Halao uh full round screen: wristband 12 sport modes, tracker heart rate, monitor 30 days, standby, smart watch, global version and – and this is this – is a tip right here. This is the box halo, halo, solar. Now i was all like – oh maybe it’s, a solar watch. I don’t no, i don’t think it’s true, i think they’re just kind of saying that it’s just it’s just a name it’s it’s, just a name just a name that camera is way too close hold on. Is that helpful yeah that that’s helpful there we go that’s that’s, better that’s, better anyways, so here it is in the box. Uh here’s their website. This is this. Came from banggood uh banggood sent this over to us at 40, u.s on sale right now, 60. Off now again, i don’t know uh delivery times or anything like that, but you know if you’re looking for a smart watch – and i want to make sure you guys are aware of this. Looking for a budget, smart watch so you’re not looking for like a high end, android, smartwatch or you’re, not looking for like an apple watch or anything like that, because you’re going to spend considerable amount more for those and are they going to have more features and Bells and whistles yeah for sure, and if you want that, then definitely go look at those. But if you’re looking at a watch that does some extra stuff and you’re on a budget, then then these can be really good options right because for one forty dollars that’s that’s something i have to look at also right now.

This thing has five star rating at 1028 reviews 1028 reviews that’s that’s. That would be considered a lot of reviews. I would think so we’re going to crack open the box. I don’t want to go into this too in depth, but we’ll take a look at the watch. We’Ll take a look at what it comes with um we’ll we’ll put it on see what it looks like and uh we’ll go from there all right guys coming up. Halau halo, solar, ls05, all right, let’s, let’s, let’s, take a look, shall we Music? Okay, my friends so again here it is here. This is the banggood website. So hey i like, for some reason like the apple watch, is square, which is nice because you get to see lots because almost everything is designed in square, but i definitely have always been fond of just the round watches in general. I just for some reason. I, like i, like the looks of them. I do so halo, smartwatch a touch, a touchable exquisite design, a blast for the young right, because the young they’re looking for blasts to be blasted. I don’t know tft hd and highlight display screen the time and your watch face will never fade. Never creative nano strap okay comfortable. I, like that fashion metal frame, unified round watch, face polished plating, fearless use in workouts, yeah 12 professional modes. You guys can pause this if you want, so you can see the modes that it has for for on any kind of activity, 30 days of standby power, which is good ip68 rated, which is also really good.

Uh monitoring data is more accurate, high precision motion sensor, blah blah blah. It has its own app halal, fit app synchronizes, all your stuff, which is also cool, and this is one of the big ones. Anybody that kind of gets one every once in a while. You’Ll see me um wearing another watch on this this this wrist, this arm and it’s, because i don’t ever use a sleep tracker on this. So when i feel like i’m, maybe having sleep issues and i’m tired, i actually put the other watch on and i wear it usually for like a week or so, and i let it track my sleep, because this i have to charge every night, the other ones. I don’t so i can let it run for like a week and get some sleep information about it to see. If there’s, you know something going on, so i do like that, because the the flagship devices usually for most part have to be charged every one or two days, so i always find these inexpensive ones sometimes have some nice. Nice features to it so here’s some extra breathing find your phone music control. Timer weather forecast very cool, all right, let’s let’s crack the box open. So here it is halo, halo, solar, nice box, nothing wrong with that. It says metal body that’s, good 12, sport modes, size, sleep management and 30 day 30 day uh battery life on standby, so it’s not like 30 days of playing with it.

You know if you’re going to be aggressive and using it for actual going out and doing activity and you’re checking your heart rate, all the time you’re not going to get 30 days, but the last watch i tested. I think they said it was three three weeks standby and i easily usually got a full week. I had to adjust some settings like turn the screen brightness down and things like that. But i got a week i was. I was pretty pretty pleased so that’s that’s a whole bunch. Okay, i think so we are going to we got our. We got our phone here, we’re gon na move that off to the side for a minute and we’re gon na open this box. Okay, little little black box here, which is good, and this opens somehow i want to be – i want to be nice. Oh there we go. Oh that’s, nice presentation you’re like oh look, how bright that is well that’s a sticker, so it’s a sticker just accept that it’s, a sticker okay watch is coming out here, but oh yeah, that’s nice that’s got some that definitely has some weight to it. Yeah that’s good. I like that, all right and then hey, hey lau uh. It is here’s here’s. The one thing there’s hold the function button to power on your watch and the qr code will be displayed. Use your phone to scan the qr code to install the app that seems seems the fonts are legible, would like to see no actually they’re, not bad for for a manual.

This big they could have went a lot smaller. I don’t think they should have. They could have a lot of companies do so i like the fact that this actually has uh, readable, fonts, that’s, excellent and anything else in here we get a so this is our charger usb, a and it’s that we see this a lot. It’S kind of that magnetic on the back and that and that’s that’s it that’s that’s what’s in it. There you go thanks for stopping by no we’ll we’ll, do more we’ll do more. I can’t i’ll figure that part out later. I i like that it looks. It looks like a watch: okay, i’m gon na take it because i need to do it with this hand. Okay, you’re, going over there you’re coming on yep you’re coming on that’s a nice band too. Nothing wrong with that 40 bucks. Really, okay, 40 dollars. Is that right what it was? 40 bucks? 40 bucks? ‘. So we got our. We got our. We got our phone we’ll peel, the sticker off that’s that’s that’s, a nice looking watch. I, like the i don’t, know: it’s like a space. Grayish type outer rim, but it’s metal, i didn’t realize it was metal, that’s, really that’s. Really quite nice uh button wise. It looks like one button. The screen is going to be touch button. We’Re going to get my camera ready, we’re going to turn this on i’m. Guessing we just hold that that’s what i’m hoping there? It is: hey lao nice, little blue, all right, so here’s the code so we’re coming up here, all right.

