It is the dt93 okay let’s go. Firstly, let’s see the box, it is the plain white solid box, now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and then this silicon strap and magnetic charger and a menu now let’s see the watch and strap. So it is a curved screen in both sides. Then let’s put on this job. The strap size is 20 millimeter. You can see the two buttons are colorful and the back is also very beautiful. The watch size is around 46 millimeter in the lens and 38 millimeter in the white, and we can compare the e w to six. It is a little longer than the evo w26, but the white is similar now let’s power on the watch. Firstly, we see a language list and the press. This button is the spot mode, it has 7 spot mode and then here is the main menu. It is the night apps view this watch has a 1.78 inch infinite screen and from the left to right is the spot data and heart rate, sleep, monitor and weather and from the top to the bottom, we can see some quick actions such as do not disturb, And the power saving mode and the audio mode and the brightness we can just move the screen to adjust the brightness and then setting find the phone and also the about and then power off then from the bottom. To the top is the message notification then let’s check those functions.

It has call logs and frequent contacts and the dialer also bluetooth, music, and this watch can store music file directly. Then the spot mode and the spots, data spot record, heart rate and the blood pressure. Then blood oxygen and ecg, then it is the slip, monitor, alarm, clock stopwatch and the timer you can choose to come to the time directory and also message reminder, find the phone and then settings the display, dial switch. It has six watch faces, but it can customize watch faces through the app we can see. The maximum screen time is only 9 seconds, so the screen will turn off very quickly. If you do not touch the screen and you can see when you touch the screen. The screen will power on let’s have a try okay. So this is a very good function and then vibration intense intensity. You can also adjust the time and then is a menu style. Qr code battery. You can change to the list menu and now this is the list menu. This menu is same as the dtx smartwatch, then system is about reset and shutdown. So above is all our details. Today we will connect the smartwatch with the phone and app and also test some other functions.