So this particular model here has a touchscreen on the rear, nice small compact size and, as the name suggests records in 1600 p that’s at 30 frames per. Second, you can drop the resolution down to full hd to get 60 frames per. Second, it’s got a couple of built in smart features, so it can see the traffic light change and let you know advise you and if the car ahead of you is moving, it’s got a parking mode built in gps there’s, an application which i’ll run through and Show you and, of course, some daytime samples, nighttime samples inside the box. You will find here a user manual, so this is just a basic, quick guide about setting it up the installation and even just instructions on how to use it, where everything is very straightforward and you’ll see that we have the dash cam right there. So it does have some plastic over the screen to protect it from scratches and transit, and i will take a detailed look at that very shortly. You can see it, and here we do have our car charger now. This car charger is quite a basic one, so it’s not a quick charge supporting one for your phones or anything like that. You may possibly have a better charger in your car, so this one is one amp or the 2.1 amps. So it’s got two usb ports on it, and right under here, you’ll find our very long micro usb to usb cable here.

So why is it so long? Of course, this is for the routing of the cable, if you were to put it around your windscreen and set it up properly and have it right in the middle just under where your rear view mirror is so the build quality of this dash cam. It is reasonably good. The plastics it doesn’t feel cheap, it’s quite solid, the base here, where it does actually count, and it feels like it’s even got metal right in here. So moving this it is very stiff. So this is not going to be rattling around shaking and it shouldn’t give you shaky footage as well up here at the top. We have our sticky side, so this needs to be pulled off. Of course, when you mount it to your inside of your windscreen, and they do recommend that, of course, you clean the windscreen first to maintain and get that absolute best suction on here, so it’s not ever going to drop off, especially if your car is sitting out On the sun, or something like that that’s, the last thing you want so just under here it’s a little bit difficult to see right there. We have our micro sd card slot, so that’s, where we put our storage in, of course, we’re going to need to do that. There’S no built in storage on this and on the sides here, just a little bit of a decal there, some painted on little marks down the bottom.

Here we have the serial number and we do have a reset button and our microphone. So yes, it does have built in audio our little touch screen here on the back, which is color. I’Ll, show you more of this later on and up here at the front. That is the lens there, so it’s an f 1.6 lens, and you can see the maximum resolution that’s at 30 frames per second, so the menu system very simple, and it doesn’t really have too much lag to it so that’s to connect to the application that you Scan that qr code it’s currently recording right now, so you can see the speakers enabled microphone is enabled the location so that’s, gps and wireless as well is currently on. So if you swipe down from the top, you get quick toggles for all four of those to turn them on and off. Swiping from the bottom here gets us into the setting menus and it’s very straightforward and easy to use so getting out of this back again. You swipe here, and you can also see and play back your footage, so you’ve got also that’s the looped video you have. The incident view so as soon as it detects like a jolt, if i just give it a whack now, it makes like a beep noise if it’s recording in the recording mode – and it will save that and you’ve got also this right here. Installation guide just to tell you where the horizon is, so you can line the camera up correctly and now the application.

So you download this from google play store or your app store. It is called hi dash, cam, you connect up to the dash cam and then you can set a password for the wireless connection when it’s connected up so first off, i will show you the settings so there’s a lot of settings in here that you don’t actually Have on the dash camera itself, you can set the resolution. The frame rate i’ll show you those options we do have with this, so there are various different options i like to have it on the 1600p for the maximum resolution. 30 frames per. Second, i think is enough for me, but if you want the more smooth and fluid 60 frames per second it’s, only unfortunately, at 1080p with this particular model would have been nice if we did have 1600 p and the 60 frames per second. But we don’t. Why dynamic range i do recommend enabling this just so you can get a little bit more details and things in there. You can also set options like, for example, when it boots up. If you don’t want that little chime to go off every time, you connect it up. When you start your car just disable, it display the speed options. Various different different other options in here like parking monitor. If you want that now that does not have a battery built into this okay, so you need constant power to it. It may have to be hardwired, depending on your car’s connection.

