This is the w98 plus smartwatch. If you just see my uh social media video. What pop on my social media, if you don’t follow me, make sure you follow me, you would know that actually got kind of scammed with this or i was fooled into thinking. I was getting something, but i i didn’t so reason being. Is this w98 plus smartwatch? The reason why i bought it is because it actually stated that actually has always on display and it’s a series. Six clone, as you can see, with the picture here, it’s got the power button micro towel on this crown. Well it’s. Nothing like that. We’Re going to get into anyways people but, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. I always pull sneak peeks on my social media, so make sure you do follow me in there anyways. You would know what this video is about if you did so. This is a w98 plus smartwatch passionate from now on sports. Smart health watch it’s supposed to look like this, but it doesn’t you’ll, find out later in the video you’ve got uh different watch faces. Uh i’ve actually opened this and checked it out and it’s nothing what he actually said. It says that you would get more than about five or six watch faces um um, but you don’t, you only get about four or five which you’re going to see.

So you do get notifications from your phone music, heart rate, whatsapp, cycling, uh, temperature and immune no idea what that mean is because the race you’re gon na get is something different, so it comes in a few different colors. Now, when i actually purchased this from aliexpress, i got it for just under 17 pounds. I know it’s really cheap, but it would have been good if you did have it always on display uh, but you get what you pay for anyways, so i don’t know. If i got scammed or fooled, let me know in the comment section below anyways: if they did actually advertise something, i would actually expect it, but i didn’t so yeah. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below let’s get straight into it anyways. This is what the watch looks like, so you get a black watch band. This actually looks used check that out. Does that look used or not? Look at that kind of looks use that one and i’m not going to use the watch, but i just checked out the watch itself. I didn’t even use the watch button. This is the charger that you get. You get a two pin old style charger, which you put the watch on top and it charges from there and you also get some manuals now. I want you to show you one thing in the manual, so it comes with english and chinese uh. You can download the app by using the qr code.

The app is wear fit 2.0, but this is what i wanted to actually show you. So hopefully it zooms in and if you read no uh number 19, it actually says settings, including bluetooth, long line mode, which that is the always on display, do not disturb mode device. Information and power display, dimute and vibrate sos. So that is in the settings, make sure you actually remember that the settings style actually stays in the manuals, because when we get into the settings of this piece of uh don’t swear, watch you’re gon na see what kind of setting we get. So here we have. It it’s it’s supposed to look like a series: six or even series, five clone and it doesn’t you don’t even get a on and off button right. There you just get a micro towel and the crown and the crown doesn’t even actually work. Well, i know for just under 17 pounds. It is really cheap, but don’t bother buying this. So it comes with a 1.5 uh. Four inch display it’s tft square screen. Uh the battery they said is a lithium polymer battery. The capacity is 200 mah. It takes around three hours to fully charge it it’s a zinc alloy, the shell, you get a silicon black strap with it, and it runs anything from 4.4 upwards of android and anything over ios 8 as well, and it has a few different languages. So that is the information about this watch and taking a look at the back as you can see the sensors, they don’t actually work you’re gon na find out later in the video.

You got the two pin here for your charger, and that is about it. So the scroll doesn’t work, there’s no power button and the screen is really small, as you get a big bezel at the bottom as you’re going to see when i switch it on. So you get a vibrate mode, no idea why you get a star tron as well a really cheap one, as you can see like check that out. What i did find with this watch is uh to scroll it down. You come to your notifications, your messages to scroll it up. You get your shortcuts, but when you go into settings it doesn’t, actually, let you get into settings until you’ve, connected it to the phone and no idea. Why but do remember what i actually stayed in the manual where, when you put the settings up, so let me just show you what else you get when you scroll it up. You’Ve got your loud button which you have to dab into you. Have this your style button as well um when you go back and you slide it into menu? Well, that didn’t work, did it let’s go back style? Did that work? No, it didn’t! So you’ve got to dab it really hard for it to work. Let’S! Try it again so not yet that’s changed let’s go back, and here we have it. So, as you can see, the crown does not work, so you just got to push it in to go back and push it to go into the menu that’s.

