A healthy lifestyle on your wrist with a simple touch, monitor your spo, too. Keep a watch on your blood oxygen levels with integrated pulse oximeter, stay ahead by intelligently, monitoring your spo2 blood oxygen and be aware of changes to your body. Low blood oxygen is an indicator of covert 19 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other lung infections as well. This device can help you gauge that measure body temperature keep a watch on your body temperature with sensors to detect body temperature, stay aware and avoid any risks to your health. High body temperature is also a symptom of curvid 19 and detecting it early can help you take required action, dot real time. Heart rate monitoring keep a watch on your heart rate: gok smart vitals, cutting edge 24 times 7 heart rate, monitor utilizes, ai, driven algorithms for high precision readings. It has heart rate sensors for continuous non disruptive, heart rate monitoring throughout the day and night check. Blood pressure. Keep a watch on your blood pressure, the blood pressure monitor on the goku, smart, vital reads your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. You can get the report directly with the integrated geocap 33 color display, with full touch screen vivid colors, smooth touch 33 large color touchscreen, with a high resolution of 240×240 pixels can display vivid and lifelike visuals, which are so captivating that you’ll never want to look away. Its responsive touch lets you effortlessly control. The watch personalized watch faces, keep a watch on your style, explore the new you and don’t be limited to what your watch looks like with multiple options to choose from the goku.

Smart vital has a look that fits every occasion. Colorful watch, straps, perfect combination of style and comfort. Go out with style match your outfits with the multiple colorful strap options to make the perfect style statement. It’S easy to change is skin friendly and comfortable 18 exercise modes, unleash the athlete in you all. The activities that get your blood pumping can now be monitored on a single device with up to 18 sports modes and real time. Data display you’re all set to break records and achieve your health goals, make every step and movement count with accurate step. Counting algorithms, music and phone finder. Keep a watch on your phone and music go truly hands free and have the freedom to work out with basic music control functions on the joker, smart, vital that’s, not all with built in tracking technology. You can find your phone just in case. It is out of sight. Smart notifications receive timely updates on your wrist, get notified on messages, calls whatsapp and other apps on your joker, smart, vital without looking at your phone. Additionally, you can also get inactivity, alerts, weather information, set, alarms and reminders to stay hydrated and active connect to the gokpp sync it to level up your health. Sync, your gok smart, vital to the geo cap and explore the new normal with complete access to your health and activity data. You can also change settings as per your preference via the app stay afloat, handle rain and sweats like a pro.

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