It found something very nice, and now we now we wait now we wait hops this right into the app store, at least on on iphone yep get you guys, don’t get to see the next part because i’m going to be putting my password in and all that Fine stuff, but, as you guys can see already, it does have rays to wake because it’s off on. I, like that already i already like that, that’s a nice looking watch. Yes, sir that’s a nice looking watch forty dollars all right, open, okay, follow your every steps. Please agree to the privacy policy sure i got ta make an account all right. Uh hold on i’ll, be right back, so you can either do it by email. Just you know you can do it by email or you can do it by phone number or you can use uh facebook or apple. So i’m gon na i’m gon na actually just use facebook to log in yep. For me, it’s just quicker and easier. All right accepted, what are you male or female male uh, i don’t even know app, is based for height for calculating walking distance, so i’m going to go into feet, because i know that just better. So i am right there. Okay, uh, i know pounds app is based on pounds. This is all private. Now you guys trying to figure out all this information about me. I seem to you, know, got ta scroll more, but it needs it be.

Accurate, don’t be lying to it. Right app is based on calories, so this is this your age and again you can skip all this information, but if you are going to be using it as an activity activity tracker, the more information you can put in the better uh allow allow, while using all Right uh would like to use bluetooth. Yes, it would, please connect a device. Okay here we go. Please connect the device, so this yet next add i’m trying to searching that’s nice and bright look at it boom connecting yes connected. That was that was painless, completely painless. Painless, blue painless, getting historical data from the server just in case you had an account with them before with a different one of their devices. I won’t have any rocking and rolling look at that, so when we’re in the watch and i’m just playing with it. So when we’re here, let’s just display real fast, if we scroll down anything okay, so that’s, where we have kind of our general settings so do do not disturb find your phone uh, my guess would be screen bright or you got brightness yeah. So we can increase that and bring that up more excellent. That goes back. We have our settings so watch face. Oh, we do. We have different watch faces. Oh, we do have different watch faces depending on how classy you want to be. So if you want to be like super classy, look look at that that’s like i actually have a watch face on my apple watch it’s, just the dials like that that is so nice forty dollars, forty dollars.

Okay, all right! What else do we got scroll down back into settings brightness? Can i scroll with this no about power off reset, so not a lot of settings in there that’s, okay, uh there’s, your do not disturb right! There’S, your find your phone uh cool. Now, if we scroll up from the bottom, all right so there’s your stats, your your heart rate. So if i clicked on heart rate there, it is right, i’m, doing pretty good about 60. that’s about average i’m, not i’m, not overly excited right now, i’m. A little excited because you’re here but not overly, you know, oh see, i talked about getting excited. I got excited yeah all right, that’s, good sports. This is where you’re going to go into what you’re going to be doing so jogging fast, walking, biking et cetera, et cetera i’m with you weather and it pulled. I would think it pulled location data from your phone now. This doesn’t have a gps or anything like that in it, so it is pulling from your phone that’s nice, nothing wrong with that super happy there’s, your sleep tracker notice. So if you have notices or stuff like that, music settings more and your settings now in here bring this over here in here. You also have your home, your sports, your profile, your device. If i clicked on device, for instance right, you can go in and say heart rate settings. This is where you can choose all the settings for it phone now.

This doesn’t have a phone in the watch, but if you want the watch to vibrate when your phone rings, you can hit that now, just realize the more you turn on the less uh battery life. You’Re gon na have it’ll you won’t get 30 days. If you crank all these on and you’re someone who gets all this information right app, so these are different apps for for getting notifications. So if you want the new youtube to pop up all the time or instagram or whatever you can turn those on sedentary. So if you want something to tell you hey, you should not be sitting off. You go turn that on your alarm, light up, which i have open so that’s that raise to wake kind of feature that’s on, do not disturb more settings, firmware update anything anything. Any new update, i’m curious right now: i’m loving it already. The newest version – yeah um i’m gon na probably wear this for for the next week or so, and if i have any different conclusions that i have right now, i’ll leave them down below in the comments, but right now i think build quality super cool. I love that face it’s, just nice and simple right, that’s, really nice. I am going to go here, though so let’s let’s pretend real fast. I wanted to do a sport and i’m going to go for a fast walking. Three two one go and it changes to that watch face right now so it’s going to have you know, uh your information on it so seconds, it’s going to have your distance, so distance, wise, you’re, gon na, have to make sure you bring your phone with you Right so put it in your backpack, your pocket or whatever again, no gps.

This is gon na use that gps data is what they usually do, as well as some of that height information that you put in, because it uses that as a guesstimate as your stride, distance and your your heart rate information and then when you’re finished with it Right you just kind of tap on it. Tells you your your stuff, you know tap again pause. Nope, stop, are you sure yep? It said it’s too short to record. That makes sense. Okay, that’s that’s, pretty that’s the sweetness and then, if i slide this way anything oh yeah does your take a break. So i need to it’s your breathe app. I like that. Oh and this one just kind of cycles through all kinds of stuff: 40 bucks, five star review 1028 at time of filming yeah. I agree well done not bad at all. Yeah i’m gon na leave links below if you’re interested. In this i love the metal band.