There, your power point there for the cigarette lighter for my car it’s. Only when i have accessories on when i start the car and it powers up – turns itself on all the time, which is what i actually prefer there and you do have other options there to set, for example, the units metric. So your miles per hour, kilometers per hour, you get the idea. There are a few options in there that you can tweak, which is handy to have, but let’s get on to that footage. Now so under playback you can take a look at everything it’s, a nice neat timeline here, so you can have a look and say: okay, that trip that we went on. That was about four o’clock you can see, and if someone pulled out in front of you, you wanted to get their number plate details or whatever you can find it download. The footage then as well. So right here is the download option. Now this is, of course, wirelessly done download speeds about four megabytes per second, with this particular phone i have so. If you want three minutes of footage – and you know exactly where it is, you find it here with the preview simply hit download and you’ll get that footage on your phone, so you don’t have to take out the micro sd card. Put it in a computer. You can easily get the footage on your phone straight away and that’s handy if you have a small accident or whatever you need that footage.

So the installation is straightforward. You just need to tear off the top plastic, of course, and then place it where you think is best for you now, because my car has this camera module here. That’S always looking forward at the road to see if we veer off the road to wake us up i’m going to have to put it to either side of that, and it looks like it’s in the way now, i can’t actually see the screen when i’m driving, Because my rear view mirror is going to be in the way here, but that’s, not a problem for me, so i’m – probably going to mount it either here on this side, that’s on the driver’s side, but it’s, probably better out of the way here up here on The passenger side there just for me but it’s down to personal preference, where you want to put it as long as, of course, you’re going to get a very good clear view of the road ahead and as for our cable management, here, i’m going to route it Just up here in the trim, i’ve got a bit of a gap here so that’s great. It gets it out of the way going to cause no damage whatsoever to this. So just push the cable all up around here – i’m gon na route. It down this side of the pillar and then to where the cigarette lighter is, and, as i mentioned at the beginning, there is an ai mode that does detect when the traffic lights turn green or if the car in front of you moves here is a sample Of it in action, traffic light turns green and what you’re listening to is the sample of the built in microphone 2 as well.

So, yes, it does do an okay job. You can hear conversations if that’s needed. Of course, if someone crashes into you – and you want to uh quickly, just spit out all the details that the guy pulled out of a stop sign, he didn’t stop hit you whatever at least the mic is there for that, which is great um. Okay and now a low light sample, so this area, where i’m shooting at is the port of denia mediterranean coast of spain, where i do actually shoot a lot of my low light. Footage for the mobile phones are reviewing the camera comparisons. Okay, so the build quality of this dash cam is very good. Now it doesn’t shake or wobble around it’s, very solid, the base. You can move it and adjust it and the setup is so easy. They help you with the horizon guide as well, just to get it all nice and level to make sure you’re getting the maximum in the shot. Now, what about that video quality? I showed you. I think the daytime footage definitely it’s clear, it’s, bright, it’s sharp. You can see lots of details and, of course, if you’re not happy with the 30 frames per second, you can sacrifice on the sharpness drop it down to full hd now, it’s, a shame it doesn’t do 60 frames per second at 1600 p. That would be good, and the market, of course, is flooded with a lot of 4k that actually aren’t 4k dash cams.

Now most of them will be 1440p, they upscale to 4k, so it’s, not really that much sharper. At least the sharpness with this footage is good. Nighttime footage isn’t, like amazing, but it’s still decent enough. You can see what is going on. You can see the cars in front of you. Someone pulls out in front of you and capture all the information you need now. The application is straightforward and easy to use. However, when i first went to set it up, you have to scan the qr code and that qr code led me to nowhere. It led me to an app on the google play store. It doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s called the hi cam high dash cam software and it’s very easy to download it and set it up. It’S it’s pretty basic and simple there. Now the microphone quality is average, but it’s good. That we’ve got the mic on there. It’S got the loudspeaker built into it as well, which is handy and it’s, basically just sit it up set it up, forget about it and route, your cable, all nice, so you don’t see it all and away you go and if something does happen, you know you’ve Got the footage in here because, well, you know it’s a dangerous world out there. Lots can happen on the road and it’s good to have one of these. I think nowadays, especially for, like insurance purposes, to try and give this as evidence too.

If someone pulls out in front of you, you can just show them hey. Look this guy pulled out in front of me: you’ve got it all captured on a dash cam like this one. Now the suction cup, on the back here, it’s super solid, like very, very hard to get off so make sure you just don’t, actually remove this first test out a couple of positions. I recommend before removing it. So really it boils down to. I think the footage is good uh, the application is it’s average, but it gives us pretty much everything me we want there. It is a little bit expensive. I feel, though, for what they’re charging considering the spec of it all up: it’s, decent cam and it’s. Just really that, for me, the low light footage could be a little bit better in quality and it’s, a shame that we don’t have 1600 p 60 frames per. Second, i think, would have been really good with this one here.