. Today we have the Haylou LS05, which is also called Haylou, Solar., Its a simple but stylish. Looking smart watch with heart rate, monitoring its got a touch display and it can track activities by using a smartphone’s GPS.. The box looks like most Haylou products with a picture on the front and some specifications on the back. Inside. We have the watch itself and this is a round style. Watch.. We get a simple manual that describes the basic use and how to set it up.. The charger is the same, magnetic type that we get with many other budget watches and its the same as comes with the Haylou LS02.. It also came with a set of extra bands in a blue colour and a screen protector.. The watch itself is 45 by 11 mm and weighs only 54 grams.. Its got a 340 mAh battery that can last as long as 30 days. If everything is switched off or 15 days with heart rate monitoring. For connectivity, we have Bluetooth 5.. The color of this watch is something between dark gray and black, and I think they way it reflects light, looks very nice.. The only button on it is on the side here and its mainly used to turn on the screen, but it also works as a back button. On the back. We have the heart rate sensor and there is, of course, also an accelerometer inside for counting steps.. The two silver coloured circles are for charging, so all we need to do is attach the magnet here and we should see the charge progress on the screen.

. If you dont, like the black bands, they are quite easy to take off with the quick release pins. Its. Not the prettiest bands Ive seen, but they look ok. Theyre also soft and flexible, so they are comfortable to wear.. On the side we have a nice small button, so lets try turning it on.. As you can see, we dont really have to search for the app at all, as we can just scan the QR code on the watch.. This will take us to a website where we can choose our operating system and, finally, to Google Play.. The app is called Haylou Fit, so its not the same app thats used with the Haylu LS02 watch., Now install the app and open it.. If you already have a Haylou account, you can just log in and start pairing the watch. Select it in the app and tap the red button on the watch. Im. Not sure why the button is red, though, as it feels more logical to use a green colour. Here. Thats it the time is synced and we can now start using the watch.. The screen will automatically turn on when we raise the wrist, so theres no need to push any buttons.. The Haylou Solar looks much better than the LS02. In my opinion, as it has a more classy style and the case is made of alloy instead of plastic., I said it before, but I also think this is a very nice looking colour.

The display is vibrant and quite bright, so i never used it at max. Brightness., Its a 1.28 TFT touch display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, so it looks quite good. For water resistance. We have IP68 rating, which means its for daily use, only like rain and washing hands, but its not for swimming., Even though its probably not recommended. I used it in the shower every day and its still working fine.. One small thing that bothers me a bit is that the bands do collect dust easily. Its easy to wash off with water, but, as you can see, herer it doesnt look very nice. On the main screen. We have time date, heart rate, steps, calories, distance and weather, but if you dont like the watch face, it can be changed by holding on it.. The next watch face is digital with a bit less details. Heres one with analog style.. There is a black edge around the display, so it doesnt go all the way to the edge., But because of the good black levels, its not very visible. When using watch faces with a black background. Swiping down, we find the quick toggles.. We have Find Phone DND, brightness controls.. The display is quite bright, so I didnt use it at more than 75.. The gear takes us to settings and it is possible to change the watch face and brightness from here as well., Although its easier to do it from the home screen or from the quick toggles.

In about we have the software or firmware version and the mac address.. At last, we have power off and the reset function. Going back to the home screen and swiping from the left takes us to the breathing exercise.. Here we can only choose between one or two minutes and its a simple exercise where you sit still and just follow. The instructions on the screen., The animation and text shows us when to breathe in and out. The weather page shows us the current weather and for the next three days with lowest and highest temperatures. Theres, no detailed view of the days. So this is all we get.. Next is the sleep monitoring results for last night. Heres, light sleep, deep sleep and total sleep with a graph around it.. We can only see last night’s results as theres no history available on the watch. Heart rate. Monitoring works well and shows us the last reading, with a graph around it and the highest and lowest value at the bottom.. I, like the look of the activity screen with the three graphs going around and in the center we have steps, distance and calories.. Sadly, we can only see today’s data, so if you want to see any history, youll have to open the app on the phone.. Swiping up takes us to the menu items and the first two are exactly the same as we saw when swiping from the left on the watch. Face. Sport is where we go to start an activity and we have 12 to choose: from.

