This video is not sponsored by halo company. I just love the fact that it is designed with a circular watch face, which is what i love better than the apple watch, despite the fact that i use apple watch daily, but after testing this watch for about three weeks, i tend to enjoy using it a Lot one of the best features i love the most about this watch is its battery, so this video i’m gon na do the unboxings, as well as the full review of this watch. Hey guys, if you don’t know me and powder with make different videos on app review, unboxings, photography and filming tips so be sure to subscribe, my channel to get more useful videos in the future. Okay, now without further ado, let’s get started Music, so okay, so this is the halo solar watch ls zero, five one. This is one of the best mob watches you can find on the market, because it’s special features, as well as the prices offers okay before jumping into the full review of this watch. Let’S do the unboxings all together Music. As you can see, what you can find in the box are, of course, the smart watch itself. The magnet charging cable, which can be used with your smartphone charging within the manual. This halo ls051 is built in with water and dash proof with ip68. It comes with bluetooth version 5.0. The battery is equipped with 340 milliamps. I have been using this for about three weeks.

The battery lasted on this watch. When i unboxed it was 75 and after three weeks it just dropped to 35, so i can probably use this watch up to one or two more weeks i’m, so impressed with this watch. As you can see, the design of this watch is built with stylish metal body. These looks premium and i love the fact that it is made in circular face, which is what apple should consider making one as well. The strap of this watch is made of rubber and it’s comfortable, and you can see multiples locks that you can adjust the side based on your wrist. You can see the halo printed here. This smart watch is really light, it’s much lighter than the apple watch, which is very convenient for daily users. I have been using apple watch since the launch of the apple watch series. 3.. I do love using apple watch, but what annoying me the most is the battery with apple watch. I can only use it up to one day and a half and like apple watch, this halo solar watch can be used up to 30 days, as mentioned above, which is a huge difference between the two honestly speaking. I hate charging devices because, after a day from work, i have to charge my iphone lg macbook pro and the apple watch so it’s quite annoying to do all of this stuff so having to do once a month is really a game changer.

Let me show you how the interface works. You can see the basic information here. You can swipe to the left right down or up to access to different features on this watch. When you swipe up, you can get to see a lot of useful features. There are 12 sport modes built in on this smart watch like shocking, fast walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing in order to get more features out of this watch. You have to connect it with your smartphone. The app of this watch is available on both ios and android, now i’m, using my iphone 11 pro max to connect this halo, solar watch. What you have to do first is to download the app called halo fit. You can also find this app in this video description after getting the app. All you need to do is just to sign up a new account using your email address or phone number after logging in you need to connect your phone to the watch and make sure you turn on the bluetooth on your smartphone and have it search for the Watch now the watch is found. Let’S connect it. Now it is connected, as you can see. After connecting this halo solar watch, there are more hidden features available on this halo fit app. I can now turn on the phone function where this watch vibrates, when someone is calling me just turn it on and pair it with bluetooth on, if required and moving on to the app now, i can turn on notifications from different available apps like facebook, youtube, gmail And more so, i get notified quickly.

Every time i get a new message from someone go to sport, feature on the app you can choose different sport modes like walking, outdoor running indoor, running and bicycle. You can also set your goal like how many kilometers you want to achieve today or how long you want to spend or set your preferred calories burned. Then you can link all of the data from this watch to the built in health. App on your smartphone. All you need to do is to give permission to that. As you can see, you can now turn on all of these app features to link with the health app so that your health data can be stored on your icloud, which is shared across all devices. You own tap in the middle of the phone on this app. You can learn more details from the watch. As you can see, all the information include how many steps i have the distance, the calories burned. Plus i can compare all of these data daily, weekly or monthly, or i can simply see all of these information right from the watch face, which is quite similar to the apple watch. By having the sport mode display integrated. I don’t need to take out my phone just to know if i have reached my goal today. All i need to do is just to look at my watch display to learn all of my activities. You can also decrease the brightness of this watch or change.

The watch face as you like all you need to do, is to swipe down and tap on the brightness icon, and then you can just decrease it or increase it to change the watch face you need to swipe down and select watch face. Now you can choose the one you like well, after getting all the information about this halo solo watch, it’s time to know how much it costs well, the price of this smart watch is insane. It costs only 30 dollars. That is unbelievable, that that kind of smartwatch, with many built in features like this one exists with this kind of price. Comparing to the apple watch. This halo, solar watch is way cheaper. From my personal experience, i think this watch is worth the price i now use it more often than the apple watch as i don’t need to charge it every day. I recommend you guys to try one as well just for additional uses when your other watch is dead, okay, guys so that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the video.