This is the third edition of the watch gt2 series and, like its name suggests, it is the most complete most premium watch so far, but it’s not perfect, as you’ll see and like with any third edition. It has a lot to live up to after the successes of the first two huawei really have repeated a winning formula here, but it’s not quite as simple as that, and there are a few things you will need to know going in, but first let’s start at The beginning, quick, disclaimer huawei, reached out to sponsor this video, but, as always, all views are my own, both good and bad. So the change in design is subtle on the pro but there’s, no denying it’s a beauty, and even though this watch is designed to be used for health and fitness with some really impressive features which we’ll get to there is no doubt about it. The 46.7 millimeter gt2 pro is for those who want that air of elegance it’s, a very dressy smartwatch it’s, probably the most expensive, most premium, looking and feeling smartwatch i’ve tested so far, titanium body ceramic back and a sapphire glass face covering the 1.’ inch amoled display. Make for a truly exquisite device – and one great thing here, is the fact that, because you have the dials actually sitting on top of that bezel, it gives you that illusion of that full diameter which again likens the gt2 pro to a classy dress, watch kind of.

If james bond were to wear a smart watch and no before you start asking i’m not going gon na be the next james bond, i actually turned it down. Believe it or not. Definitely didn’t want me to be james bond. The sapphire glass material actually reaches nine on the mohs hardness scale and in comparison diamonds, which are pretty much scratch. Proof are 10 on the scale, and most glass is roughly around six or six and a half. So these combination of materials really make the gt2 pro durable as well kind of beauty and brawn don’t do that. This watch also comes with a kind of gray brown leather strap, but in the box you also get a black fluoro elastomer one as well. So if you did want to dress the watch down, you can do so we get it. It looks really nice and premium, but what are some of the standout features? Well, of course, we have the much talked about spo2 or blood oxygen saturation measure, which calculates how much oxygen is present in your blood helpful if you suffer from lung or heart conditions, and also, if you’re, into high intensity or extreme sports as well, and if you Work a lot in high altitudes, because the oxygen levels up there are obviously much lower average scores will generally be in the mid to high 90s and anywhere under 90. For a prolonged period of time could be a cause for concern.

Although of course like with any current smartwatch, that has this feature, these measurements are guides only and should not be treated as official medical counts. The watch also uses an upgraded low power. Consumption heart rate monitoring technology, which, with a six in one led lens, helps the light to penetrate through blood and bring a continuous and accurate heart rate count combined with an ai, smart heart rate algorithm. The watch will also alert you if your heart rate gets a little bit too high or a little bit too low, which is quite handy as well as heart rate. There’S. Also stress monitoring, step counter sleep tracking and up to 100 plus workout modes, all available to track within the huawei health app, which is pretty detailed and easy to navigate. If you want access to some of these modes, not in the app and you want it straight from the watch, you have two crown buttons on the right hand, side which provide shortcut, access to various menu items and the bottom one can be customized to quick launch To your desired destination, we also have the much desired, always on display feature which on this watch, i absolutely love, because you can choose between having a digital one and a analog one and the analog one just looks straight fire, especially when you can customize the hour Hand color as well and i’ve chosen red. I think it looks pretty sick now, of course, having an always on display feature on.

It will drain the battery a little bit more, but you really don’t have to worry in the battery department because you get up to around two weeks battery in normal use conditions, so even with always on display on i’ve had absolutely no problems whatsoever. It’S been brilliant. This thing goes for days and days and days. A lot of this battery performance comes as a direct result of huawei’s self developed, low power, wearable kiran a1 chip that powers it charging has been really nice and quick, and you get wireless charging as well, which is really really handy. So it should work with pretty much any qi enabled wireless charging and it’s. The first watch in the series to support reverse wireless charging as well. So you can charge your watch using a compatible smartphone. That also offers that feature. The kirin a1 also helps to create an on the whole, really nice and smooth experience on the whole. You still don’t get smartphone style performance from the likes of these no watch currently does that we are still a little bit behind when it comes to the power of the chips that are used in smartwatches, and that is something to consider uh, because the future is Potentially changing fairly rapidly, but more on that in a second, the features of the watch that i’ve mentioned so far pretty much run across the series as a whole, but there’s a couple of new modes on here which are quite interesting, there’s, a new golf driving range Mode which can analyze your swing, posture, monitoring, average backswing average downswing average swing, tempo average swing, speed and fastest swing.

