That uh is slightly different to what i would normally feature. This is uh. Not a swiss made watch it’s, one of the so called cheaper brands called ingersoll. Now they’ve been around a long time, but are not so well known in this country, but i saw this watch a while back and thought that looks attractive. Let’S, give it a go and when it arrived i was not disappointed. So here it is it’s the ingersoll scoville it’s an automatic watch and it can be well it retails around about 350 pounds but i’m sure. If you look around you’ll, get it a lot cheaper than that, and it really surprised me, and it goes to show that you don’t always have to stick to the luxury swiss made watches. If you want something that looks classy and doesn’t cost a fortune, i think, if you look hard, you can find this watch for around about 200 pounds, which is incredible value for what you’re getting it is a automatic myota movement. The case size is 43 mil thickness. 15 mil has an aluminium rotating unit, unidirectional bezel and a wonderful domed crystal it’s, not sapphire, but it doesn’t matter because it’s fantastic, look at that profile very classy. Now this watch does have a resemblance to a certain omega which is no problem at all. I really love the rose gold markers there finishing on the indices and the hand stairs excellent for watching this price bracket. It’S surprisingly high end, there are no rough edges on the application of those markers and they catch the light superbly.

I was really surprised when i first looked at this dial in detail like this. I did not expect the finishing to be that good. As you can see, the markers are filled with loom and the hands and, on the second hand too, you have a small date window at a three o’clock position. It has a screw down crown nice smooth action, not gritty at all excellent. As you can see, this watch is 100 meter water resistant. It has a uni directional rotating bezel, which is a nice action, no back plate. There lines up well, the 43mm case is brushed all around on the sides. The top of the lugs are brushed, but the chamfered edge is polished. Giving an interesting contrast there with brushed and polished the case back is transparent, got an exhibition case back there and there’s the movement, which is nicely decorated. That’S one of the nicer looking miota movements, i’ve seen the edge of the case back, is interesting with the stepped ridge outside it. There it’s quite an attractive movement by my other good you’ve got the crown which is brushed it’s not signed. The one negative about this watch was the strap it came on. This is not the original strap. This has been changed to a better leather strap. It came on it came on a thick leather strap that was quite stiff and uh unattractive, so it’s been replaced with this one. The watch keeps good time, it’s very attractive, well made good finishing, and i strongly recommend this watch to anyone that’s looking to get an automatic watch for under 300 pounds.

This one will be hard to beat i’ll just show you quickly what it looks like on the wrist it is, it feels it looks. A lot smaller than 43 mil sits well with the curved lugs at the end. We’Ll have a quick look at the loom shot. Now so i just want to point out that when i read up and on the brand of ingersoll, there are a lot of so called watch dogs out there that rubbish it, but, based on this, i don’t see how they can. I read a lot of comments. People saying oh, why don’t you get a seiko or citizen for that price. Well, i have to say i haven’t seen many seikos or citizens under 500 pounds. Don’T, look as good as this it’s got a citizen movement in it anyway. So why why why people always putting off these other brands that just because they haven’t got the same marketing budget behind them, so the awareness isn’t there it doesn’t mean they’re inferior. This is a superb watch and equal to any seiko or citizen that i’ve seen at that price and maybe even better so don’t be put off by those people that rubbish these other so called brands that aren’t so well known, it’s worth a look. You could be missing something fantastic by being scared to try a less well known brand. This is a very good watch. It has a good, reliable automatic movement. It’S well made very attractive and hard to beat at that price, so that wraps up this review of the ingersoll scoville automatic.