Time is Music, Music, Music, Music, now Music, finding life along the way; melodies Music Music to my shadow through the sunrays Music horizon Applause, Music, horizon Applause, Music to the highways Music sleep, a dream of something sweet. I won’t be this to make yourself discreet, Music, the 435 retails at 199 dollars, which we think is a little high. We think it should be more in that 150 to 175 range, so that’s kind of nicely nestled between the 425 and the vivosmart hr plus and i’ll have a few links down below in the description. So you can check out these different options as well as some other stuff, by the way, the vivosmart hr plus actually just came down in price and we’ve, seen some other discounts lately on the fr25. So we will post these to our deal site. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you go check out rizknow’s deals, we scour the internet every day for deals on products that you guys actually care about, and we’re really starting to see some positive feedback there. So definitely make sure you go check that out. Okay enough about price let’s talk, design and hardware overall, the fr35 is pretty sleek, but it kind of reminds me of the pebble time smart watch or a game boy, product, large bezels and a huge brand logo. At any rate, though, it has a new high resolution display, but really the screen is nothing special it’s.

Just black and white it’s easy to view in direct sunlight, which i was a little worried about, it’s, also backlit in case you’re, somewhere dark. It will collect some scratches over time, but nothing out of the ordinary it’s, not a touch screen, which i actually prefer when it comes to running, watches i’d. Much rather have physical buttons to cycle through the various data screens. I have trouble with touch screens when i’m moving quickly, so the four buttons two on each side of the display are definitely convenient and user friendly moving on the band is extremely comfortable compared to some of the other fitness trackers and running, watches we’ve reviewed lately, it’s A watch style, locking system, extremely lightweight soft it’s, easy on and off, and it doesn’t grab your arm. Hair at all. You’Ve got gps, no glow nas, but the signal is pretty good and it connects fairly quickly, even though it’s best suited for running since the watch does have gps. You can use it for cycling to get your speed, distance, heart rate, timing info and route there’s, the optical heart rate sensor on the underside, basically, the same one we’ve seen in the other 4runners, of course, it’s not on par with the chest. Heart rate, monitor for strength, workouts and anything that’s really dynamic, but for running it’s, pretty good and any fault is really just a function of the technology, not garmin. You can connect it with an external amp plus heart rate.

Monitor, though, if you want, regardless, the sensor is running all day and night and during your workout to give you a more complete picture of your daily metrics other things to keep in mind, it is waterproof down to 50 meters. So there’s no issue here for showering hopping in the pool or getting hazed by jeff Music: hey, hey, bring them roll the quarters yeah. Now, hey you ain’t seen nothing yet boy: okay, battery life, so garmin says up to 13 hours, while in trading mode, that’s, gps and heart rate running and up to nine days in regular old watch mode, that’s, all great and all, but really what you’re? Probably looking at is about six to seven days of battery life for the average user that’s someone who is running a few times a week, but really everything depends on how much you’re working out overall, though you’re looking at pretty decent battery life, also, it syncs via Usb and bluetooth to the garmin connect app, but unfortunately it charges via proprietary clip cable, which kind of sucks. I wish it was just micro, usb okay, now for the functional stuff for your workouts. It has a few different basic sport profiles, running indoor, running cycling and cardio. None of these are really advanced, though you won’t get the hardcore features you see in the garmin. 230. 235 etc you’re, just gon na get the essentials, so distance pace, speed, route, timing, info cadence and, of course, heart rate there’s.

A lot of customized options for you to choose from, though compared to some of the previous and lower end garment models, a couple different run modes. You can try out run, walk mode where you can run for say 30 seconds, then walk for 30 seconds virtual pacer to keep you on track during your run and intervals. So you can run for a predetermined distance, then rest for a predetermined time. There are vibration alerts and you can customize these so time, distance, calories and heart rate alerts. Interestingly, though they did not add pace alerts, you can also customize the data fields displayed as well and, lastly, there is also auto pause in case. You have to stop and talk to someone during your workout in terms of activity, tracking you’re, just going to get the essentials shown here on the screen. Look garmin is pretty good at tracking this stuff. You do have auto goal which we like and is determined by your previous day statistics so it’s, just not a static goal, helping to keep you motivated. There is also a move bar displayed on the bottom of the home screen, as well as inactivity reminders to prompt you to get up from that boring old desk yours next let’s talk smartphone notifications, the fr35 will relay the basic notifications, so text calls emails, calendar alerts As well as other third party apps, that is, if you are within bluetooth range, which is about 33 feet, you’re, also going to have music controls and now both streamed and stored music can be controlled on both ios and android devices.

Another thing that is new is live tracking, so if you bring your phone with you on a run, your friends or your overprotective mom can watch how you’re doing in real time and that’s, really it that’s the fr35 overall, i think it’s going to be fairly popular.