All it is then hold it in to switch on and hold it to switch off. But let me put it back to the nine up well, for that view. So you’ve got your workout you’re running what else you’ve got, which one is this one that’s your calories and how, when you’re walking cycling climbing? I think this is yes, climbing mode football mode. Uh badminton mode uh night mode – i presume that is music you’ve got to connect it to your phone to get music. This is your temperature as well and settings. You were connected to your phone. I have no idea why that is on and off button that’s. The find my watch bluetooth it just gives you the information w98 plus the serial number as well, and the version 5.0.1 brightness it doesn’t give you anything error whatsoever of the always on display, and that is about it. I think yes, so what we’ll do now is. Let me show you how to get all these to work when you want to download the app you need to download. Is this where fit 2.0 um? If you don’t want to access put your details in, you can just do direct access and the bluetooth is off. So what we need to do is put bluetooth on, and the watch is already on anyway. So you’ve got to connect it twice: w98 to use your phone uh features like your calls and whatnot. So you’ve got to make sure you connect that.

But if you go back and you go into mine, what we need to do is connection management and it says unbound bind bracelet, so it’s searching, hopefully you’ll get w98 plus right there. So searching click on the device to bind. Yes, we’ll click it connecting and it’s connected from there and, as you can see here, let’s press pair okay. What we need to do is go into um. Allow notifications, yes, and, as you can see here, we’ve got to do w98 call that’s a successful forget device. So we’ve got to wait for the w98 call, so we can use the call features on there. So if you go back, press ok go back into you should get your w98 call right there, so that just activates everything – and now you can actually use the app from here. So, if you’re going to device management, the only good thing i actually like about this is uh. You can actually switch your race to bro the bright screen and that’s about it. That’S the only good thing about it and the layouts as well so check this out. You can actually change like. Let me just show you the watch faces on here. So if you hold the um screen in and you only can change it so there’s, only four or five watch faces and that’s about it. So we’ll change it to that one. Now, as you can see here, you can actually customize your own uh image onto the watch, so choose from album.

Let’S choose my old um. Also it’s called the type of which award is also they send it now. You’Ve got to wait for that to add on so it’s sent successfully and let’s, see how it looks check that out that’s the only thing i like about this watch, you can put your own watch face on it and it looks good well. The car looks good on this smartwatch check that out that’s. The only thing i like about this, so let me just show you something else as well now, on the um, the what was another manual, they actually said when you’re going to setting you can actually change between the always on display and a few others. So when you’re going to set it here, this is all you get dial, mu, dial, vibration or call vibration. That is also i’m trying to swipe it left right. It doesn’t do anything. It just goes back to the main screen, so that is really really crap. Let’S swipe it up again and show you that’s about it so bluetooth as well. It just shows you that, and that is about it, so you can’t actually change the always on display, which that was a failure right there. But if you go back – and yet you might be in here so i’ve actually checked this out as well. I’Ve raised the bright to bright screen connection management. I’Ve tried everything if you’re going to settings here. It just shows you the clear phone data restore factory settings, and that is about it to be honest, so there’s, nothing on here whatsoever to actually state that you can actually put you always on display and it’s it’s a bit crap.

This watch to you have to go into connect the phone from the app you can’t connect it. While the app is uh well it’s, the young got the up, so you need a phone with this w98 plus let’s, see if the race to brightness or which means raise to wake, is working on this. Yes, it does take it back off so yeah at least that works anyway. So when you’re going to intelligent reminder, you can actually do do not disturb app notifications. These are the notifications that you can use, and that is about it. So what i’m going to do now is, let me just show you race to wake again. If it works. Yes, it doesn’t work. So what we’ll do now is let’s go into home and check the heart rate real time. We need real time people. We need real time so let’s check it out, says here being measured. Please wait patiently, it doesn’t say anything on the watch, but it actually says here: 84 beats per minute box on the w98 plus it’s, showing 106 beats per minute. This one actually says measuring i’ll. Do it again, and that is actually saying 77 beats per minute – no idea! Why no idea why anyways i’ve got to do that for another video to see if actually works, but anyways uh yeah. This goes to show that you don’t know if you actually really gain um real time. You know information about these health apps when it comes to these sensors but anyways i’m going to leave it from there.

If you’re thinking about, if you’ve seen the advert these advertise, the w98 plus my devices don’t get it, i know it’s cheap don’t get me wrong, but it’s really hard to use that’s all i’m going to say. Did i get scammed, no idea? I’M, not even going to actually use this myself. It was just a cheat, was just to show you what the w98 plus is like, even though the w series uh they do have good watch like the w26 w46 w56. This one is just a cheaper version and it’s crap, so don’t bother buying it anyways.