Today we are going to unbox the hw12 smartwatch, the copy of iwatch se and it’s. This is the box looks like okay. This is the best watch. I ever seen this type of watch, never it’s a good quality and build quality. Was good here’s? The features some features you can see is a 124 gram watch, bluetooth, 2.0 and let’s unbox this watch and see what’s inside the box and inside we get a silicon belt attached to the watch. We can change this to silicon belt. Instead, you have a magnetic pin charger it’s a poco pin charger. You can see. There are two pins yeah it’s, a two pin pocket, pin charger and it’s the s2 uh sw two volts mod watch. Okay, you can see it’s so thick. This watch is so thick compared to the w26 best selling watch. This is the indian unit you can buy from india in all over india shipping available. This watch is 44 mm 41 mm only and the crown is working and the power button also working. This is a good watch. I ever seen, and one minus point is this watch have only four watch faces only, but you can add so many watch versus from your phone of gallery. You can see it have so many sensors, i think it it will work. Accurate let’s check the video and you can see the overview of this watch. However, it’s it’s, the build quality was good. Okay, you can remove the belt also.

This is what for money. This is a series six copy, i mean uh. I i watch ac copy. You can remove the belt also, and then this is the power button that’s be on yeah it’s on you can see, it have full display 1.75 inch, full display watch and we one two. Three four: five: there are five watch faces in spree installed in this watch, but we can add extra watch faces via the connecting app okay it’s a full display. The quality of display was good let’s check. Some watch faces this style to see the chrono is working. Scroll button is working yeah, you can see. The scroll button is working. This is the 3d animation overlapper, oh it’s cool. You can see it’s a hd display not actual brush, but hd display. The battery life is confirmed. You can get five days battery life on it without connecting to the phone. If you connect to the phone, it will come just three days: only i’m, not lying it’s, a true it’s, a heart rate monitor i don’t, know it’s accurate or um. We can add some components: music, uh, outright, monitor music player. You can add something here: okay, let’s. We go to the main menu and see how smooth is this watch it does. I, it is a main menu. You can see the crown working wow you can see. It’S just like og watch has smooth experience. You can feel the smooth you can see the smooth textures see it’s a touch was accurate, dimming powerhouse screen of time wake up to rise up to on the screen.

So many features in this watch. The main thing is, you can install more watch faces from the app you can see. The chrono is working like just like goji, i mean original watch and you can see zoom out zoom in. We can zoom this like only because it’s not like a fk 88 watch, fk 88 smartwatch will soon means the app will open, but this watch have so smooth it’s the best watch in industry, because the build quality was wholesale. You can see the bp and breathy. We have dimming option me, auto brightness, with calculator emergency class. Later you can see it’s, accurate and check to take photo or press to take photo by bluetooth connecting screen. Dimming means auto brightness. I mean um timer screen on time, and this is the data for the fitness and sorry guys. We are going to off cut this video. If you want to buy link in description, you can buy shipping all over. India will not have see what you only prepared.