, Heres jogging, fast walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing.. When selecting one. We first get the standard 3 seconds to get ready.. While it is active, we can see time spent heart rate and distance on the first screen. Tap once will show pace, steps and calories.. The watch doesnt have a GPS, but you can start activities from the App to get GPS. Tracking. Swiping to the right will put the activity on pause and gives us the option to resume or finish it. Below sport. We have the same weather screen as we saw before.. Sleep is also the same as we saw before.. One of my most used functions on this type of watch is Notifications. Its very nice to quickly see whats going on without taking out the phone.. A text notification looks like this, and the only thing thats not very convenient is that I cant read the whole message. If its longer than what is on the screen right now, youll have to read it on the phone. At least I can see if its something Important or something that can wait till later. For incoming calls, we can see the name of the person calling but theres no option to mute the call.. The only option is to reject it, which is a bit annoying., Especially if the phone has a loud ring tone. As it will keep ringing until the caller hangs up., The Music Setting is a remote control that gives us the option to play, pause and skip songs.

. It works well, but I wish it would also show the name of the song thats playing, but sadly it doesnt have. This option. Theres also no option to adjust the volume. In the More section. We first have a simple stopwatch and the only option here is to start stop and reset it.. It does not support laps.. The Countdown timer has a few presets and a plus icon to set it manually. Find phone will play the ringtone on the phone to help. You find it. Breathe, training is the same as we saw before.. Many of the functions are repeated in different places on the watch, which is a little bit unnecessary in my opinion, but it is what it is. The whole settings menu we have here is the exact same as we saw earlier. I think I covered everything thats available on the watch, so lets move over to the app.. This is a simple app but its easy to use and it looks ok. On the main screen. We have today’s activity data with target steps, distance and heart rate.. Next is the heart rate data with a nice graph and under is sleep data for last night. For a more detailed view. We can open them and get a nice view of the day. To jump between the different days. We can use the arrows at the top here., So we have the graph and a list below with different activities that are automatically recorded during the day.

To see activities that we start ourselves. We have to go into Other Resources, and here we can see details like distance steps, time calories, the minimum average and maximum heart rate.. We also get a detailed view of the heart rate by swiping to the left. Going back into the heart rate details. We have a nice graph at the top, some average minimum and maximum data, and at the bottom, are the heart rate ranges. Its basically the same as what other brands call heart rate zones. In sleep data. We can see the usual data like deep sleep, light, sleep and awake time with a nice graph at the top. At the bottom is a short comment based on the results and as you can see here, I apparently go to sleep too late.. If you need GPS in your activities, it is possible to start them on the phone here. In Device. We have all the settings for the watch and at the top we can see the remaining battery. Heart rate. Monitoring can be switched on or off. Here. Call reminder needs to be on if you want notifications for incoming calls. App reminder lets us choose which apps we want notifications, from., Heres, also sedentary reminders, which I personally never use. Alarms must be set here since its not possible to do it directly on the Phone., The Haylou Solar has a good vibration alarm, so I had no problems using this. As my main alarm in the morning.

, We can switch on or off the automatic display. To avoid getting alerts in the middle of the night. We can set the DND mode in here. In universal settings its possible to switch on or off SMS reminders.. We can choose how long the display should stay on each time its activated. And we can switch between 12 and 24 hour time formats.. At last. We have firmware upgrade and clear data, which obviously will delete all our data.. The Me section lets us set a daily target for steps and helps us with the necessary permissions to get the watch working that way its supposed to., And that should cover almost everything we can do in the app.. Even though the Haylou Solar is a budget watch, it looks very nice.. The display is good with nice, vibrant colors and its more than bright enough., Its also comfortable to wear for long periods and even at night, while sleeping.. The menu system is smooth enough and seems to be a bit smoother than the Haylou Solar, Mini or LS02.. Its still a bit laggy in the main menu, but at least its a bit better., Even though the battery can last up to 30 days with everything switched off, I dont think thats how people will use this watch.. I used it for a full week with everything on and I still had 67 left, so it seems to have quite good battery life.. It should last about 2 weeks with everything on, but of course, it depends on how much you use the different functions.

Since the watch itself. Doesnt have a GPS. The activity data we get when using only the watch is a bit limited., But it does what it is supposed to in a good way and its possible to use the phones GPS when needed. Some minuses are the bands that collect dust a bit too easily the Laggy main menu, and it would be nice to be able to read longer notifications without having to use the phone. And thats it for my review.. Please comment subscribe and click that bell below the video for more. Have a nice day and see you in the next video.