This is ryan gregory and welcome to my youtube channel. So today i will be doing an unboxing and review more sort of like a first impression of the huawei watch. Film. Yes, guys, huawei watch fit is the most affordable. I would say smartwatch offered by huawei it retails for only 4999 and at the pusha sobrangan it has a 10 days of battery life and online i’m dying previous, so let’s get into it it’s same day, delivery, four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and someone excited So this is the huawei watch field that was lemon free baseball. We do have a huawei mini speaker. This uh, i think unique it’s. Whatever this is free huawei year it is a night life or moonlight. I, so the research goes if a flashbang has a screen. So i’m not planning to open this too i’m planning. To give this to my sister shout out: kai abigail, galicia, my sister, so this is like a christmas gift for her. This is a bluetooth speaker, a stereo pair amazing sound with deep bass. I am so huawei puyo brandi, so so let’s move on at the puyo watch very minimally in packaging. Imagine for four thousand eight hundred ninety nine pesos, though i am it’s a 1.64 inch amoled display long battery life 10 days, no pusha 12 animated fitness course at the meguma gala miss una, para, instructor 96, workout modes, scientific workout guidance, full health monitoring built in gps And 5 atm water resistance: yes, male 1 blood, oxygen level, heart rate, uh stress level and sleep uh tracker actually using the huawei health applications, so it was android ios devices.

So boxing again upon opening the box, watch, documentations manuals and warranty guide and bitterness Music. You can use it to charge the device so at the pull unicode. So that is the i think, the fitness, the health fitness tracker magnetically and it will charge for one hour long now and 13 minutes, and it will give you 10 days of battery life. Out of the box, it’s 64 percent magnet, so all you have to do – is pair it with the huawei health application, very natural wheel, bearing process unfortunately i’m using the huawei phone for vlogging, because gallery Music excited foreign Music. We have activity records, sleep stress, breathing, music, parama controlling music’s, a phone that it will work on spotify as well, but the remote chatter opening camera young phone and then it removed notifications and notifications, Music on instagram feed and text. Your smart. Only only all the text will expire facebook and then you can clear it reply using the device, but you will just be notified limitation as compared to apple watch. It will only show you a notification but that’s okay. This is not really a smart watch. This is a huawei watch, fit or a fitness band, Music alarm and then there’s, Music, i’m and then the settings. So as a display. We can select the watchmade at the poem stand by watch and stand by watch. It always on display, perhaps because it Music, Music and about so interesting feature in yanawala smartwatch built in personal trainer, so so work out.

Medical 12 fitness courses ayan, for example, burn fat, fast, full body stretch signal nothing and burn fat fast again, you can touch to start 20 seconds, it’s, very, very beautiful, sumerian, personal trainer. You can follow this. You can follow this again so 20 seconds and then afterwards, hamstring stretch, that was my vibration, 3, 2, 1 and then game so 16 times search internet. This is built into the device. So stop nothing yet and then it can measure your heart rate, so click that pull the thighs hardly Music. This is only available in version apple watch pero di 499 na huawei watch available pusha. So it will take a minute so that’s good, so marooned into Music, and then we also have the sleep tracking, sleeve six hours and three minutes again so indeed eight hours. And then there is a stress level. So basically, stress level 15, which is relaxed normal, pose hunger, 59, the normal stress level, soybeans have been Laughter and then, lastly, we have the breathing exercises guys. Thank you very much for watching once again that’s the review of the huawei watch fit now. I would highly recommend this features: name wrist and then Music, so by the way, my name again is ryan gregory. Thank you very much for watching. If you like this video, please subscribe and click that bell notification. Button notification, everything with my content like this.