This is going to be a short video. This is going to be an average uh consumer video there’s tons of videos out there regarding this, if you’re really into specifics for fitness and tracking and heart rate and so forth, and so on uh, i bought this uh. If you guys watch my first video um to be my, you know everyday uh, smart fitness tracker. What do i mean by smart fitness tracker? I mean that i want it to be able to tell me how i’m sleeping how many steps i’m walking, how many calories i’m burning uh give me some gps if i need it for that. But more importantly, give me those functionalities as well as you can, and then it would be nice if i can see some text messages come through because i’ve been using the fibo charge, 4 i’ve used a lot of fitbits i’ve used some garments before as well. There’S. Our videos on that on my channel um, so i don’t need this to do more than that all right, so i don’t need an apple watch. I don’t need a samsung galaxy watch with that being said: uh let’s talk about the form factor, real, quick, the form factor on this bad boy. I love um, i don’t know if you guys can see it there it’s a little hard to see, but the screen’s on. I absolutely love the form factor um. I really like the screen and i love the weight.

It’S not super light, but it’s not heavy. It doesn’t feel obtrusive i’m, a fan of a more squarish design, language sort of like the apple watch. Just like this. I like this design language a good bit um. So i like that, i, like the color. The band is soft and smooth um, so it was enjoyable to use battery life on this thing is amazing. I was definitely getting five to seven days worth of battery life. Again that depends on what you do with your watch, if you’re using gps consistently, if you are receiving all the notifications. Of course, your battery life is going to be used a lot quicker if you’re doing something along the lines of what i said, i wanted to do, it’s going to last longer um and i think that’s kind of hitting the target goal that you know garmin set Out that six day, uh target charge is relatively fast. I don’t like that. It comes with a proprietary charger, but what can we do same thing as with apple same things, with samsung same things with fitbit, so that’s, not something on garmin it’s, just something i want to point out: um the app i’m, a huge fan of garmin’s app. If you like data uh, then garmin connect is all about that you’re gon na get specifics for so many things, a lot more intricate than fitbit a lot more. You know intricate than even apple watchers or samsung’s yeah.

I love it. I love it. That’S a whole nother video, but i love being able to see what i see on my watch because the way garmin does it when you’re swiping through these screens and right now, um i’m, actually factory. Restoring this smart watch you’re able to see like how many steps you take during the hours how your body body energy is doing. You get to see graphs and bar graphs. All on the watch. You don’t have to go and switch over to the app in order to see those things all right and i think fitbit’s finally starting to do that as well. So you really can use this almost standalone, and i love that all right, so garmin is definitely going to be catering more to the people that want specifics that want as much data as possible. Uh they’d love to see those correlations that’s for you. So battery life is good. Hardware is good. What don’t i like about this, so i don’t like how the ui works. I, like the ui in terms of like your data, but how you manage it, the fluidity, how you swipe the screens, how you engage with the two buttons off to the side there. I think that garmin could do better and i hope they will do better. It seems a little laggy. It gives off the impression that there’s not enough ram or that the software itself just wasn’t optimized. I know fitbit was having those issues and i think they changed it and fixed it with their new fitbit sense and the new fitbit versa.

3 but i’m not liking the way the ui works and handles on this screen um. Just that just seems to be a garmin issue from previous models, even with the rounded uh you know, garmin, venue, um and and so forth, so or the vivo active i’ve also tried out um. So that, honestly, might be my number one negative and probably the only negative, because everything else about the smart fitness tracker i enjoy i like, and i can recommend, let me know in the comment section below, if there’s anything in particular that you guys want me to Answer um, i will be reviewing the series 6 apple watch as well, and doing my final review on the fitbit versa. 3. um, so stay tuned for those. Please hit that subscribe button, guys it’s at no cost to you, and it helps me out immensely but other than that that’s. It hope you guys stay geeky, like always, it was nando peace, salute and adios and i’ll catch.