There is also a new skiing mode to add to the already expansive 15 other professional workout modes, including, amongst others, running climbing cycling, hiking and swimming with its 5 atm rating. Once your workouts are over, the smartwatch will stop tracking and generate a data report for you. So it’s really simple to monitor your progress. The gt2 pro can also auto, detect six workout modes, and all you need to do is simply press. Yes, that is correct. You don’t need to update or adjust any settings whatsoever. It will just go straight into that. Workout mode, which i think is really handy, especially if you repeat a lot of workout modes like walking, hiking, etc and speaking of hiking, if you’re out and about on a walk or a hike and you get lost, it has a gps route back feature. So if you don’t have your phone on, you it’ll still enable you to get home safely with voice guidance too. You can also download music to your watch to use when you’re out with its four gigabytes of storage, and you get notified of changing weather conditions. Swiping down on the weather section gives you access to sunrise sunset and ocean tide times and with its built in barometric altimeter. You can be aware of the air pressure conditions around you and can activate severe weather alerts in settings. Even when your smartwatch is offline again really useful, if you’re out and about on a very changeable day, sunny one minute thunderstorm the next, no thank you, i’m, going to be avoiding i’m going.

To avoid that, my watch has told me it’s time to go, see you later before we get to the big discussion about this watch. A couple more features: you have remote shutter 3, which allows you to activate the shutter on your huawei smartphone camera by pressing the camera icon. You can control calls as well accepting or rejecting to your heart’s content, and you can of course, customize. The watch face also there’s, not an abundance of available faces, but i certainly feel like there is enough options to customize your watch to your preference and my personal favorite. Is this black taiwan, because again the next james bond? No still not okay, one cool feature. If you do decide to spice up your watch, face a little bit outside of the sort of built in custom watch faces that you can choose from is one hop watch face one. It allows you to port any image from your smartphone to your watch with just one tap using nfc, providing your phone has nfc, of course, now outside of that, you can’t install third party watch faces and you can’t respond to notifications. It’S, simply you see it. You decide whether you want to then go to your phone to respond, and that leads me back to software and hardware and my original point of the start. How does the third edition live up to the first two, and should you buy it now like with all huawei gt2 watch devices, it is running with huawei’s lite os it’s, not new, but it definitely feels like it’s, been optimized marginally better on the pro than the Previous in the series, certainly not night and day, but it just feels that little bit slightly smoother.

But that might just be me, but with the four gigabytes of storage and 32 megabytes of ram we’re, pretty much looking at the same internals as the other two in the series. So if you already have a gt2 or gt2e it’s, a little bit harder for me to recommend because it’s not too much different internally with the pro. Also, with the turn of the year, almost upon us and rumors of brand new, exciting software and hardware from huawei, are there gon na be big leaps next year from them in a few months time? Obviously time will tell we don’t know for sure, but it is again something to consider. Do you bite the bullet now and buy a pretty brilliant watch, or do you wait a few months? Maybe something is drastically different again? Who knows with all that being said, if you currently don’t own one of the previous gt2 watches or you’re, just simply a sucker for that brand new premium? Looking design – and i can’t blame you on that one, it really is a butte, then this is by far the most complete and my favorite huawei watch going. Let me know in the comment section below what you think of the huawei watch gt2 pro. Is it the best smartwatch going right now? Is there something better for a similar price? All links will be left in the video description below, so you can go through and check it out if you want more information or indeed want to go and purchase it from the huawei website drop a like on the video.