks better than the sapphire version. Honestly, i don’t know why, but maybe in store the lighting was different. The black looked very rich and sharp resolution was on point bear in mind. This is not even premium version because it didn’t have this premium features like music, wi, fi or maps. So i’ve got the six five version now and it feels like completely different watch compared to 6s. So this is how it looks on my wrist, not the smallest. You can get for this size of the wrist but um honestly, i’m. So happy i’ve got this one. Yeah they said 17 centimeters or 6.7 inch wrist, so for that 100 quid difference, you’re getting um it’s a fire screen which is scratch resistant, hopefully again, dlc space, gray, coated bezel. I just love this color and i prefer it over the black one, but again it’s. Just personal preference, as i mentioned, the screen is 47 millimeters and it’s, giving you so much more functionality and, for example, if you’re going for a run, you can have up to six data fields available.

Now the top one is covered and you have another five here. It could be a couple of millimeters limit, though, but it is what it is so again. This is how it looks on my wrist, and the weird thing is that, when comparing these two watches next to each other on this video supplier version looks even more bluer. For some from some angles, i’m, not being subjective by any means, i just think this is due to lighting or something because in reality believe me, it looks like so much better and the colors are much crispier and clearer and black is more rich. I would say: you’ll still notice the difference when comparing the sig sapphire version to the same apple watch. The resolution and crispiness on the apple watch is another level, but i think this is the price you pay for the garmin watch. Functionality which apple watch just doesn’t have, but at the same time, you’ll use to that difference very quickly. After using the garmin watch for some time and you’ll be blown away by the features this watch has when it comes to the training itself. This is primarily what this watch is built for yeah and the battery life is 14 days on this one when compared to 9 hours on 6s version, yeah the weight is noticeably heavier is 82 grams and you’ll definitely notice the difference wearing it for the first hour. But then you’ll kind of forget about the weight, but you’ll still feel it in your wrist, i would say probably not the best options.

If you do a lot of swimming, though some people might feel fine with it. I didn’t notice much of a difference when running and after say 15k run. You don’t feel your arm tired, also overall, i’m, really happy with this watch. It’S, definitely worth paying that 100 extra for that premium. Feeling, if size for you isn’t the issue, i would definitely recommend this watch. If you are looking for the one that is fully loaded and it gives you that premium feeling, so you can wear it every day. You might not use all those features, but if at some point you’ll decide to do a multi sport, as i just did or maybe move to another sport completely you’ll have all these features available. Then you’re not going to be limited at all, because this watch is packed with everything you’ll ever need. You know i was going to do a full review on this watch on how i use it for my running training, but in the meantime, i’ve signed up for the race which includes the cycling as well as running. So my training is changing completely now and i’ll. Do full review in few weeks after i’ll set up all my programs and get used to new regime and i’ll can i’ll be able to test the watch properly. If you’d like to know more about what race i’ve signed up when, where how make sure you subscribe. So you’re not gon na miss on next episodes hold on.

I was actually meant to say on the next episode of my iranian vlog, but now it doesn’t make any sense because it’s going to be cycling as well. So how should i call it any thoughts? Please comment below it’d be really cool. If you could drop me some ideas by the way, if you’re watching this video during lockdown, i need some guides on home. Workouts just jump into the description and download my free, functional bodybuilding training program, it’s designed to work with limited equipment and you’ll get some ideas, how to train say with resistant bands or if you have only one gamble available, it’s completely free, so jump in this. Is it guys, thanks for watching, i really hope you enjoyed this video and i’ll see you in my next one.