This was delivered to us from the bangled website with the price retailing at 36 pounds that’s around 46 in u.s dollars. As you can see, there is that engraved depiction of the earphones and smartwatch to the front of the box and to the back. It states that this smartwatch is indeed ip67 waterproof. The earphones within the smartwatch are running the latest bluetooth, 5.0 technology and yep. There is a qr code to the ray which, when scanned, it will take you to that fit app, making sure to install it to get the most out of the smartwatch features inside the box. We have a really clear, detailed user manual. Again, we have the the fitter qr code inside and yes, everything comes very well packaged very well presented, in fact, with a little box to the bottom that contains one magnetic usb charge: cable, one set of rather small earphone ear tips. Oh a free screen protector too, and looking at the smartwatch itself. Hmm it doesn’t look too bad at all. It does have a very informative screen sheet to the front stating that we should long press the boot and that we should charge before using let’s go ahead and peel it off. Oh okay, so underneath it looks like we’ve already got a screen protector, that’s already fitted that’s good. This watch does come with a black and red detachable tpu watch band. You can get this particular watch in various different colors like black dover, green gold and red, which is what we’ve got right here, which does have that heart rate sensor to the rear, with those dual charge pin connectors that’s when the charge cable is indeed connected.

It does connect magnetically with a full charge that should take just under two hours. You can see we have them built in earphones nope. I don’t think these are spring activated to take them out, but in fact there is a little ridge just here where you can insert your nail and pull them out again. We’Ve got dual charge: pin connectors inside, but wow these tws earphones are super small let’s place them back in for now, but you know what lights from the off. I have noticed that this watch face. Well, the size of the screen is a bit of an illusion. It’S, certainly not a widescreen picture, almost perfectly square, in fact, like you get on most smartwatches with the noticeable blank sides to the left and the right so yeah a square touchscreen, oh what’s, going on with this now just work, oh so guys, all right so it’s Been quite a busy evening so shortly after this smartwatch was started up, we did play a bit of music off screen, but then the watch completely shut off. No, the touchscreen, doesn’t work and what’s even worse is that this smartwatch is now unable to charge it’s a bit of a shame really now within that short music. Listening time it was rather limited and i’ve got to say you shouldn’t expect great audio when it comes to these earphones. For example, the bass was pretty much minimal, with quite below average, mid and high tones.

Yes, they did have touch activated controls for the previous net track, selections, etc. But i mean what can i say about this akt91 when it actually doesn’t work and we are not able to have a look at the features huh, i mean from the start, this bakey t91 smartwatch was looking rather promising it’s hard to judge really at this moment. In time, i think it would be wrong to give this particular watch any type of rating, and we do hope that this may be just a one off so just to confirm. We have contacted and they have been rather swift and quick to fully reimburse me on what i paid that is, after i confirmed it was indeed faulty after sending them a short video of the problem i was having, but for now i think everything belongs right. Back in the box, preferably with the lid nailed on with this t91 smartwatch being deader than a doornail, we have a quick review. We didn’t expect this to happen today, but what can i say you can check this smartwatch out. If you wish, i will leave a link in the video description down below and you might get lucky. You might get a good one and if you have guys please comment down below, let us know what your experience with this t91 smartwatch. How has it been for? You and have you had the same problem but yeah that’s about it really, while you’re in that video description, please go ahead and smash that, like button, please subscribe to this channel making sure you hit that bell notification option.

Now we do pick some products sometimes and hope for the best, and today unfortunately, it’s not been one of those days, but at least you know what we’ve been quite truthful and we’re sticking to what we promised, and that is to give you guys a really 100 Truthful review, but we will return very soon with some new videos, so stay tuned for them. So thanks for watching guys, i really appreciate it and peace chop this watch in the bin.