Today we got the evo w26, 40 millimeter and now let’s have a look. The size is 40 millimeter and it also is ip68 waterproof. Now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see the watch, it is also very beautiful and then is a magnetic charger and the menu now let’s see the watch. This watch only has one round circle button, and there is no long button here, and here is the speaker, and here is the charging interface. Also, this watch can exchange straps and it can fit all those 40 millimeter or 38 millimeter apple watch, straps now let’s power on the watch, then let’s compare the 40 millimeter and the 44 millimeter version, and here is the 44 millimeter and you can compare the size And you can compare the size so which size do you prefer all those functions of the 40 millimeter version are same as the 44 millimeter version. You can refer our previous videos to have a look of the details. Functions.